Waking One Twin To Feed At The Same Time As The Other

by Jeanne
(West Indies)

I have 1 month old twin girls and have been trying to feed them at the same time especially for night feedings. The problem is if one twin wakes to eat and the other has to be woken, I find the sleeping twin does not feed well - only 2 ounces instead of 4 if I can get her awake! I need tips to wake them and get them to feed well to keep them on the same schedule.

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Nov 04, 2012
by: kay weller

my pediatrition told me to let the baby sleep. if it is hungry it will wake. instead of waking it and then feeding it when it isnt hungry can cause over eating issues. plus i know its less sleep for you having to get up like every hour or so but they will outgrow this the oler they get. plus once they get to be about 7 8 months they will be eating less and wont wake as freakwently. when they start eating solids they will eat them at the same time and it will start to work its way into scedual all on its own. babies need sleep more than food as odd as that sounds so just let the baby sleep.

Aug 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

My best feeding for infant twins at the same time when one got up I would. Feed her and I would w
then wake up the second to feed her and that way you only have to get up once and get more sleep in the long run but it is key to wait until u here one cry then feed her and also feed the next when the other.is finished it always. Worked for me

Jun 21, 2011
sound the alarm
by: Anonymous

when one sounds the alarm - change both their diapers - this will get them awake, take off their clothes, try an ice cube on the foot, burb them, don't rock or sing while feeding. These are the type of things that keep one month olds awake long enough to drink. In another month, they will only have 1-2 night feedings, then one, then none in the middle of the night. It will get easier, hang in there.

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