14 Weeks 5 Days Preggo With My 3rd and 4th :)

by Liz

We found out a lil over two weeks ago at our 12 week scan that we are having twins!! :) So excited as this pregnancy is going to be our last,so God gave us double blessings! I am huge,i started showing big time at about 9 weeks and knew something was up. lol Going for a scan tomorrow,i will be 14 weeks 6 days,who thinks there is a possibility of finding out the genders? :))

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Oct 28, 2018
Pregnant with twins
by: Anonymous

After having three kids I must say I am way smaller with the twins at 13 weeks than my last two at 13 weeks. By the time I was 12 weeks with my last two I was wearing maternity clothes. My first ultra sound at 8 weeks showed one fetus. By 11 weeks there were two. Can't compare each pregnancy. I have a 13 yr old 4 yr old and a 1 year old. Every pregnancy was very different. My symptoms were different for each one by far with the twins I haven't noticed any symptoms. Not tired or anything. Still early. Good luck to you

Oct 28, 2018
Miscarriage? NOPE, you have two healthy babies
by: Anonymous

I am 13 weeks pregnant with twins. My 8 week ultraultrasound showed one baby. My dr. Sendssends me to the ER due to some major cramping and heavy bleeding. Thought for sure I was losing the baby. I saw one baby on the monitor and did not see the fluttering heart. I turned my head to the wall and just started crying. My husband was there with me. The tech asked if I had noticed any other symptoms. His response was no. I was crying so hard I couldn't get the words out. She stated both babies looked good. Baby A 161bpm baby B 152 bpm. I looked at the monitor and saw two healthy babies side by side. Both kicking all over the place. We now have 3 kids. Two on the way. So blessed.

Nov 21, 2010
by: Heather Sharpe

I was SO THRILLED to find your comments! I am 25 weeks pregnant, and throughout the entire pregnancy I have had ALL the symptoms of twins... instant positive pregnancy test result - 3 days before my missed period, morning sickness - early and terrible, I felt the babies moving at 9 weeks - one kicked my bladder while the other one kicked my belly button, exhausted all the time, eating like crazy, started showing HUGE from 12 weeks on, and I am having tons of dreams about twins. Twins do run in my family on my mom's side as well. This is my 4th pregnancy and it is COMPLETELY different than my first 3 pregnancies. I had an ultrasound at 14 or 15 weeks, and we saw 2 placentas clearly, but the midwife couldn't find the second baby so we all assumed that it as vanishing twin syndrome. But I have been measuring my fundal height ever since the ultrasound (I measured myself with the previous 3 pregnancies and have always had accurate measurements), and I've been consistently measuring 3 centimeters higher than the week I'm in. I know for a fact that I'm not further along because I took pregnancy tests the previous cycles and they were negative. I know the day that I got pregnant. Anyway, for the past 5 weeks I've been measuring even higher - anywhere between 4 and 7 centimeters higher than the week I'm in, depending on how the babies are positioned. I'm driving myself nuts thinking about how the midwife MUST have missed the second baby!! We're getting another ultrasound tomorrow afternoon (FINALLY!!!) so I will make sure that the technician doesn't stop looking until he/she finds TWO babies! I will be so shocked if it's only one, but sometimes I think I'm crazy and I'm just talking myself into twins, and that's why I'm dreaming about them etc. Ugh, at this point I just want to know either way!!

I will be back on here to let you guys know what we see tomorrow... PLEASE let us know your results too! :o) Thank you ladies. It's so good to know I'm not the only twin obsessed mom on here. :P

Nov 03, 2010
Hiding Twins
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your response to my post. I just read it outloud to my husband. It's funny the timing of your posting because my husband and I just went to our ultrasound yesterday. I am now about 21 weeks along and at the doctors yesterday they told us we were having one boy, yeah just one. But like I said in my previous message, I just KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that we are having two boys! I knew we were having two boys even before going to the doctors.

I just felt so alone during this whole ordeal, the only one that was standing with me was my husband. I spent SO much time online comparing my stomach and symptoms to other womens, etc. And for a moment I started to feel crazy because everything was lining up, except for what the doctors had to say about only seeing one and only hearing one heartbeat. Mind you I tend to carry all my children more in my back than anything. All my friends and family now know the results of what the doctors have to say officially. But my husband and I know better, machines and stuff are not always right and at the end of the day I know my own body and something is amiss here but in a good way. I know that the Lord is blessing us with twin boys and we already know their names!!! I know that the baby that they can't see if just hiding behind his brother, and that he is just smaller than the first one and that he's been hiding this whole time.

But anyways, I just wanted to tell you thank you. It's nice to hear a story about someone else being told the same thing as myself, but still sticking to the fact and knowing that there has to be more than just one---as they have been told. I hope you have a quick and easy delivery. Well as far as deliveries go!!--lol. May the Lord bless you and your children. Thanks!

Nov 01, 2010
hiding twins
by: Anonymous

im 4 months pregnant with my 3rd and 4th babies, i noticed within a few weeks that i was bigger than i was with my last 2 , i also feel alot more tired than i did with other 2 and my eating habits are very different too. my aunty was pregnant with twins and was told she was having 1 baby she didnt find out until she was 7 months as 1 baby was behind the other and there hearts were beating at exact same pace hence they only heard 1 , maybe u should go for a 3d scan to put ur mind at rest as u dont want a surprise like that lol

Sep 07, 2010
Congratulations! I have a question for you?
by: Anonymous

Ok, I'm pregnant too with my 4th? child. I have a question mark there because I believe and suspect that we are having twins also. I literally just turned 13 weeks and I'm showing, I've been showing for some time now. I've NEVER showed this early with any of my children and I wasn't overweight before I got pregnant.

During this pregnancy I've actually been eating alot healthier than I ever have before with any of my pregnancies. I even walk everyday, not for weight purposes but just so I can be more fit and healthy because it helps with labor and overall health in general. I drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits & veggies, cut out on all that fried food stuff and bake most of my meats. Just overall changed my diet for the better.

Even before getting pregnant I had been walking and jogging with a friend and had lost alot of weight, so I was in good shape before getting pregnant. I've been doing all this research and comparing the size of my belly to other womens who are pregnant with multiples. We went to a clinic and had an ultrasound real early on in my pregnancy and they said they seen one baby but thought they seen another sack. So they were looking around for another baby but didn't see one, and then ended up saying that they were perhaps mistaken about seeing another sack....

Then I had another appointment with my doctor afew weeks later who did an ultrasound and said he only seen one baby.....But I have a friend who didn't find out for months that she was having twins, then found out she was actually having triplets because the babies were hiding. I know every pregnancy is different and all this other stuff, but I just know I have to be carrying more than one baby, I just know....
Sorry to go on but I just needed someone to talk to, how did you find out, etc??? And did you just know before they even told you?

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