11 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

by Cheri Pool
(Conroe, TX)

CLP Twins - 11 wks

CLP Twins - 11 wks

Here I am at 11 weeks. I feel as though it's 4-5 months...gained a lot in first 5 wks since finding out I was preggers. Hopefully not so bad next time around. I take these weekly, but this is my first post. I figure 1 per month oughta do, huh? Unless something special happens.

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Apr 04, 2017
Scared and anxious
by: Krystle

I am 11 weeks prego and I feel like I'm 11 months already. I have have 4&6yr old boys never imagined I'd be having twins!

Apr 01, 2017
by: Uzma

I am 35 year old and i got married w e f 2013 there were nothing something like pregnancy I was very found of happened pragnancy but suddenly i started vomting badly daily I realised that I am pregnant in the test of ultrasound I shocked to listen baby's twins 11weeks I so much excited.

Nov 15, 2016
reply to Chiyedza
by: Abby

I'm 48 and 11 weeks pregnant with twins.Anxious about how I ll cope with 3 under 3 yrs.

Sep 22, 2016
48 with mixed feelings
by: Chiyedza

I turned 48 on 31 August and on 1 September I had an ultra sound Scan which revealed that I was 7 wks preg. As of today I am 10 weeks. This happened naturally and was not planned. but the babies are very much wanted and incredibly loved already by two middle aged parents and 3 young adult siblings (21, 18 and 15). I look about 4 months gone and feeling rather sheepish. Apart from some fatigue and nausea I guess I am doing pretty ok considering. All my and my husband's prenatal blood and urine tests came out ok.

I try not to think about it but I do sometimes think about the vanishing twin syndrome and the scan that I am due to have next week to screen for chromosomal defects. I also think of the dismal outlook for the health of mothers my age. thanks for listening.

May 14, 2016
2nd twin pregnancy
by: Anonymous

11 weeks and I'm constantly worried about this whole vanishing twin syndrome I keep hearing about. I had an early vaginal scan due to the IUD (copper coil) being inside me at the time of pregnancy. For this reason it was identified and I was told very early that I would be having twins. I am alot more worried about this twin pregnancy compared to my last firstly because I was told I'm having twins within the first 8 weeks and secondly they are identical. Where as in my first pregnancy I was told I was having twins after the 12 week ultrasound scan plus they are fraternal twins so the risk of complications of vanishing twin syndrome are majorly reduced. I can't wait for my 12 week scan to confirm that I am actually still having a twin pregnancy.

May 16, 2014
11.3 weeks twins also :)
by: Anonymous

Congrats!! This pregnancy has been smooth sailing except I can't stop eating!! It's finally slowing down because at 11 wks with twins I already have minimal space for my stomach after eating lol
O this will be a journey haha. My 7th pregnancy but only have 3 kids...The rest were miscarriages. To the girl who was worried cuz she had lost weight. Don't worry about it as long as u stay hydrated.With my first son I had hyperemesis the entirety and didn't gain one pound during pregnancy. He came several weeks early but his gestational age and weight he was big!! So don't worry just do what u csn

May 04, 2014
11 weeks IVF
by: Anonymous

Hello. This is my 5th and last pregnancy. I have 3 girls (9, 11 and 13 years old). My boy is 1 yr 9 months. Now this last pregnancy is IVF and it's twins. I look pregnant but I have not gained weight. Since I was a little over weight all my fat has moved around to make me look pregnant...lol
I just started feeling a little better but yes gastrointestinal problems to the max! I had never experienced heartburn until now!
My OBGYN wants to send me to a cardiologists since my heart at rest is 122bpm. We'll see how that goes. I AM always tired and never in the mood to do anything. Hope all this symptoms fade away soon!
Be patient my Preggy friends. Enjoy your pregnancy.

Feb 20, 2014
30 week, 5 day
by: Chasity

So I have made it this far and I'm ready to pop! 83lbs up and counting! Server swollen feet and legs tired all the time and had really bad pressure below but found out twin B decided to go from breech to head down. My cervix is still measure long n thick at 4 hoping to hold out till 36/37 weeks :) full term is best.

Feb 20, 2014
mirror image
by: Anonymous

Thank for posting this, you look just like I do! Thought I was just getting fat. L

Oct 08, 2013
11 Weeks Today
by: Chasity

I Have a 13 yr old boy and 3 yr old girl from previous relationships.. (Boy)-Pregnancy was hell (Girl)- Not one symptom until I was induced and finally felt contractions. I mean I felt her move here and there but it was simple. NOW.... I'm 28 and tried for one more and holy jebis they are twins. Not exactly what I planned but overall this pregnancy is an understatment of hell. I have gained (21lbs) from 3week check up to current. My doctor is guessing since I carried both other children full term and them weighing (boy)-9.8lbs ((girl)- 7lbs that imma gain about or upto 98lbs total... I literally look like I'm 7 months pregnant. "All day sickness aka throwing up has fadded however still nautious and agree sleep n eat is all I wanna do! Unsweetened tea and water helps.I still can't sleep well got to be propped up or its hard to breath. P.S- To new Moms (YOU DONT NEED HALF THE CRAP FOR A BABY AS BOOKS SAY) Trust don't waste money. And CONGRADS TO EVERYONE!!

Apr 12, 2013
11 weeks
by: tochi

Hey all,

I was shocked to learn i am carrying a twins. how do i know if it is indentical or not. I vomit a lot and get tired easily.

But am so excited .

Jan 17, 2013
my babies
by: twins babies

i am expecting twins and im only 11 weeks i feel like im like 6 months i am happy bout haven these babies

Jan 02, 2013
i'm also 11 wks pregnant w/twins
by: Anonymous

omg reading all the comment making me think i'm not the only pregnant w/twins who constanly worrying about my babies lol

may god bless us all and give us all an healthy babies. happy new yr!!! =)

Dec 10, 2012
by: Elizabeth

I am also 11 Weeks n I am big...this is my second pregnancy so my doctor said I am going to get bigger faster...I worry about there health all the time because I heard a lot of bad thing like I can loose one...I pray that does not happen...congrats all u fellow twin moms!!!

Nov 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am also 11 weeks pregnant with twins! I have my next ultrasound in 6 more days! Can't wait to see how big they are getting, but am worried constantly about them! Congrats all of you!

Oct 28, 2012
I'm 11 weeks too
by: Anonymous

I am 11 weeks pregnant with twins and I am super nervous!!!! I worry 24/7 about the health of my twins.

Oct 06, 2012
Im also in my 11 week with twins :)
by: Anonymous

Im also in my 11 week with twins but im huge alhmdlila :)

Sep 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm about 11 weeks with twins, and was just looking at my belly- seems like I've gained ten pounds, lol. Same symptoms- so hard to breathe! Wish the nausea would subside some more, plus the swollen feeling all over. :| Good luck!

Sep 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm about 11 weeks with twins, and was just looking at my belly- seems like I've gained ten pounds, lol. Same symptoms- so hard to breathe! Wish the nausea would subside some more, plus the swollen feeling all over. :| Good luck!

Aug 30, 2012
congrats !!
by: Anonymous

Wow ur belly is the same size as mine, i too am 11 wks wit fraternal twins it is a blessing and im soo happy but wow they r wearing me out i just want to sleep and eat. alot of u are really lucky this is my first pregnancy at 23yrs n i have all the symptoms twins can give u shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea , hunger n thirst.. i really hope i feel better by my second trimester :( wish me luck ladies ! Congrats to all of you!

Jul 20, 2012
Big belly, big baby!
by: Anonymous

Awww, babies in the belly! Well, it makes sense that are bigger, not one baby in there but two!

Jul 10, 2012
I am praying for twins
by: Mommy to Be

i am a first mum to be, at the age of 25, gained about 9 pounds in my first trimister, i am only in my 11th week..I wonder if they are twins...i would be soo happy.cant wait for the 16 for my first Doctor's appointment.

Jun 05, 2012
11 Weeks Pregnant - Fraternal Twins
by: Ashley Nicole

I am 28 years old with this being my 1st pregnancy. Found out I was expected twins at 6 wks via ultrasound. I can admit it was a big surprise, but I am super excited, and cant wait to meet my two little angels.

Jun 04, 2012
11wks with twins
by: christina

Im 24yrs with my 4th pregnacy but this time its twins.we have two girls one boy so we wanted to try for one more boy but oops twins. I found out at hospital with sono at 9wks they saw 2babys kicking there identical. I called my doctor to tell them they said they knew just by the blood work my numbers were doubled so they can tell just by blood. Im so sick lost 12pounds not gained im scared help!!!!

Jun 04, 2012
11 week pregnant with identical twins
by: Anonymous

I just find out I am pregnant. With twins around my 6 week I am so happy. And he. Can't wait to see.our Lil ones I am excited but I feel fat LOL

Mar 06, 2012
11 Weeks Pregant!!!
by: Crystal

Its Amazing to know how many woman out there are having or had twins. I am 11 weeks pregant with twins. My belly is a little bigger than the picture shown and its my first pregnancy. Congrats to all the woman out there that are having twins!!! Its not just One Blessing but Two Blessings!!!!

Feb 24, 2012
At 11 Weeks I Was HUGE
by: ginette70

I just read your comments and when I was 11 weeks pregnant with my twin boys, I was HUGE!!! I looked every bit of 5-6 months! LOL I am now 41 y/o; am 5'6" and weighed 142 before I got pregnant, and gained 43 lbs, so even at almost 8 months, I was 185 lbs and worked until a Friday (the following Monday was MLK day, and I delivered the next day (on Tuesday)). So I am more than certain you'll still be able to walk and function. A word of caution, follow your doctor's advice!!! I DID drink almost a gallon of water a day to keep my amniotic fluid fresh and plentiful; had no coffee; no alcohol; ate in moderation; and kept my feet up at work. I delivered my sons, Ian and Evan, fairly easily via c-section. They weighed 4.7 and 4.9 lbs. They are now 13 months old and extremely healthy and happy little boys. Twins are such a blessing, esp at my age. God bless you and all of the others on here.

Feb 24, 2012
11 weeks!
by: Anonymous

I'm 11 weeks pregnant with twins and MUCH bigger than you in that pic! I hope that doesn't mean I won't even be able to walk in a couple months lol

Dec 06, 2011
11 weeks prego with fraternal twins
by: Anonymous

Hi ladies. I am 11 wks pregnant with fraternal twins. I found out via internal ultrasound at 6 wks. What a great surprise. To answer the ladies questions on how to kno if ur carrying twins? There is no way for u to know unless u have a ultrasound. It doesn't feel any diffrent than a singlton pregnancy. I'm sure the further along we all get there will be a big diffrence. But as far as the very begging there is no way to kno unless u have a ultrasound. I also have no belly at all. I'm still a size 5 but I do enjoy more loose fitting comfy clothes. I would hav to say that I look a tiny bit bloated lol. Can't wait for this journey and finally meet my beatiful babies. Goid luck moms to. Be and Congrats

Nov 18, 2011
i dunno
by: danielle

Just found out im preggo. Doctor said i felt as if i was 12-14 weeks. if that is correct then i havent noticed the lack of a period in 3 months.... this i find hard to believe. plus i feel HUGE! totally tired all the time and can even get dizzy (thank god no morning sickness) twins runs on both sides of my family so im wondering if there is two lil babes in there... still waiting on my ultrasound. good luck with all your twin pregnancies xoxo

Oct 04, 2011
No Worries
by: Anonymous

I was 40 when I delivered our twins boys and the doctors made me feel like a dinosaur ("with your advanced maternal age") UGHHH if I heard that one more time I would have croaked!! LOL But thankfully, both boys arrived 100% healthy with ZERO issues. They are almost 9 months old now and are picture perfect little fellows. They came at 33.6 weeks and weighed 4.7 and 4.9. Now they are almost 20 lbs a piece!!! Just have faith and all will be fine. You'll do great...and before you know it, you'll be delivering your 2 bundles of joy. Good luck.

Oct 04, 2011
pregnant with twins
by: Anonymous

After very heavy bleedin and clotting at 7 weeks pregnant we found out we were havin twins,at 40 have 2 say was a shock, but delighted, constantly worrin incase something goes wrong.

Sep 07, 2011
11 Weeks prego with twins
by: DJ

I just put on a maternity shirt today. Still in my size 10's but unbutton them to drive. I think I will be making the full clothing transition this weekend. Glad I am showing, my boys (who will be 5 & 7 when they are born) are really excited to meet them.

Jul 27, 2011
yippee twins
by: Anonymous

My daughter is also 11 weeks with twins and is still wearing a size two and is just barely starting to have a tummy. I'm excited for her and her family, I can't wait till she really starts to show...I'm sure she can!!

Jul 15, 2011
currently 11.5 weeks
by: big boobed magoo

wow you were small at 11 weeks i have a protruding belly atm and these babies took everything out of me but i never got morning sickness EVER! thank goodness this is my 2 nd pregnancy but ive lost 23 lbs since i got preggers i only lost 14 lbs with my first but its just gunna make gaining weight a bit harder i tend to not gain easily with my son i only gained 17 lbs but looked as if i gained 50+ lbs haha i guess im lucky in that sense but not in the sense of how big i get im really worried i might have to be put on bed rest by 7 mos

Jun 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

So are you pregnant with twins/multiples? I delivered twins in Jan of this year (babies 4 & 5) and NEVER in my pregnancies have I EVER felt to tired, exhausted, nauseated, etc. It was so different...come to find out, it's from the surger of pregnancy hormones from the twins (twice as much as a singleton pregnancy I found out). I was 40 when I got pregnant and was told everything under the sun (like don't expect to carry them b/c of your age; don't get attached to them til at least 12 weeks of pregnancy; etc.) and I delivered PERFECTLY healthy identical boys! They weighed 4 lbs 7 oz and 4 lbs 9 oz. They do not have a single thing wrong with them - PERFECT in every aspect, thank God!

Jun 17, 2011
could i be having twins?
by: Vicky

i am expecting baby number 4, having very different pregnancy this time round, extreme tiredness and sickness. i am 11weeks pregnant and already showing alot... stressed!!

Apr 11, 2011
11 weeks and counting!
by: LeesaPG

I'm just over 11 weeks, and I'm totally showing too, but I've only gained 3 pounds. We go in for the integrated screening tests tomorrow...wish us luck!

Mar 04, 2011
me too
by: Nina

wow im prego with twins also 11 weeks and i am about 3 times ur size...lol mannnnnnnn congrats!

Jan 26, 2011
by: Stephanie

Hey, I to am 11 weeks pregnant with twins, this is my first pregnancy, and i have lost 18lbs in these first 11 weeks and have now stablized, but have yet to gain, i'm very excited to find out what gender they are!!! Hope your pregnancy is going well!!!

Jan 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

my gf is 11 weeks with just one and is bigger than that i wonder if thats normal lol

Jan 19, 2011
My mom
by: Anonymous

Omg my mom iz 10 weeks and you can't even tell she's prego I mean like she looks like a tooth pick :-)

Jan 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

you think being 11 weeks prego with twins is huge, try being 20 weeks!

Sep 14, 2010
by: nicxs

at 8 weeks i had a internal scan after ten yrs of ivf treatment an yeeppee the two heartbeats in dif sacks x i am 12 weeks friday xx but yes girlys am feeling 5 months pregnant i am eating fruit an drinking plenty of water but feel like a whale my sickness has stop the last week due to lovely vitamin d the sun really does help xx but i am worrying how big am gonna be how can i prevent putting on two much weight without starving my buggle of joys xx how do the stars do it lolxxx

Aug 12, 2010
by: Ginette70

I am 11 weeks pregnant with twins and am as big as a whale! I am normally a size 8...but these babies are putting some meat on my bones FAST. I eat heallthy about 85-90% of the time, so it's not just from making bad food choices that I've gotten to big already. I went to the dr yesterday and he said I am measuring 15 weeks instead of 11, but that's perfectly normal with twins. I am in a size large maternity clothes already...and am fearful that they may not make maternity clothes to fit me near the end of my pregnancy (that are cute and work-appropriate)! I guess we are all just growing at our own rates and if I were small and not showing yet, I'd be happy! LOL

Jul 23, 2010
11 weeks
by: karena

hi, im also 11 weeks this is my first pregnancy and im worrid if its gonna be twins as ther is alot of twins on each side of the family. im not showing atal yet how many weeks will it be before i do start to show?? or does this vary xx

May 25, 2010
11 weeks pregnent with twins
by: Anonymous

I am 11 weeks pregnent with twins due in the end of november. my nausea and vomiting are really bad. i lost already about 8 pounds and is not showing at all yet. i am nervous is this normal?

Feb 24, 2010
10 weeks
by: Anonymous

Hi! I am 10 weeks pregnant with twins but not really showing...just found out last week through an ultrasound I was expecting 2...and they also think they are identical! My main symptom is HUNGER! I am hungry ALLL THE TIME!

Jan 01, 2010
Prego w/ twins
by: Anonymous

I found out at 7 wks that I was pregnant with twins due to two heartbeats being found, then @ 10 weeks we found out they're identical twins due to sharing the same placenta. Both ultrasounds were done internally.

Oct 31, 2009
11 weeks
by: Anonymous

omg i'm preggo and as big as a 9 month preggo woman!HELP!

Jul 06, 2009
11 weeks
by: fab

i have heard that many of you have big bellies at week 11, i am pregnant with twins and i have to tell you that i have a very small belly! It seems i swallowed a grapefruit is this normal?

Jul 02, 2009
me too
by: ER

I too am 11 weeks pregnant with twins. I found out via Ultrasound at 6 weeks when they saw 2 heartbeats. I am showing and have been wearing maternity dresses for about 3 weeks now. Scary! This (these) will be my first pregnancy so I am not sure what to expect. I just have a feeling I am going to be enormous!

Jun 20, 2009
my belly is huge for 11 weeks
by: mummy to be

im 11 weeks and i have been showing for a good month. b4 i found out i was loosing weight and suddenly i have jus put loads on.
my moms brothers are twins so we reckon it could be twins?

Jun 04, 2009
by: Norah

Hi girls,

I'm 11wks prego with twins, this is my second and my poor stomach has been on a roller coster, before i even found out that i was prego, in my 2wk wait, it had stretched to a size of a nine months old pregency, due ohss. Sorry i forgot to say prego achived through ivf. My stomach is back to normal now and i feel great. After one week in hospital. Well whatever you might call normal for 11wks. people at my work place have already noticed that i'm prego, with comments like do i know what i'm having and when is the baby due? my reply is i don't know and it's early. And they still have to have the last word... wow you stomach is big. If only they knew i was carrying twins.Oh well, they just have to wait, like all our relatives.

Happy and relaxing pregenacies to all you ladies, here is hoping and praying to have healthy babies.

Jun 04, 2009
by: cecilia

congrats to u n ur twins, how were u able to find out that u were havn twins so soon? Im around 11weeks preg as well, I doubt its twins bcuz of the size of ur belly and mines..lol..but my upper body is really small so Idk

May 21, 2009
by: Ny'kira

congrats on ur twins hope u put up more pics of ur pregnancy and of course the twins

May 01, 2009
by: Jill

Thank you for the reality check. I, too, am 11 weeks pregnant with twins. This is my first pregnacy, so I wouldn't know what to expect under "normal" circumstances, but with twins it feels like twice the mystery! Anyway, I appreciate seeing your tummy. I am starting to panic because I doubt I'll be in my regular pants longer than another couple weeks. I went on a small buying spree at OldNavy.com and Gap.com just yesterday to make sure I have something to wear when that inevitable morning comes and I can't button my pants!

Good luck with your twin experience!

Mar 05, 2009
Twins-wow congratulatons!
by: Anonymous

I too am 11 weeks and was wondering when you found out that you were having twins...was it from the ultrasound? Curious Mama to be!

Feb 13, 2009
by: Amanda

you are very welcome :)

Feb 11, 2009
by: cheri

Thank you so much for your kind words...Cheri

Feb 10, 2009
by: Amanda

what a beautiful neat belly.congrats with your twinsxxx

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