Which Is The Aggressive One?

by Rachel C.
(Marshall, NC)

I couldn't believe the woman who asked me that! I think they were less than 2 months old at the time & I can't imagine any 2 month old 'aggressive' baby!!

Of course, people always want me to tell them which baby is the 'better' one. If Eli smiles & Aaron doesn't, Aaron must be a grump & Eli a sweetheart.

Aaron has always been a little more reserved out in public, but he giggles & cuts up at home just as much as his brother, if not more.

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Jun 05, 2011
re aggressive one
by: Anonymous

I'm not so sure the aggressive question was poorly worded..I had more than one person ask me which of mine was the 'evil twin'. I've had people donning disgusted expressions state that I surely wasn't going to have any more was I?; why would I ever want to have twins?...I started taking it quite personally after a few months. Some people are just plain rude and uncaring.
I also didn't like the way complete strangers felt some sort of entitlement to come over, stop us enroute somewhere (most usually when we were in a great hurry or late for something) and stand there with all the other questions on this site; they get right down into the babies' faces, touch them and look truly insulted and 'hmpff' me when I say 'excuse me, please don't touch my children'. I very quickly learned to wear a short tempered angry face when out in public - seemed to deter everyone. But now my girls have just turned 7 and we are in a small town that seems to have more than its share of twins so although my girls were the ones that initially fielded all the 'are you twins?' questions, people here are not rude about it and really don't obsess over it.

Jul 19, 2010
No question is ever silly
by: Anonymous

In the womb, Aaron did all the moving & he took up two thirds of the space. Poor little Eli was squashed into the corner (he actually had no chin for months...it had been pushed back by his brother) & moved so little that I always thought something was wrong with him. He actually got the name Eli because I thought it seemed 'quiet' like him.
Well...they're now 13 months old & both get into their fair share of trouble...but I'd have to say that Eli is a wee bit more feisty. Total surprise to me.
Those ultrasounds can reveal personality but they aren't perfect predictors.

Jul 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

this made me giggle. Just the thought of an aggressive 2 month old baby! lol xxx

Mar 30, 2010
Aggro Babies
by: angelsevalis

Actually, this sounds like a dumb question, but I think it's just poorly worded. I'm still pregnant (6 weeks to go) and I can tell you of my two which is more... is "temperamental" a better word? My boy, even during tests, just sleeps, rolls over, or yawns. My girl kicks the heart-monitor, tries to hide under her brother to escape the sonogram, and gives me hot flashes when the doctor tries to look at her. Now you tell me, which do you think is likely to be the aggressive one?

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