18 Weeks

by Sarah

We have been amazed at how fast the belly has been expanding! I have a friend who is due 5 days before me and she is barely starting to show. It's crazy what having two babies in your belly can do!

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Sep 20, 2009
Congratulations! (and a story)
by: Nell

It certainly is... crazy and amazing!
Years ago my friend was pregnant with her first child. when she started to show at about 3 months, I started to tease her about how big she was going to get. I guess fate was smirking at me because less than 2 months later, husband and I found out I was pregnant a second time. A few weeks after that we knew it was twins!
I couldn't believe how fast my belly grew! I soon "caught up" to my friend... when she was 40 weeks I was at 25, and we were nearly the same size. The difference was that she had her beautiful daughter in her arms days later, and I had to wait - even though I felt just as pregnant. It seemed unfair, but she said that's what I got for teasing her.
Needless to say, my friend had the last laugh! The twins grew like crazy, and my belly just bloomed out of control! I never imagined my body could stretch to hold two babies, but it did and I was in awe. By the end the girls were over 7 lbs each, my belly was absolutely colossal, and my friend was STILL teasing me... "gosh, you're tiny," she'd say, "when are you going to start showing?"
All jokes aside, giving birth to twins - and raising them - is an incredible experience I would not trade for anything. I hope you feel as lucky as I do!
I wish you all the best

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