Ultrasound Of My Twins At 12 Weeks

by Elisa

12 week ultrasound

12 week ultrasound

I'm very happy because a membrane was seen in this ultrasound so each baby is in their own sac and they share the placenta. So, that means they are identical.Everything looks good according to the ultrasound that was conducted.I'm very blessed and I hope everything continues to go well.My next ultrasound is on 10/9/09.I hope for everyone who is pregnant to have a healthy pregnancy:0)

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Sep 16, 2019
by: Tabitha Long

Pleaz pleaz need an ultersound pic

Jul 12, 2011
showing with multiples
by: Anonymous

I miscarried my three (one on dec 2010, the other two Jan 2011) and we just found out were are pregnant again. In both cases I had started showing pretty quickly. We find out tomorrow how far along and going try to get a head count.

Mar 17, 2011
by: preggie mommy

OMG isn't a HUGE HUGE shock to find out that not only are you pregnant, but that it is not one but two litle babies growing in you!! i got the shock of my life when i had my dating scan and found out i was expecting twins lols.. and i couldn't be much happier. twice the gain, twice the pain. im now 13 weeks and 1 day and i already have the preggie belly forming, i also noticed that instead of putting weight on im actually LOSING the weight has anyone experienced this if so let me know

thanks alot and congratulations all for all expecting twinz YAY

Sep 04, 2010
My Babies:D
by: Lilaine

Im 17 N Im Having twims:D idk if there boys or girls yet but im so excited:D

Jan 29, 2010
Me too.
by: Anonymous A

I'm also due with identical twins; boys. I will be going on 19 wks. So far so good! Good luck with your pregnancy!!

Oct 10, 2009
Good Luck
by: A. K.

I hope your second ultrasound went well. I had one done as well yesterday, and it was the first time they were able to see the membrane. What a relief! Can't wait to find out if I'm having boys or girls!

Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

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