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12 weeks 2 days with fraternal twins 
I'm 29 and this is my first pregnancy. I'm so excited we're having twins and can't wait to meet them!

9 Weeks 3 Days 
I am and have always been a fairly larger girl. So I really didn't think much of it until I put on a tight shirt and realized my tummy really was rounding …

7 Weeks and 6 Days - IVF Twins 
Our first pregnancy after 5 years TTC. We did IVF and got our twins! I can't believe how big I am already. I thought maybe it was just from eating, …

9 Weeks 4 Days 
Twin girls

11 Weeks 6 Days 
My identical twins coming up on 12 weeks

10 Weeks 4 Days - Second Pregnancy 
This photo was taken today, I already picked up some weight and can not fit into some of my pants.

12 Weeks and Growing... 
I'm 12 weeks with identical Mono Di twins, which is where they share the same placenta, but have their own sacs. Twins don't really run to much in my family …

I'm 5 Weeks Here 
Didn't know I was preggo with twins yet in this photo

7 Weeks and Two Days 
I found out I was having twins last week!!!

8 Weeks 5 Days With Twins 
I'm carrying identical twins. I am a fraternal twin and my husband's father is a twin who had twins and his twin had twins. (New research shows there is …

8 Weeks 5 Days Identical Twins 
I'm carrying identical twins. I am a fraternal twin and my husband's father is a twin who had twins and his twin had twins. (New research shows there is …

7 Weeks Along - Twin Pregnancy 
2nd pregnancy 7 weeks with twins

11 Weeks 
11 weeks and popping already! :o)

9 Weeks Twin Bump 
My twin bump at 9 weeks. Second pregnancy.

Twin Pregnancy at 6 Weeks 1 Day 
After over 4 yrs of trying and our 1st successful IVF cycle we are now pregnant with twins. We are so anxious and excited. Now the wait to find out what …

Twin Pregnancy at 9 Weeks 
Unknowingly pregnant with our 2nd set of fraternal twin boys. We found out at 21 wks there are 2 in there! These little guys make babies #9&10 for our …

11 Weeks With Fraternal Twins! 
Today is the first day I am wearing a maternity shirt! So exciting! Due 12/25/2010.

Twin Pregnancy at 11 Weeks 
11 weeks preggo with fraternal twins

Twins Baby Bump 
10 weeks and 3 days with fraternal twins. No twins in family help making them!!!!

Twins Belly - 7 Weeks  
Just found out we are having twins, very surprised!

7 Weeks 
We are having Identical Twins..

9 Weeks Pregnant - Don't Know If It's Twins Yet 
Here is my pregnant belly at 9 weeks, don't know if it's twins yet, but my mates keep saying it's twins, lol. this will be my 6th and 7th if it is.

12 Weeks and 3 Days 
12 weeks and 3 days with our twins! =)

12 Weeks 3 Days With Twins 
Here I am 3 days after my husband told me I "popped".. I dont't now about that.. but it is for sure getting rounder..

7 Weeks - 0 Days With Twins 
This is a baaad picture but this is my belly at 7 weeks, 0 days. We found out at 6 weeks we were having twins. This is my 2nd pregnancy.

Twin Pregnancy At 11 Weeks 4 Days  
This is a pic of my twin belly at 11 weeks and 4 days.

5 Weeks 
Just found out that I was carrying twins...

9 Weeks 
9 weeks along

12 Weeks 2 Days!!! ( 2nd Pregnancy) 
We found out at 9 weeks 5 days we are having twins!!! They appear to be fraternal, however we do not know the sexes yet. I am due on September 13th, 2009. …

12 Weeks 3 Days Pregnant With Twins 
I'm pregnant with Fraternal Twins... This is my first pregnancy.. I'm only 3 months and 3 days in this pic and my belly is getting big....

9 Weeks - Pointy Twin Belly - Fraternal Girls 
Here I am with one of the pointiest bellies I have seen yet. This is my second pregnancy.

11 Weeks Pregnant With Twins 
Here I am at 11 weeks. I feel as though it's 4-5 months...gained a lot in first 5 wks since finding out I was preggers. Hopefully not so bad next time …

12 Weeks With Fraternal Twins 
I am actually 14 weeks now but haven't taken a new pic yet. The doctor told us it looks like a boy and a girl and she will be able to confirm at the next …

11 Weeks and 6 Days - My Twin Belly 
I am almost at the end of my first trimester,pregnant with twins. My 7 year old took these pictures. I was amazed at my beautiful belly shape, it's so …

10 weeks and 1 day 
We are having farternal twins:) Due August 11th 2009, We cant wait!!!

11 weeks 3 days - Fraternal Twins 
This is my belly at 11 weeks 3 days with fraternal twins.

5 weeks 
So incredibly bloated.... lost a baby at the end of August. My doc said it was normal to show a bit early...but then we got the hcg results and then an …

9 Weeks With Fraternal Twins  
Im so excited!! My belly it's too big!

12 weeks 
I'm 12 weeks with fraternal twins =] Definitely excited! I've been told I'm lucky for being little but compared to how I used to be, I feel like I'm huge... …

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