15 Weeks With Twins

by Carrie
(Portland, OR)

We find out in 5 more weeks what the sexes are!! I can't wait. In the meantime I feel as big as a house!

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Jul 22, 2011
Is it Normal?
by: Mrs. Burnett

Hello so im new to this, My name is Heather and i have a 3 almost 4 year old daughter, and im 15 weeks pregnant with twins. I havent really felt the babys move yet is that normal?
Im still really nervous about having twins.... Im starting to get excited. I just want to be able to love all of my children the same. any idea how to give a 4 year old attention along with twins??

Apr 11, 2011
by: carrie

That's me in that picture. What seems like forever ago! We had twin boys born Jan 7, 2010. Oh we are having a ball!!! As far as a stroller, front to back for sure. We have both. The BOB just doesn't fit thru doorways as easily as the front to back.
Congratulations to you all!! Enjoy your adventure to the fullest <3

Apr 11, 2011
pregnant with twins too
by: Michelle

I am also 15 pregnant with Identical twins! We can not wait to find out what they are. We have 2 girls already so we are hoping for boys but as long as they are healthy, we will be happy.
I had a question for everyone,do you like the side by side double stroller or the front/back stroller?

Dec 01, 2009
Twins at 15 weeks
by: Lulu Candy

I am also 15 weeks pregnant with twins! Found out at 13 weeks that they are boys! They each have their own placenta (almost fused) and own amniotic sac so because they are the same sex, I will only find out after the birth what type of twins they are :) but they are very healthy and weigh more than average. So excited!

Sep 28, 2009
by: momof6

I am 16 weeks preggo with twins~don't know the sexes yet....but I feel big as a house as well. Just wanted to drop a note to let you know I absolutly LOVE this pic....you are glowing!

Sep 23, 2009
Belly's can be different
by: Anonymous

I just think that every pregnancy is so very different.
I was HUGE with my 1st pregnancy and I only had one. I'm still not as big now with twins as I was with the 1st. Come to find out I had a lot of amniotic fluid.
If you doubt what the dr is saying, ultrasound would be the only thing to truly show I suppose.
Good luck and Gpd Bless!!

Sep 23, 2009
by: Fatty oxo

i came on this site to compare my belly to others but doctors are saying im only pregnant with one baby, my bump is bigger than yours, do you have any suggestion what to do? i really am massive but theres no arguing with my doctors! it really is a huge bump =[

Sep 04, 2009
Too cute
by: Beth

I will be 15 weeks in a few days, and was thinking that I was bigger than I should be, but I look alot like you! You have a perfect baby belly! I hope that you are feeling good and enjoying every moment! :)

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