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14 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Belly 
This is my second pregnancy, first twin pregnancy. I feel big but doesn't everyone!? :) This picture is the first day of my second trimester.

14 Weeks - First Pregnancy 
I'm now 14 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. We weren't trying but god has blessed us with twins.. who are going to be the first set of twins from …

16 Weeks With Twins! 
I found out when I was 7 weeks. I had some spotting so I think that is why they had an early ultrasound. When I went to the doc after the 16 week photo, …

1 Day Shy of 15 Weeks 
I should find out this Friday at 15 wks and 5 days what I am having at our next ultrasound appt. We went through 4 IUI treatments and one surgery. We're …

16 weeks 
16 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins!!

16 Weeks 4 Days 
First pregnancy. Pregnant with fraternal twins, boy and girl. Only gained about 5 pounds so far!

Twin Pregnancy 16 Weeks + 1 Day Pregnant 
Fraternal twins...So far, I've gained about 17 lbs...mostly because of the "2nd month sickness" !! Ate just about anything!! Anybody in the same situation …

14 Weeks 5 Days Preggo With My 3rd and 4th :) 
We found out a lil over two weeks ago at our 12 week scan that we are having twins!! :) So excited as this pregnancy is going to be our last,so God gave …

Twin Pregnancy at 16 weeks 3 days 
This is my third pregnancy. My husband and I have a 4 year old little boy. I had a miscarriage in January and found out I was pregnant with twins in March. …

16 Weeks and 2 Days 
I am pregnant with twins... We know that baby "a" is a boy but baby "b" is hidding. Not even half way through and I already feel huge. Oh yead and this …

16 Weeks Pregnant With Twin Boys 
I'm 16 weeks pregnant with twin boys.

Twin Pregnancy at 15 Weeks 
15 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. We will find out the sex in 3 weeks! Took this picture on my way out the door for a run.

15 Weeks With Fraternal Twins!  
We are expecting fraternal twins! I am only 15 weeks but I look and feel huge already!! The doctor told us yesterday that we are having a boy and a girl! …

13 Weeks Exactly - Twins Belly Picture 
After 3 years of trying, we are so excited to be in week 13 with fraternal twins. Still don't know the sexes yet, but can't wait to find out!

Twins Belly - 16 Weeks 4 Days 
We know for sure that one is a boy, and we hope the other is a girl! We find out for sure hopefully on the 19th of this month!! Man, this pregnancy has …

Twin Belly Photo - 15 Weeks 
I'm 15 weeks with twins. I don't know what the sex is yet but I will find out in February! So excited this will be #'s 2 and 3 we have a 4 year old boy …

15 Weeks 5 Days Pregnant With Twins 
Feeling light headed, but so excited find out the sex hopefully in January. Due 5th of June 2010 but twins apparently like to make an early appearance. …

14 Weeks Today 11/23/09 
I am so excited...this is my first pregnacy and we were blessed naturally with twins! Not quite showing like some of the others but the babies, I call …

Twin Belly Picture - 13 1/2 Weeks 
In this picture I was 13 1/2 weeks, and I am now 15 1/2 weeks and we found out we are having twins BOYS!!! Yaaay!! So exciting :) Im in the Houston area, …

16 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Picture 
having twins. dont know the sexes yet.

16 Weeks With Fraternal Girls 
16 weeks along. Just found out 3 days ago that we are having twin fraternal girls! Have been feeling great and no sickness. These are my first babies and …

4 Months Twin Pregnancy Belly 
Our first shot in a monthly series...we are 4 months along, and look forward to rapid growth in the near future!

Exactly 4 Months (16 weeks) - Twins Pregnancy 
Here's my 4 month twin bump. They are fraternal. We will find out their genders on Oct 29, 2009. We so can't wait!

Twin Pregnancy - 15.5 Weeks 
15 weeks pregnant with TWINS

4 months (16 weeks) 
Preggers with Fraternals. We will find out their sex October 29, 2009.

16 Weeks 4 Days - Twin Pregnancy Belly 
1st pregnancy w/ twins! Didn't find out till our sonogram @ 14wks! Quite a surprise but can't picture it any other way! We're going to find out the sexes …

Twins Belly - 15 Weeks 
Surprise Pregnancy With Twins And Amazed At How Big Im Getting Already

Twin Pregnancy At 14 Weeks 
This is my third pregnancy, and I am havin TWINS!! Im still in shock, but very excited.

15 Weeks With Twins  
We find out in 5 more weeks what the sexes are!! I can't wait. In the meantime I feel as big as a house!

15 Weeks With Twins 
Don't know what I'm having yet...

15 Weeks Prego With Twins 
I am 15 weeks prego with twins in this photo...actually didn't find out I was pregnant with twins till 20 weeks...twin boys to be exact...more to come …

Twin Belly Progression - 12 Through 16 Weeks 
Here I am starting at 12 weeks and 4 days through 16 weeks and 4 days with Fraternal twins!!

16 Weeks  
I feel great!

15 Weeks With Fraternal Twins 
I can't wait to find out what I'm having! I'm blessed either way!

I Was 13 Weeks 1 Day 
This is my second pregnancy. We are so blessed with our IVF twins (fraternal). I gained 10 lbs in the first trimester, hopefully I'm right on track to …

13 Weeks 2 Days - Twin Pregnancy Picture 
One of my twins is probably a boy but we don't know yet what the other is...will keep you posted. Congratulations to all the moms to be and wishing you …

16 Weeks - Filling Out Nicely 
My belly is starting to fill out,it looks more rounded. I am so exited to be pregnant....

14 Weeks 2 Days 
I look Small but it's just how I carry my belly is normally flat: 2nd and 3rd babies =)

15 Weeks 
I am 15 weeks pregnant with my first children! I couldn't be more excited!

16 Weeks With Fraternal Twins 
Am due at the beginning of August and am 16 weeks along here...dying to find out what sex this pair are. Am already Mum to 3 kids of 9, 7 and 3.

14 weeks!! Fraternal Twins!!! 
In this picture I was around 13 weeks 6 days. This is my first pregnancy. I am very exicted and can't wait! I dont no the sex but, should soon.

13 Weeks 1 Day 
The day before this pic was taken, I just found out I was having TWINS!! I knew I was pregnant, but had no idea it was twins! Sooo Happy =) What a blessing, …

13 Weeks - Fraternal Twins  
I seem to be getting a belly going on here. I am very much exicted!!

14 Weeks 
very neat so far

13 Weeks Pregnant With Twins 
I am finally feeling more awake, really enjoying being pregnant.

16 WEEKS AS OF 2/08/2009 
Here I am at 16 weeks with twins. I want the gender of my babies to be a surprise.

15 Weeks - Twin Belly 
Here I am at 15 weeks with my two little twinkies. Back To Twin Belly Pictures - 13 To 16 Weeks.

15 weeks 4 days 
Pregnant with twins. Back To Twin Belly Pictures - 13 To 16 Weeks.

16 weeks Pointy Twin Belly - 2nd pregnancy 
16 weeks pregnant. 2nd pregnancy. Back To Twin Belly Pictures - 13 To 16 Weeks.

15 weeks - Christmas Twin Belly  
This is our first pregnancy and we are soooo excited we're having fraternal twnis! My hubby thought it would be nice to get a pic next to the Christmas …

14 weeks - Mo Mo Twins 
This is my first pregnancy and I'm having mo/mo twins. I started showing at 9 weeks and by 14 weeks I was this BIG! I'm 16 weeks now but not expanding …

My Belly At 15 weeks 3 days 
I was this big when I was 6 months pregnant with my other two kids. Now that I'm pregnant with TWINS, my bellys gets bigger and bigger every day. I do …

14 weeks With Fraternal Twins 
Expecting fraternal twins! Back To Twin Belly Pictures - 13 To 16 Weeks.

I am 13 Weeks with Twins! 
I am on my third pregnancy and we found out it was twins. This was a belly picture from today which makes me thirteen weeks one day. I am sure one day …

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