We Lived to Tell the Tale...Raising Twins

by Tzena

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Ho Ho Ho

I was 33 yrs old, mother of 3 children of which my youngest was then 11yrs old, when I found out I was expecting Twins. I was only 8 weeks gestation when I first clapped eyes on them on the scan. Life was very much a blur as I had a contraceptive coil for the last 9 years, and had my then present one nearly 2 years old when I fell pregnant with my non identical twins.

My pregnancy went well. I managed to recover from the shock by the time I was 6 months gone and really started to focus and look forward to the arrival of our babies. The pregnancy went well, except from 35 weeks I got a rash that was very very itchy all over my oversized tummy, it drove me crazy with scratching. I sought medical help and tried many lotions of which in the end, landed me in hospital @ Lancaster @ 36weeks and 3 days. I stayed in there for a week and was then induced, my little boys came into the world with the help of a little gas & air for me, weighing 5lb 4oz and 4lb 15oz. Breastfed from birth and stayed with me on the ward, not needing any Special care. I fed them until they were 1 year old. Generally, as a rule, they would wake up within 10 minutes of each other, so often fed them together, of which was very much a pleasure as I only fed my previous children till they were 6 months each.

Life was great, they walked at different ages. Their teeth developement came at different ages and varying locations. Life was great, certainly challenging but we made it. The one bit of advice I would pass on to any mother of twins or more is sleep when your babies sleep. That's how I survived. I put a polite notice on my front door saying, although I may be home, don't be offended if I don't answer the door. It worked for me.

Well, my boys are now 4 years old and very different. One is blonde hair blue eyes and the other is dark hair brown eyes. They are very much coming along nicely. Right from the start, I encouraged my boys to have separate personalities and to not rely on each other. They slept in separate cots/beds, and go places without the other without any fuss or stress. Even attending nursery alone if their brother is not attending, which i think is really trusting of them and enables them to have their own things in life. Be it friends, or just going off with older siblings alone, more independence. Rueben is very advanced with his language and developement, where as Aaron is about three weeks behind with what he can do. They do not have any special needs or disabilities, for which I am very grateful. I feel my life raising twins had its challenges, but in reality it's only as hard as you make it.

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