X-Ray Vision

by Chasi
(Longview,TX, USA)

Im currently 27 weeks pregnant with twin boys and the most common idiotic question I get on a daily basis is...."Are they identical or fraternal?" I just politely look at my stomach, look back up at them and respond...."I don't know my x-ray vision isn't working right now."

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Jan 31, 2012
We found out
by: Jen

Since our girls are sharing a placenta, we have ultrasounds every two weeks, and we have been told on several occasions they are identical. They can tell from the membrane that separates them. My doctor indicated since they share a placenta, that does not mean identical, but the membrane does. I am sure we can do a DNA test, but I am going with identical for the moment.

Oct 06, 2011
Fraternal vs Identical
by: Anonymous

I am in my 36th week, having 2 boys. We are thrilled, now that we are well past the freak out stage. One more scenario in figuring out the identical vs fraternal is what we have. 2 sacs, 1 placenta. There is absolutely NO WAY to tell if they are identical or fraternal, because on occasion it happens that the 2 placentas will fuse into one. Usually, 1 placenta=identical, but not always. The only sure way to know is a DNA test, and I'm not sure if we want to shell out a couple hundred bucks for that. There are some very clear ways to know, but not always. For us, it would be fun to have identical...if you are having surprise twins, might as well have fun with it, but we really don't care either way.
I do love the questions people ask though, and I just LOVE when people (strangers) feel compelled to rub my belly. I'm not Buddha, you will not have any good fortune from rubbing my belly. GET OFF!!!

Jun 21, 2011
quite common
by: Anonymous

thats actually not a dumb question as this isn't obvious to other people. Only with ultrasound is the way to know what they are. Hadn't you seen with ultrasound at dr's visits you wouldn't know either.

Apr 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

If you had an ultrasound during your pregnancy, you could have found out if they are identical twins or not.

A: 2 placenta, 2 amniotic sac = fraternal or identical

B: 2 placenta, 1 amniotic sac = high probability of being identical, but there is still a chance they could be fraternal.

C: 1 placneta, 1 amniotic sac = identical

If you are having 1 boy and 1 girl, they are obviously fraternal.

Dec 27, 2010
Are they Identical...er no
by: Tzena Cumbria U.K.

My Twin boys are approaching their 5th birthdays soon, and Suprisingly some do ask....Are they Identical, That would be a NO then as one is blonde hair blue eyes and the older is dark hair brown eyes, i think solme folk just are overcome and ask daft questions, Good Luck with your Twins birth and Congratulations too xxxxx

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