25 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Belly

by Anna
(Lawrenceburg, TN)

25 weeks with my two boys

25 weeks with my two boys

I was 25 weeks in this photo. I'm currently at 29 weeks and on modified bed rest for now after being rear ended by a log truck.... I had some spotting and contractions at 28 weeks (prior to the wreck) and was on my way to the Dr. for further instructions when I was hit. The babies were not fased at all by this- thank God. This pregnancy is SO much different from my first pregnancy... that's right I have a 2 1/2 year old boy too. That's the worst part of this bed rest thing... I can't pick him up so he can't stay here with me much because daddy is in Iraq so there isn't anyone here all the time... Aside from all that, I've had a really great pregnancy.... a lot less tired than my first and not too many additional stretch marks, and most recently I've gained this great curly hair... my hair has always been straight until the past few weeks and I guess my two boys stay up some nights and curl it-love it. I've been able to control my weight a lot better this time... I gained over 45 pounds with my first son which my midwife warned was too much for one baby.... now at 29 weeks I've gained 12 pounds and I'm sure that is one reason I don't feel so tired. I just pray everyday that my body can wait for at least 37 weeks to deliver.

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Mar 02, 2010
Glad you are okay
by: Anonymous

Glad that you are doing well after the wreck. I hope you have some parents close by so you can see your little one. That is terrific you have only gained 12 pounds. Wow!
I am on shortened work days right now and trying to obey, but I don't have another little one to worry about.
Keep your chin up! I am presently 25 1/2 weeks myself.

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you!

Dec 07, 2009
our daddy is gone too
by: Ashley

Glad the babies are okay. I know how you feel with your husband in Iraq, my husband is currently in afghanistan, and we're hoping for him to come home for the birth of his baby girls. Crossing our fingers. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Nov 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

Congratulations!!! I am so sorry to hear you were rear ended, but glad the babies are ok. THANK GOD!!! I am also pregnant with twins, 17 wks and 3 days. Don't know what they are yet, we will hopefully find out next week. I am hoping for B/G so - we'll see. As long as they are healthy, is all that really matters. Good Luck to us all.

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