Wow! - 11 Week Twin Ultrasound

by Kim
(Columbus, GA)

Our jumping jelly beans!

Our jumping jelly beans!

Found out when I was 11 Weeks. I had suspected that there were two and even asked hubby how he would feel like a week before we found out. He told me SHhhh... Don't jinks us! LOL... But I went in for my appt not thinking I would get a u/s until 16-20weeks and the nurse comes back in with one I was in complete shock they were doing one but was excited. As soon as they started it I saw 2 little heads! They were so cute. I freaked out and said "there are two I just knew it" then said "oh my husband is going to kill me"... LOL he was thrilled and said "we are finished with kids" (3 was our limit)! The two nurses laughed and were all excited for me. I saw a nurse practisioner (sp?) She told me during my next appt to come by her office and chat cause she would like to know my hubbies reaction! I am still in shock as I am only 12weeks now. WOW!!! Still unsure if they are identical cause we saw what we thought was a thin membrain between them but couldn't get a shot of it. So in the pic's they do look Mono-mono. But they are so cute!

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Dec 31, 2011
im 9 weeks
by: sam

im 9 weeks pregnant and i just had a baby 5 months ago i can feel movement already do u think it might be that im having twins?

Jul 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have my 11 wk ultrasound next Wednesday, and I have this gutt feeling that I'm too expecting twins. This is my 3rd pregnancy, but I have NEVER felt so sick before. All day and night, every day! The Zofran that the doctor's office prescribed doesnt even cut it. It's horrible. Quite honestly, I would not be obsesing about it if it weren't that my oldest has always reffered to my stomach as "the BABIES" since day one! Pretty much, I was wondering if any of you have had the same symptoms!? I also feel extremely fatigued. When 1pm hits, and I must put my kids to take a nap so I can too rest. I can't wait for my appt next week!!!!

Jan 31, 2010
11wks for me 2
by: Katie

Thats exactly how far along I was when I found out. My grandpa was a twins and my husband's grandpa was aslo a twin when we had our first child we all expected her to be a twin but she wasn't. When I went for my appt with my 2nd pregnancy never expected to hear that it was twins. My mom went with me and they were doing the ultrasound and you couldn't really see 2 indiviual babies but just one BIG blob and my mother said "Dang Dr. Jennings thats a big baby!" he replied "No! That's 2 babies!" I thought I was going to fall out right then, considering my oldest was only 5months old at the time....So really it was like hving triplets lol....they were 11months apart. Good Luck it truly is a blessing having twins.

Nov 10, 2009
Still in Shock
by: Kim

Yeah I am still in shock as it has only been a week since we found out. I go in every 2 weeks now to check on them to make sure they are doing good. I am very excited to see them again!

Nov 09, 2009
same here
by: tina

That's funny, the same thing happened to me. Every once in a while i had a feeling there might be more than one but never thought to much of it. Me and my hubby had decided to have one more baby for a total of three kids. I had my first ultrasound at 18 weeks and found out at that ultrasound that i was expecting twins, up until then we only heard one heartbeat and i was measuring just fine....sure suprised my doctor too ha ha!

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