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19 Weeks Preggo With Twins 
I have gained 15 lbs already!! feeling, big and not so pretty - I went shopping

19 Weeks, 1 Day 
Wow, I must say I am certainly frightened by the size of some of the bellies on here! Im only half way so I guess we will see what mine looks like in the …

20 Weeks Fraternal Boy/Girl Twins 
I am 21 years old, due may 27th 2011 with fraternal boy/girl twins. I was 130 lbs pre pregnancy and at 20 weeks am 150 lbs. I also have gestational diabetes …

18 Weeks - 2 Girls! 
This is the day after I found out I was expecting twins!

17 Weeks Twin Belly 
This is my 17 week twin belly, Not sure of the genders yet.. we find out in 2 weeks :)

18 Weeks 
Still dont know yet if they're boys/girls...they are babies no. 6 & 7 for us : )

Twin Pregnancy at 18 Weeks 4 Days 
baby A is a boy and baby B is a girl, this is my first pregnancy and im loving it.

18 Weeks With Mono/Di Twin Girls :) 
18 weeks with identical twin girls :)

18 Weeks 2 Days 
18 weeks 2 days pregnant with Twin boys!!! We are so excited for the babies. They already have a big brother who is 9 and a big sister who is 7.

19 Weeks With Twins 
This is my 6th pregnancy. I have 11, 7 and 4 year old girls. I lost a son and daughter last year two seperate pregnancys and at 16 weeks we found out we …

Jessica's Belly - 17 Weeks 2 Days 
I am 17 wks 2 days with identical twin girls. When I was 12 wks the doctors thought they had twin to twin transfer syndrome and about 3 wks later all …

Twin Pregnancy Week 19 
here I am 19 weeks with B/G twins. Really starting to feel this belly now!

Twin Pregnancy 20 Weeks Boy/Girl Twins 
i'm starting to feel tons of movement! especially when i lay on my back -- when one isnt moving the other one is.. its so fun to watch! sometimes its a …

Twin Belly at 20 Weeks 
20 weeks, found out havin' 2 boys!!!

20 Weeks With Boy/Boy Fraternal Twins! 
Have only gained 10 pounds, but feel like I've gained 30! :)

17 Weeks with Di/Di Twins 
We do not know the sexes of the babies yet as we have a few more weeks to go. We found out there were twins at 12 weeks.

Twin Pregnancy at 17 Weeks 
17 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. Relaxing at the cottage :)

19 Weeks and 2 Days. 
Twin boys, everythings going great so far :)

17 Weeks With Twin Girls 
I am 17 weeks here. Now 19. Just found out having twin girls. Sisters for 3 big brothers!

17 Weeks With Twins 
This is my first pregnancy and we weren't even trying..what a shock! We couldn't be happier, and should find out the genders in about a week (if the babies …

Twin Belly - 18 Weeks 
I'm due June 12, 2010 and we are finding out the sex of our babies on January 22nd. This is our first pregnancy and we can't wait to find out :-)

19 Weeks Pregnant With Twin Boys! 
I feel so huge, can't imagine what I'm going to look like in another 10 wks, YIKES!! At least the morning/all day sickness has finally subsided and I …

Twin Belly Picture - 20 Weeks 
Having DI/DI twins, Boy & Girl .. due may 5,2010. when me and my boyfriend found out we were having twins at our just 14 week sonogram we were both like …

17 Weeks Identical Twins 
17 Weeks pregnant with identical twins, Not sure the Sex yet but will be finding out soon hopefully!

Almost 20 Weeks With Twins 
Twins due near the end of March! 1st pregnancy! Still not sure if they are boys, girls, or one of each. Pretty sure they are fraternal though. We find …

20 Weeks With Twins 
20 weeks pregnant, finding out next week what the genders are! Super excited.

20 Weeks Twins Belly 
boy/girl twins =]

18 Weeks With Twin Boys! 3rd Pregnancy 
I am exactly 18 weeks today and I found out yesterday that I am having two boys, naming them has been pretty rough and im still looking around, any suggestions …

Twins Belly - 5 Months 3 Weeks 
this was a shocker for us twin girls

20 Weeks 2 Days Twin Pregnant Belly 
First pregnancy - expecting twin boys. Very excited about the double trouble/double blessing :-)Due date: Jan 15, 2010.

17 Weeks 3 Days 
I am amazed how much my belly has grown in 1 week. Now my journey begins.

Twins Belly - 20 Weeks 
One girl for sure, doc said it might be 2 girls...daddy is going to need two shotguns:)

18 Weeks + 3 days - Twin Belly Picture 
18 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. Not sure of the sex yet but will be finding out in 4 days and my husband and I are very excited about it all. Hard …

Twin Belly - 18 Weeks, 3 Days 
Carrying boy/girl twins. Each day feels like a week! I can't wait for them to come out so we can play with them and love my back is already …

19 Weeks  
My first babies. IDK what they are yet...but I find out in 9 days. Super excited.

18 Weeks 2 Days Twin Belly 
18 weeks with fraternal twins. 1st time mom at age 23. Dont know the sexes yet.

17.5 Weeks 
Here I was 17 weeks and a few days with my twin boys.I had just started looking really big.

18 Weeks 
We have been amazed at how fast the belly has been expanding! I have a friend who is due 5 days before me and she is barely starting to show. It's crazy …

19 Weeks - Twin Belly 
My husband and I are expecting our first 2 children. I'm very excited to find out what we're having tomorrow!

20 Weeks Prego With Twins 
This is when I find out I am having a twin pregnancy.....and I was shocked lol

20 Weeks - Twin Belly Photo 
I am having a boy and a girl! I can't wait to see them, we are so blessed!

I Was 20 Weeks  
I'm having a boy and a girl! Woohoo! I am so blessed! I can't wait to see them :)

20 Weeks With Fraternal Boys 
Fraternal boys... these two will give me three boys total, what a handful for a single mom!

17 Weeks Pregnant With Twins 
Fraternal twins..not sure of the genders..first pregnancy

I Was 18 Weeks 2 Days 
Pregnant with fraternal twins. I can't wait to find out what I'm having next week! Count down, I can't wait! Our son wants brothers. I just want to carry …

17 Weeks 1 Day Pregnant With Twins 
We are having a boy and a girl Due Oct. 24, 2009

20 Weeks 
I'm still pregnant. Due date is in Sept of 09. Doctor says most likely I will be giving birth earlier. They are identical though. +) so excited!

18 Weeks Along With Twin Girls 
Ultrasound tech thinks they are fraternal.

18 Weeks With Identical Boy Twins 
18 weeks with identical boy twins. This is my third pregnancy (3rd and 4th children).

20 Weeks Twin Belly  
Me at 20 weeks!

17 Weeks With Twins 
17 weeks with twins, I hope that's all there is, I feel so big already.

18 Weeks 3 Days 
My 3rd pregnancy. A boy and a girl.

19 Weeks 5 Days 
Twin girls, fraternal, we think.

20 weeks 
Feeling great!

18 Weeks 
Here is the twin belly pic for 18 weeks. Hopefully get to find out if we have boys/girls in there!

20 Weeks Pregnant With Twin Boys 
Pregnant with twin boys. Very excited!

17 Weeks 3 Days - Twin Pregnancy Belly 
My twin belly is showing more now although it still looks like I'm only having 1: I didn't show with my first son until 25 weeks and he was 8.7 lbs...: …

17 Weeks 
I am 17 weeks with fraternal twins still don't know what they are!

18 Weeks 
The first pic was at 14 weeks,the second is at 18 weeks.

17 weeks 
Daddy got arty and drew them!

19 Weeks - Twin Girls 
Twin girls - doc says they are fraternal, but I'm not so sure about that one. Currently 21 weeks now. But figured I'd post.

19 Weeks - Pointy Twin Belly - Fraternal Girls 
Here I am with one of the pointiest bellies I have seen, although it's becoming a bit rounder as I get bigger. This is my second pregnancy.

17 weeks - (nude) 
I couldn't resist keeping a photo of my beautiful changing body. I think the pregnant body is such a beautiful thing.

17 Weeks as of 12/16/2008 
First time mommy expecting twin BOYS!!

20 weeks - Fraternal Twin Girls Belly PIc 
This is my second pregnancy. Expecting faternal twin girls.

18 Weeks 3 Days 
One is girl, and the other baby is unknown. I need suggestions as to what the baby will turn out to be. the father is a twin boy and girl set. AHH, I love …

20 Weeks With Twin Girls 
Twin girls!!! Baby #2 & 3! Absolutely not this big as early with my first singleton baby. Still in shock. We don't have twins in the family and I'm just …

Tia's Twin Belly At 17 Weeks 
Expecting faternal twin girls.

20 weeks - IVF Miracles! 
Here I am 20 weeks with two baby girls. We are so excited, they are our IVF miracles!

20 Weeks With Fraternal Twins 
First Pregnancy, fraternal twins unknown sexes, placenta fused into one. 39 inches around at belly. 20 pound weight gain so far.

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