17 Weeks With Twins

by Andrea
(Nashville, TN)

My 17 week belly

My 17 week belly

This is my first pregnancy and we weren't even trying..what a shock! We couldn't be happier, and should find out the genders in about a week (if the babies cooperate). In this picture I am 17 weeks and have gained about 13 pounds. As far as we know they are fraternal...haven't felt movement yet but I can't wait to! (apparently both placentas are on the front of the uterus which may block me from feeling those little kicks for a while)

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Apr 26, 2017
prego with twin..
by: nivi

i wish i too get twin boys

Nov 14, 2016
by: onyi

I am 17 weeks and just found out they are boys. I already have 3 boys but am so excited am having boystwins. They are mono mono so I hope I can tell them apart tho lol.

Jul 22, 2014
17 weeks preg with twins
by: lawbaby

Am 17 weeks pregnant with twins, but not showing well, am just adding weight. Hope it's okay?

Aug 10, 2012
a twin having twins!
by: Anonymous

This is my 2nd pregnancy,I haven't had my ultra sound yet but i will at 19 wks.I am a fraternal twin so i was only half surprised when i found out i was carring twins. As for my bump I look about the same as you but i carry lower and my abdomen isnt hardening yet just the top half. Congrats on your babies!

Mar 19, 2011
first pregnancy!
by: Ashley

I'm 17 weeks on 3/21/11 and i look just like this! I haven't gotten an ultrasound yet, but i am on friday! and i feel huge!!!

Nov 04, 2010
Mom of one, expecting two
by: MKM

I go today for my ultrasound and I am hoping to find out what my twins are..I am 17.5 weeks and his is my second pregnancy. Everyone is telling me that I am getting big but I'm not much bigger than you are and we are pretty excited to see what we are having. My son is 3 years old and he is saying he wants to buy his baby brother and baby sister at daycare and my ob is thinking that one is a girl and one is a boy but who knows. They are suppose to be identical because they are sharing the same placenta but they are in 2 different sacs so they can eithr be identical or fraternial in my case. Good luck to all the moms expecting twins. God bless.

Oct 20, 2010
by: ~E~

I am 18 weeks and get to find out Monday what they are! They didn't tell me much at my first ultrasound besides I was having twins and they were the right size!

I feel so huge!! I am about your size too!! When I went in at 16 wks, they told me I was measuring 22 wks! I am going to be bigger than a house!

The weird thing is that I haven't gained yet.... The doctors don't seem concerned, but I will find out when I go and see my main doc on Monday... I haven't been puky at all so that doesn't make sense. I just don't eat how I used to eat. I have trouble finishing a kid's meal lol

I wish you luck!!! You look great!

Jul 17, 2010
Having Faternal Twins also
by: Nathalie

I am having Fateranl Twins I am feeling the babies sometimes on and off again. One has a fast heart rate and the other is very slow.

I find out in 2 weeks what they are I can't wait. Having a hard time picking names>
So any suggestion- i LIKE ODD NAMES LOL

Apr 16, 2010
by: Andria

I am so nervous and excited! Thanks for your post to help others out!

Feb 14, 2010
Twin Pregnancy
by: Anonymous

You look great! I am 17 weeks with Twins myself and will be finding out tomorrow if boys or girls. We do know they are identical b/c they are sharing the same placenta. I'm not feeling much movement yet, just a flutter here or there. Good Luck and Congrats!!

Feb 12, 2010
12wks 7 days
by: Aireal best

Ill be 13 weeks tommorow and im huge i feel my twins kickn alll the time and it still amazes me

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