26 Weeks - Twin Belly Picture

by April
(San Marcos, CA)

26 wks

26 wks

26 weeks along with boy/girl twins. I feel like I'm 9 mos. already, hahaha!

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Oct 21, 2011
by: linda

thats funny my belly looks the same way i thought i was not growing any lol but everyone tells me i am

Mar 02, 2010
Twin Boy /Girl too
by: Anonymous

I am glad to hear that someone else feels pretty big. I will be 26 weeks on Thursday. The doctor says they are measuring big with the tape. Tomorrow I go see the specialist so we'll see the real weight.
Are you still exercising? I am not but I guess it is a sacrifice I have to make.
Good luck with your pregnancy!

Nov 05, 2009
I know exactly how you feel
by: Anonymous

I'm 26 week with Identical twin girls...This is my second pregnancy and I feel the same as you. I'm as big now as I was the day I delivered my first daughter...Lol I can only imagine how big i'll be a few months from now. Yikes. Congrats and Good Luck! By the way you look BEAUTIFUL! Hang in there :)

Oct 25, 2009
Me Too
by: Anonymous

I'm 25 weeks along with boy n girl twins too...I feel huge! Good Luck!

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