1974 Mono Mono Twins Story

by Sylvia Jones
(Canal Fulton, Ohio)

I didn't find out that I had mono mono twins until a story came on TV about twins having only 1 amniotic sac. I didn't make the 6 week check up after their birth, so I didn't know. They look alike in some ways but different weights.

Well, I wasn't sure. I went back to Aultman Hospital years later and the pathology report said 2 babies, 1 amniotic sac, 2 umbilical cords.

Anyway, that let me know they are identical, unless this happened another way. I didn't know I was carrying twins until I gave birth. It was 1974. They will be 44 May 8th. That's our story.

Thanks for listening

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Oct 23, 2018
Mono girls
by: Anonymous

Yours was the first story I opened in this article ands notice we live in the same town. Such a small world.

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