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28 Weeks 
This was taken at 28.5 weeks. The babies have taken over my entire abdomen. I can't imagine how big I'll be in a month?!? Can't wait to meet them!

26 Weeks!! 
trying to enjoy the summer with my growing babies!!

25 Weeks With Twin Girls 
I'm 25 weeks with twin girls. This is my 2nd pregnancy. During an ultrasound at 20 weeks, we found out that we were having twin girls. We were very overwhelmed! …

Identical Boys - 28 Weeks 
I am 28 wks along with identical boys. They are both weighing 2lbs 9 oz apiece and looking great. I also have gestational diabetes, which I didn't have …

27 Weeks 
I'm pregnant with two girls...I've gained about 30-35 lbs, feeling pretty good overall. I can't imagine how big I'm going to be in a few months, though …

28 Weeks. 1 Week Before They Arrived. 
We didn't officially find out we were expecting twins until about 19 weeks. even though I KNEW. I was 28 weeks in this pic. everything was going well. …

25 Weeks with Boy and Girl Twin Pregnancy 
This is my Second pregnancy and was shocked to find out that we were having Twins. It does not run in the family so it came as a HUGE suprise!

26 Weeks With Twins 
This is our first pregancy & we are having fraternal twin girls, Jessy & Riley are almost here

28 Weeks Pregnant With Twin Boys 
I'm having twin boys and they r very active my body hurts and they kick the heck outta my ribs.

27 Week Twin Belly 
Identical Twin Boys due around Thanksgiving!

7 Months Twin Belly 
I am 7 months pregnant with Fraternal Twin boys! I still don't have any stretch marks so I hope it stays that way!!

Twin Pregnancy Week 26 
Work Work Work for me. 26 Weeks Prego with fraternal twin girls. Ada Marie and Kyla Jane! I am so excited!

27 Weeks with Boy/Girl Fraternal Twins 
I am 27 weeks pregnant with boy/girl fraternal twins. This is my second pregnancy. I am now 29 weeks and cannot bend over or walk for that matter do …

25 Weeks With Twin Girls 
25 weeks preggo with twin girlie girls... so close, but so far away!!

This Was at 26 Weeks 
This is my first pregnancy! Imagine how amazed we were to see not one, but two little jelly beans on that sonigram screen... all of you know what that …

Twin Pregnancy at 28 Weeks! 
I'm 28 weeks along. Having twin girlies! So excited! This is our first pregnancy.

27 Weeks with Identical Girls 
27 weeks and growing!

25 Weeks & 4 Days With Twins 
I was 25 weeks + 4 days with identical twin boys!!

27 Weeks with Boy/Girl Twins 
I'm so big people are asking if I'm due any day, and I sadly tell them I'm due in two more months! It's starting to get pretty hard now but I'm holding …

Identical Twin Girls - 25 weeks 
Pregnant with twin girls- 25 weeks

Twin Pregnancy at 27 Weeks 
2ND Pregnancy, Twin boys.

28 Weeks and 4 Days 
In this pic I am 27 weeks pregnant with faternal twins boy and a girl. I feel pretty big and doctor said they r growing just fine.

26 Weeks - Fraternal Girls 
I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with fraternal twin girls. They are growing wonderfully and I've had a great pregnancy so far!

28 Weeks Pregnant With Boy/Girl Twins 
Here I am at 28 weeks with the twins. Feeling pretty big right now. I am the same size now with this pregnancy as I was with my 1st singleton pregnancy …

28 Weeks 4 Days - Twins Belly 
Fraternal twin boys! Cervical cerclage placed at 12 weeks to strengthen a weak cervix! 2Lbs 10 and 3Lbs 6!

Twin Boys - 27 Weeks 
This is me 27 weeks preggo with twin boys. A lot of my friends who have had twins say that I'm really small for being this far along and preggo with twins, …

Identical Twins Belly - 27 Weeks 
two identical boys I am huge and still have a way to go!!!

27 Weeks With Boy/Girl Twins 
This is my daughter, as she doesn't have a computer, I mentioned wanting to post her pics here, and she said go for it. Picture is at six months. She is …

27 Weeks With Fraternal Girls 
Im 27 weeks along with twin girls (fraternal). Last Dr. Apt was 4 days ago and the girls are 2 lb 14 oz, and 2 lb 11oz. Perinatal dr says my cervix is …

Twin Belly Picture - 7 Months 
Having twin girls...

Twin Belly Photo - 27 Weeks 
27 weeks 1 day with boy/girl twins. 9-10 weeks left and counting!!

26 Weeks With Fraternal Boy/Girl Babies! 
My husband and I are first time parents who were certainly surprised to learn that we were expecting fraternal twins (due April 9). I am really interested …

28 Weeks 4 Days - Identical Twin Girls 
I just hit 29 weeks in my twin pregnancy. The babies are both growing well. All my weight is just on my belly :) I have gained a total of 16 pounds. The …

26 Weeks With Identical Boys 
Identical Twin Boys at 26 weeks!!!!

Twin Belly Picture - 27 Weeks 
27 weeks with my little girls. my friend just had her twins at 29 weeks yesterday. hopefully i can hold mine in for longer.

Lisa - 28 weeks with fraternal twin girls 
Very excited to reach the 28 weeks milestone. Had a scan this week, both girls are doing great and are average in size, 1050gms and 1100gms each, now …

Lisa - 27 weeks with fraternal twin girls 
27 weeks, so far I have gained 10kgs, still feeling good but finding it harder to get around.

28 Weeks Twins Pregnancy Belly 
I'm 28 weeks and my doctor told me today that my cervix is alarmingly short. He's wanting to give me a set of injections starting tomorrow that will help …

Twins Pregnancy Belly - 28 Weeks  
I'm huge and still growing! I'm almost 30 weeks now and my girls are already 3.4 pds & 2.13 pds, as much as a singleton baby would be at this point in …

Twins Belly - 25 Weeks 
25 weeks with my baby boy and girl.

25 Weeks Belly - Celebrating Halloween 
this is my bump at 25 weeks carrying twin girls!!

28 Weeks With Twins 
This is me at 28 weeks. I had my twins at 33 weeks.

27 Weeks With Twin Boys 
Twin Boys, 2nd pregnancy. Not much room left and my belly hurts!

26 Weeks - Twin Belly Picture 
26 weeks along with boy/girl twins. I feel like I'm 9 mos. already, hahaha!

7 Months Twins Belly 
This was at my baby shower on July 11th and I was admitted into the hospital on July 20th for pre-term labor!!

Bernett Twins 28 Weeks 
My twin pregnancy is still going good so far. The girls are growing at the right pace. Not much longer now.

25 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Belly 
I was 25 weeks in this photo. I'm currently at 29 weeks and on modified bed rest for now after being rear ended by a log truck.... I had some spotting …

26 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Belly 
Identical baby girls!

26 Weeks With Boy/GirlTwins 
My name is Jessica and I am pregnant with twins due 12/17/2009. I have three boys currently ages 10, 8, and 6. The twins are faternal twins, one boy …

25 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Picture 
25 weeks preggers with baby boy & baby girl

25 Weeks Twin Belly Pic Girl/Girl 
We can't wait for our girls to get here! Everything is going good so far. I haven't felt baby b kick very much because I have an anterior placenta but …

28 Weeks 
Here is my belly at 28 weeks, a boy and a girl that are due 29 Oct 09. Everything is going really well so far, no stratch marks (worshipping the bio-oil!) …

27 Weeks With Twins 
I was 27 weeks and I just got my hair done the day before. My bff came over to do my hair for me since I have been on bedrest and couldn't go to the shop …

25 Weeks - Growing Identical Twin Girls 
3rd pregnancy...Growing identical girls. Have slight case of TTTS so there are alot of doctor visits! I feel huge. I'm 28 weeks now and sooo uncomfortable. …

28 Weeks - Painted Twin Belly 
28 weeks with fraternal girls.

28 Weeks 
Sometimes I get that I'm small for 7 mos. then other times it's " you are ready to go aren't you"? Twins have made my last pregnancy very exciting and …

28 Weeks Twin Pregnant Belly 

26 Weeks 5 Days Along... 
When this pic was taken I was 26 weeks 5 days. I have doc appt. the next day to check on my little girls. Although I know I will get bigger it really doesn't …

25 Weeks 4 Days! (2nd Pregnancy) 
Soo Excited to meet my lil ladies but I am still soo indecisive on names...Due Sept 13th, 2009

27 Weeks With My Little Monsters 
This is my 3rd pregnancy. It's a girl and a boy. I was 27 weeks when I took this picture. I'm so big I can't believe I have 3 months left.... in the middle …

28 Weeks 5 Days 
Our Baby Boys, due in a few weeks now! Our 1st pregnancy.

26 Weeks - Twin Girls 
26 weeks pregnant with twin girls!

26 Weeks - Identical Boys 
I'm having identical twin boys =)This is my 2nd and 3rd babies =) Due Aug. 26, 2009 Uterus measures me at 30 weeks with a singleton. I'm growing right …

26 Weeks + 6 Days With Fraternal Girls 
We are expecting two lovely little girls and this is me at almost 27 weeks - we are fairly sure they are fraternal and they are due the 3rd August! Bring …

26 Weeks Pregnant With Twins 
Thought we were having two boys but found out its actually one boy and one girl!

At 28 Weeks 
At 28 Weeks, Both Boys, 1st pregnancy. My dog Raina (my baby for the last 2 1/2 yrs) is very excited for them to!!!

28 Weeks 5 Days  
28 weeks 5 days pregnant with identical twin boys! This is my third pregnancy.

25 Weeks 
not long left in 2nd exited!!!

28 Weeks! 
I was 28 weeks pregnant with twin boys! It was/is miserable...Back hurt the most but, well worth it.

25 Weeks With My Twin Boys 
I cant wait to see my babies..Im 25 weeks pregnant.

7 Months Pregnant On The Beach 
Expecting Navae and Niara, relaxing on the beach was my favorite thing, floating in the warm water felt so GOOD!

26 Weeks With Identical Boys 
26 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys. This is my third pregnancy.

26 Weeks 2 Days 
Twin boys, we're not sure if they are identical or fraternal at this point.

25 Weeks 
25 weeks with identical twin boys. This is my third pregnancy.

28 Weeks With Boy/Girl Twins 
Ok, so my hair looks awful in this pic sorry! My twins...boy & girl

27 Weeks - Black & White Twin Pregnancy Picture 
2nd and 3rd children, fraternal twins, boy and girl.

25 weeks! 
Here I am at 25 weeks with my 2 boys! Baby A wieghs 1 lb 13oz, and Baby B weighs 1 lb 15oz! Healthy little boys! =D

Tia's Twin Belly At 25 Weeks 
Expecting fraternal twin girls.

27 weeks - Colorful Twin Belly! 
I have gained 30lbs already!!!! Growing so fast it's amazing. These girls are gaining good too.

26 Weeks With Twin Girls  
So far one is 2.8lbs and the other is 2.3lbs

25 Weeks - Colorful Twin Belly! 
My back is killing me!!! Expecting 2 little girls. My toddler is very excited to meet her sisters!!!!

27 weeks - Twin Girls! 
Two precious little girls!

7 months Belly Photo - Twin Boys 
I'm only 7 months pregnant with twin boys who each weigh 4 lbs a each.

25 Weeks - Belly With Twin Boys 
Twin BOYS!! Already have 2 daughters, not twins ages 4 and 3 and now twins boys on the way.

27 Weeks With Twin Boys - Belly Pic 
We're expecting boys!!!

27 weeks 
27 weeks with twins but they say there's a third cord present. I really have some big ??????????

28 Weeks 
Just a few days before I went into labour and about a week before they were born.

25 Weeks 
Still Pregnant, now 26 Weeks.

28 Weeks 
This is my second pregnancy, I have a 3 year old boy and expecting fraternal twins; boy and girl. So far this has been a good experince other than usual …

7 Months  
This is from my baby shower about 1-1/2 months before they were born. I remember I was huge, & itchy *lol* I didn't know skin could stretch that much. …

28 weeks 
I was around 26 weeks. It was really difficult, I had diabetes. But it's really great now. Totally worth it!

27 weeks along.. 
My twin baby belly :-)

27 weeks 
February 2007 - pregnant with a boy and a girl. I was on hospital bedrest for the last couple weeks of my pregnancy and got very, very bored at times. …

25 Weeks 
I was 25 weeks in this pic and growing larger by the week. I stress the importance of investing in a great moisturizer!

26 Weeks 
When I discaovered I was pregnent with twins I was terrified. A first time mom and I'm getting a double whammy! As my pregnancy progressed and my husband …

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