What Are My Odds Of Conceiving Twins?

by Kayley

Okay, so I was just wondering what my odds of conceiving twins would be. Here's my family history:

My Dad:
His mother (My grandmother) had a set of identical twins, although one died after being born. She also miscarried a set.

My Grandmother's Mother's sister had TWO sets of twins.

My Grandpa's aunt had TWO sets of twins also.

And, another set on my Grandma's side (unsure who's) was non-identical.

My Mom:
Twins are not very common over there but me and my mom can't remember if my uncle was a twin (we think he was) or if she had another child between my uncles. (the child died) and she doesn't talk about it much.

So, what are my odds of conceiving twins? I know they usually skip a generation and, if its common on the male side, he can pass it to his female child(ren). So, I was just wondering...and I also know there is no 100% for-sure prediction, I'm just looking for a ballpark(:


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Aug 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

You are more likely to have twins when you are older since woman at a older age produce more eggs and release more than one egg this is. How you will get pregnant with twin no matter your family history it is not heritary for ferturnal
Twins and men do not determine twins women do since we are the ones who release more than one egg

Sep 28, 2010
don't think it's good..
by: Anonymous

Doesn't sounds like your chances are very high. Maybe if your grandmother you speak of is your mother's mother? but if it's your father's, no. The gene to have fraternal twins anyway is passed down through mothers only. It doesn't matter if there are any on your father's side of the family or not. It also doesn't matter if there are any in your husbands family. It also doesn't skip a generation, that is a myth. There are twins in every generation in my family.

Aug 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

If twins run in your fathers side of the family, it will be past on down to his daughters. They have no effect on there chances with their wives but their daughters have a chance of having them

Jul 21, 2010
by: Stephanie

Twins are hereditary only passed down on the mothers side, identical twins are not, what is passed down is called hyper ovulation, where more than one egg is released when you ovulate. Identical twins are kind of natures little secret, one fertilized egg just happens to split into two.

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