Who Is Older?

by Mae

I've often been on the receiving end of the "Who is older" question and I always wonder why it matters so much.

I generally answer with, "They're actually the same age, unless you want to count minutes".

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Mar 22, 2014
My daughter is claiming the baby lol
by: Laura

I have a 9 yr old a 5 yr old and 14weeks with fraternal twin girls. I had a talk with my 5 yr old and said "the older baby will be a middle sister just like you, that will be cool huh?". She said "i dont want the older one i want the baby" it's so cute!

Mar 16, 2014
I don' know...
by: Anonymous

I think Anya's way of not knowing who is older is great! I find it strange that some families make a big deal about the "age" difference. In the "old days" in aristocratic England, the older inherited everything, & the younger got nothing, but we don't have those inheritance laws, so why bother? It seems like just one more thing for sibs to fight about. Besides, if the birth is by c-section 1 child will likely be "older" but if the birth is vaginal the other twin will be "older." Also, they were conceived at the same time, so they've existed for exactly the same length of time! :)

Oct 10, 2012
whos older
by: kevonte/keirra

iam a twin also i was born in atlanta ga,with me and my 1 minute younger fraternal twin sister keirra and all my life ive always been older but on the birth cirtificate it said she was older than me but it turns out that iam 1 minute older than her aint thats something

Mar 18, 2010
I don't honestly know who's older
by: Anya

When I was having my girls, I told the doctors that I don't want to know who's older. No baby A baby B stuff! So what they did was when they pulled the first baby out of my belly they went and weighed her, without declaring the weight outloud, just jotted down her weight, did the same with the second girl, and all I knew was what each of them weighted, not which one came first.

It's great, and now there is no way of finding out who is technically older because both of them got the same time for the records.

I think I managed to get away with this plan because I am staff at that hospital- but, try it if you don't want to know who came first!

Dec 29, 2009
I take pride in being "older"
by: Alissa

I was born at 2:33 am and my sister was born at 2:36 am. I always tease her that I'm older. I call the shots....lol!! It's a joke that I have fun with all the time. I never let her forget whose "older".

May 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

my dad is a twin and he is the oldest by a day (my dad was born at 11:58p.m and my uncle was at 12:01a.m)It really mattered to them because they had diff b-days. Oh and back in the day (as he puts it) the oldest got the dads stuff whe he passed. so maybe this is why people care??? It's why they cared

Mar 20, 2009
by: Sandy LePore

Its funny that even my husband feels the need to stress which is "older" I simply tell him that our son was placed at the bottom and our daughter toward the top. I dont see the deal. I mean they were both born at 4:04 AM only one was 20 seconds later. They did mark it as a minute apart though on the birth certificate.

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