Two Pea's in a Pod - 4 Week Ultrasound

by Cammi
(Newport News, VA)

4 week ultrasound

4 week ultrasound

I just found out I was pregnant, I was only 4 weeks. I was having pain, went in the ER and they did an ultrasound and only found one sac, and told me that the pain was normal pregnancy pain and sent me home with a check up at the OBGYN's the next day. I was joking with DH on the way home and told him the stories I had heard where one sac was hiding behind the other. (I had always wanted twins)

We went to the OBGYN appoinment the next day and they wanted to do their own scan. The tech was staring at the screen kinda I said jokingly "what is there two in there or something?" only being funny because of the conversasion with DH the day before. And sure enough the Tech said "why yes there is, Congradulations." I looked at DH and he turned GREEN !

On our way to check out for my next OBGYN's apointment I was telling the receptionist the story I had told my DH the day before not knowing it was twins and she told him "who knows there could be a third one behind the second" DH responded, "Two is quite enough" LOL...I love twins!I have Always wanted them, and now Im having them! Good luck everyone, best wishes!

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