What's It Like Having Twins?

by audreaxxo

Really I'm not too sure how to answer...

"You're lucky to have twins, what's it like to have two babies at once?"..

"Well I'd assume it's like a singleton pregnancy, but there's another one hiding in there".

Seriously I don't know how to answer.
And, no, it does not run in the family. In all the generations my family's had I'm the first to have twins & I think it's because I prayed for them. (:

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Jul 29, 2014
Double Trouble
by: Julie McKenzie

For me, the comment "Double Trouble" was the most annoying. Especially when my boys started to understand what people were saying. Mainly because our two get along so well and because I did not want this to become a self fulfilling prophesy! Do people stop and think how their child would feel if strangers were always telling them that they are trouble? I always answered oh, there're no trouble at all, or no, they're a double blessing, or they're not trouble, they're double fun!

Aug 18, 2013
I laughed
by: Preemietwinsandme

I get those questions all the time. My favorite is How Do you Do it? As if I do not have a husband at home or a mom for support. Or I get oh wow Double Trouble or How do you tell them apart? When my girls are fraternal.

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