Your Side or Your Husband's?

by Jessica

I love when people ask if twins run on my side or my husband's side. Don't they know that the woman is the one who determines if it's twins or not...Because it doesn't matter how much sperm my husband puts up there if there's only 1 egg up there (unless the egg splits) then there will only be one baby...and that's where the whole "skip a generation" thing comes in because twins run on my dads side so when I got his DNA then I got the chance of twins too...silly people do a little thinking!!!!!!!!

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Apr 26, 2021
Rude comments
by: Anonymous

Do a little thinking? Don’t they know?
Wow such rude comments.. if they knew why would they even remotely show interest in asking.n. The nerve of some people to show interest in something they are unfamiliar with.

Jan 06, 2019
Common sense
by: Serenna

I never understood why people would ask if twins run on other side of the family, he has nothing to do with it whether they run on his side or not I'm the one that is carrying the amount of eggs that go down my fallopian tube. And I have question that for so many years on why people think it makes a difference on a male side

Jan 29, 2018
by: Anonymous

Okay so my husband is a twin and so is my mother. What are the chances of me having twins?

Dec 17, 2017
if my unc
by: Tabita

If my uncle (my mother's brother) is a twin will I be able to conceive twins or does my mother need to be a twin too?

Jul 31, 2017
Twins marry twins
by: Anonymous

My wife's grandmother was a twin fraternal,they married twin guys. None of their girls had twins,but two of her boys married girls with no twins in their history and they had twins.

Jul 15, 2017
Many grandkids
by: Anonymous

So it's clear it came from the males side. Unless it's some unthinkable coincidence.

Jun 02, 2017
many grandkids
by: future grandma

My husband is 1 of 8 siblings in his family. His oldest sister had identical twin girls. His younger brothers wife had triplets, but only 2 were identical. We had identical twin girls. My cousin had fraternal boy/girl twins. The next generation had 1 set of fraternal boy/girl twins and a set of identical boy twins and that's were we are so far.

Dec 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

Twins we love them .. My gg grandmother had triplets , my grandmother had twins , my g Anit had twins , my cousin had twins , my niece had triplets , my other cousin had triplets , my bother had twins his daughter had twins now my son has twins .. And yes ladies and gents they are all identical .. So what's the chances of that ? Science can't tell me that identical twins are a fluke .. . Because my family is proof that there not . There is no twins on my dil side , just my family .. Tell me about science ..

Jul 01, 2016
Jeez people..
by: Anonymous

Fraternal twins occur when the WOMAN releases more than one egg (hyperovulates) and more than one egg becomes fertilized. The Identical twins happen when one egg splits. It has absolutely nothing to do with the father of said twins.So if the father has twins in his family, it doesn't matter, however he may pass the gene that makes you hyperovulate to his daughter, who then may have twins. IDENTICAL TWINS ARE NOT GENETIC, ONLY FRATERNAL. But I do believe there are other things that may cause hyperovulation,So you could have zero twins in your family and still have fraternal twins.

Nov 19, 2015
what are the chances really?
by: MsSA

My bf is a fraternal twin. His father was as well, so was his granddad from his dad's side. Im 10 weeks pregnant and wonder what the chances are of having our own set as well :D

Sep 14, 2015
Could I be having twins??
by: Anonymous

I'm almost 18 weeks and EVERYONE seems to think I'm having twins...After reading all these comments I'm even more confused than I was! My fiancé has a set of 14yr old twins and his mother is also a now I'm wondering exactly how much of a chance is it that I could be pregnant with twins!??? Oh and I'm 31 and have a 12 year old daughter:)

Dec 29, 2014
No Coincidence!!!!
by: B.J.

My husbands grandfather was a twin. Had a twin sister. She had a set of twins. My husbands mother and father had a set of twins. My husbands aunt had a set of twins. She is my husbands fathers sister. I had a miscarriage with twins with my husband. NOW, my son and daughterinlaw are going to have twins. All of these twins in my husbands family. I'm curious to know just how far back this goes.

Jul 06, 2014
no super strong sperm here lol
by: Anonymous

I'm having fraternal boy/girl twins. My exact reply to the question of If twins run in the family

'No! They don't run in neither mine nor my boyfriend's family!(completely honest) so I guess it's all my fault. My body decided to release two eggs. I can't even blame it on my boyfriend's sperm being so strong that it just split the egg because they're not identical.'

It usually gets a laugh, and it's quite true. I just randomly had two eggs I suppose.

Jun 21, 2014
Science never really has ahandle on half the stuff they claim to.
by: Anonymous

Science has it half right. However think of it like this for everything else genetically connected in humans the more genes the better the odds. So if the man has the twin gene on both sides . then what idiot would say he cannot contribute to the twinning process. I am a Twin I carry those genetics if I marry a twin the chance we will have twins goes up. If I married an Identical Twin maybe not since it is supposed they are not genetically passed. But however if I married a Fraternal Twin like Myself then the chances would double. Even if my genetic contributions lay dormant. We may not have fraternal twins. But who is to say that The father being a fraternal twin is not a contributing factor in the splitting of the eggs to begin with. after all they only split after being fertilized not before. Despite what the scientific community may want us to believe they really do not know what causes the twinning process. They have ferreted out some facts but as usual they always have evidence to the contrary and vice-versa. When you remove the higher power from the world things tend to only make half (if that)the sense they should make.

Nov 25, 2013
3 main reasons twins occur
by: Anonymous

Ways twins can occur:
1) 2 eggs, 1 sperm each
2) 1 egg, 2 sperm and then they split
3) 1 egg, 1 sperm and then it splits

Multiples can occur in similar fashion, such as 2 eggs with 2 sperms each.

Many people believe it only has to deal with the mother OR the father, but in truth, each parent plays a part in determining the number of children created. The sex, however, is only decided by the sperm.

Oct 01, 2013
Sons with twins
by: Anonymous

I've heard it comes from the mothers side but we have had an interesting coensidence in our family. I have three sons all married non of them twins. My youngest son and his wife had fraternal twins and less than a year my middle son and his wife also had fraternal twins. Not sure quite what the odds are but it's quite exciting. Neither of them used fertility drugs and both were young. In their twenties.

Apr 17, 2013
sons wife
by: Anonymous

your sons wife will only have twins if it runs in her family, and she drops 2 eggs (fraternal)or if 1 egg splits (identical) non-genetic. now if you did have twins and lost one and they were from 2 seperate eggs then there is a good chance its genetic in that case the gene is passed from mother to child. despite carring the gene your son still wont have anything to do with fathering twins. now on the other hand if he fathers a daughter he will pass the gene to her and she may or may not have twins.
ive done alot of research, ive had two sets of twins, two different fathers. despite what they say are facts i have no twins ANYWHERE in my family, yet both fathers do. crazy. i guess iwas just double blessed, twice.

Apr 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

My ex partner had 3 sets of twins in his family himself included but they died at birth I think I have twins on my mums side when iras pregnant some 30 years ago they told me I was having twins until only the very end is there a chance my sons wife could have twins

Oct 13, 2012
Questionable twin science
by: Anonymous

I've always believed the science that twins are determined by a woman releasing two eggs or an egg splitting and nothing to do with the husband. I'm starting to doubt this science because my husband's friend's parents have two sets of twins, both his uncles have twins and now his wife is expecting twins. Now either all 4 of these men just happened to all marry woman who have the twin gene or maybe the whole twin science is a bit flawed or there's more to the whole twin formation that science hasn't uncovered, Devine intervention.

Aug 31, 2012
Let's not believe everything science says...
by: Anonymous

Yeah....and we all came about from a turtle and the world
Sits on an elephant's back. Science Shmience. :)

Jul 02, 2012
Our side
by: Anonymous

I have super eggs, husband has super sperm to fertilize them!! So glad we have two healthy babies growing inside. I actually really like this question because I have found out things about my family history from parents and grandparents, and get to share this with family and friends.

Jun 24, 2012
Food For Thought
by: Anonymous

Some scientists believe there is a hormone that splits the egg, which would explain trends in families. However, it is not proven. We are expecting twins. I have no family history on either side and we can trace our family back to the early 1800's. However my husbands grandmother is a twin. Just food for thought, again there is no scientific proof, but they are trying!

Jun 15, 2012
There HAS to be twins somewhere?!?
by: Anonymous

I have twin 8 year old girls. Over these last eight years I have heard it all, let me tell you! :) One of my absolute favorites is "there has to be twins somewhere. They don't just happen." Anymore I often reply with "I guess I should ask my mom if the mailman really was my dad then huh?" Gets them every time!

Apr 09, 2012
Gotta love this question
by: Anonymous

I am 22 weeks pregnant with twin boys and I always get a kick out of this question! The truth is, my husband does have twin sisters that are identical but of course identical twins are not hereditary, just a freak occurrence that the egg split. And fraternal twins are created by a woman's body releasing two eggs, nothing to do with his sperm, so either way it is determined by the female lol. His family still swears that we're having twins bc it "runs" in his family, and at this point I just let them believe whatever bc it takes too much energy to explain...

Apr 05, 2012
this isn't as odd of a question as you think
by: Anonymous

I have no twins ANYWHERE in my family.... my mother doesn't even know how to comprehend it. But, my husbands mom is an identical twin. So how do we explain this with science?

Jan 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

identical twins are actually pretty much a freak occurance (when the egg splits). fraternal on the other hand are genetic ( two eggs are released). that whole twins skip a generation thing not true they can happen in any generation or all, just depends. im currently 22wks pregnant with my second set of twins (not sure if either are identical or fraternal) and i dont have twins on either side of my family as far back as anyone knows. so either i just have extremely motivated eggs, or my family carries the gene and far back as anyone knows im the only one who has carried them or at least both for long enough to know. considering statistics say 80% of pregnancies start as twin pregnancies but dont end up that way and no one ever knows.

Jan 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

No twins on either side what so ever and I have identical twin boys (verified). I've done some research and found that it can be a completely random event. Go figure!

Aug 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

My mother was a twin but her twin stopped developing early on. the same when she was pregnant with me. my twin stoped developing early on. my fiance has twins galore in his family. i had a miscarriage on 2/20/11 and went for check up on 3/24/11 and guess what i was pregnant again already which was weird according to my dr cuz i didnt have a cycle in their. they checked hcg level that day it was 79 two days later should have been 316 but was 720 a week after that should have been 9216 but was 14680 and i called my mom told her i think im having twins we all laughed and joked then on 4/21/11 they did ultrasound and wow im really having twins. so anyways im not sure if its true its only on our side or not it makes sence but then again twins on my side have never developed.

Aug 05, 2011
Fertility Twins
by: Coral

I'm glad you mentioned this point as I too felt compelled to tell the whole story at the beginning of my pregnancy. Now I'm 22 weeks I don't feel I have to reveal all about how I'm carrying twins, but people are fascinated by it. As am I hence reading lots of twins sites!

Apr 17, 2011
Frustrated with this question
by: Anonymous

My husband and I have been asked this question several times during my twin pregancy. The truth is that I have twins on my side of the family - my uncle had fraternal twins. Since their twins are most likely a result of his wife's genetics, then the occurance of these twins don't impact me since I'm not genetically related to her.

We conceived through fertility treatments (IUI). My ovaries were hyper-simulated and hence we are expecting fraternal girl/boy twins due to multiple eggs being released. At first I felt backed into a corner to answer the question truthfully and tell a brief story of our fertility 'adventures'. Now I just say that neither of our sides have twins and leave it at that. People generally don't know what to say at that point but at least I feel like I've kept my privacy in regards to our conception struggles.

In this day and age with so many couples seeking fertility options to conceive, twins are becoming more and more common. I hope one day, for the sake of the expecting parents, that people recognize that this question could be a sensitive one to ask.

Mar 13, 2011
Identical and Fraternal
by: Bobbie

I have done alot of research on this matter,Being that I am pregnant with identical twins,It's based on the mother and not the father.Now if your father was a twin he could have past the gene to his daughter but not the son. Twins don't run in my family so thats why I did so much research on this.Fraternal twins usally past in the genes or your hormones at the time your period just could release more eggs also the older you get the more this happens. Identical twins is a fluke it just happens it don't run in genes, It's only one egg that spilts in two also the older you get the more chance of this happening. Congrats to all of you with your twins...

Feb 23, 2011
lots of twins!
by: Anonymous

One of my husbands friends, after hearing it was twins, congratulated him by saying "good job". LOL, maybe it was the hormones at the time, but i was furious! "Dont be congratulating him, This is ALL MY DOING!"

As for twins running in the family, after I found out I was expecting twins, my aunt mentioned that my paternal grandmother's cousins were twins. That seems to be the only twins in the family. Not sure if that played a factor in my fraternal twins since they would be quite distant family members.

Interesting story though, My husbands, stepbrother and his wife had a set of boy twins 2 days before ours! And now my stepsister is expecting girl twins, in June, 7 months after ours were born. Lots of new little ones! There must be something in the water!

Dec 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am also pregnant with twins. There is NO record of any twins in my family, but my husband's father was a fraternal twin and there is another set of twins on his side as well. So I'm not sure I believe that it's only genetic on the woman's side...just my two cents.

Dec 20, 2010
Thank God!!!
by: Anonymous

Identical twins are a random, chance thing... It is based on the wifes hormonal level as the time. Some doctors suggest that maybe a birth control change or something can affect that. Fraternal twins happen when a woman passes down two eggs which is genetic through a womans side. I hate when people ask me this because my husband does have twins in his family but they are like 3 generations up and are fraternal. My boys are identical twins so I have to explain that only women carry this gene and then it starts a huge debate lol I'm soo glad that you have the same questions asked as I because I always feel crazy when I tell people this!!!

Dec 20, 2010
by: Alissa

Humm, I’m pregnant with twins. But the twins run on my husband’s side. He is an identical twin and so is his father. I have done a little research and was under the impression that mother/father's side was inconclusive.

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