28 Weeks Pregnant With Twin Boys

by Nikki

28 weeks and still growing

28 weeks and still growing

I'm having twin boys and they r very active my body hurts and they kick the heck outta my ribs.

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Oct 29, 2017
by: Erica

I'm 28 weeks preggo with twin boys I look liketheres only 1 they always love kicking me at night and in the early morning hours I have a personal question cause I never had twins is it safe to even still have sex I'm a high risk pregnancy cause it's twins and I have seizures

Oct 28, 2010
28 weeks and 3 days
by: Donna

Im 28 weeks preggo with twins boys. I look as of im carrying one baby but its two in there and it has been a dificult pregnancy for me. But its all worth it for my boys. You look good at your stage but I have a feeling Im going to get really big over night.

Best of luck,
Donna :-)

Oct 20, 2010
Me too
by: Anonymous

I am 28 weeks tomorrow with boy girl twins and i look the same as you...ill be 38 weeks end of december....i hope i go at the beganing though...i dont know how bigger i can get im already measuring full term...lol

Oct 11, 2010
Me too!
by: Charlotte

28 weeks with twin boys!! 37 weeks for me will be Dec. 10. I hope we last that long!
You look great. I can't believe how huge I already feel. It's crazy how much bigger we are supposedly going to get!
Best of luck!

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