29 Weeks Mo/Mo Girls

by Kyla
(Chattanooga TN)

I will start by saying in August 2011, after trying to conceive for a good bit of time. I finally found out at 5 weeks I was pregnant and celebrated the news by telling my family and friends. The father and I were very anxious to find out more about the baby, so at the fist ultrasound I was six weeks and the baby was fine. I went back in for my ten week ultrasound to discover that the very same day I had my first ultrasound, was the very same day the baby's heart quit beating. We were all so shocked. I soon had a D&C and the fetus was removed on September 21 2011.

For months after that I was very depressed, my weight dropping from 118 to 105 in just a matter of weeks. My fiance' and I soon split and went our separate ways. Him departing me with the words "you can't even carry a baby for 9 months, you're hopeless." Little did we know that after a D&C you are very fertile.

So on January 11 (my dads birthday) I realized I was not feeling so well and I was 4 days late on my period. Everytime I lit a cigarette (which I had recently started back again) it made me soo sick to my stomach and I just knew I was pregnant. So I took a test and it was exactly what it looked like...Two little pink lines, except where as my last pregnancy the test took a couple minutes to show up positive. This one took only a couple seconds. That night I dreamed it was twins and I started having a lot of questions. My first ultrasound visit (6 weeks gestation) is when I learned they were Mo/Mo twins. Very excited about the news, I waited til after my first trimester to tell my family. At 16-26 weeks I was seen by a specialist and from what we could see, the babies looked to be one boy and one girl. As rare as mo/mo twins are lets make it more difficult by throwing one of each gender in there. Baby A (Emerald "Emma for short") has had a horseshoe kidney and a twisted spine since she was 15 weeks gestation. The doctors prepared me for the worst, saying she may not make it and that this was a problem. Not to mention the babies chords were looking as if they had some tangles. Being nervous I was willing to do whatever it took to save my babies, but refused an abortion which is what was suggested. I was prescribed to 15 different pills a day, with no promise that it would do anything. Just maybe help the babies get stronger.

At 26 weeks I was admitted in the hospital where we then realized that Baby B just had an umbilical chord between her legs and that HE was actually a SHE! Knowing this I changed the babies names to Emerald Grace and Serenity Faith. I was given two steroid shots and am given a stress test 3 times a day for twenty minutes to two hours at a time. With lots of prayer and now only 13 pills a day, the girls are very healthy and the umbilical chords are no longer tangled. It is truly a miracle. I have 3 more weeks left in this hospital before they take the babies out by C-section at 32 weeks. They say these girls are very impressive, and their heart beats are outstanding and strong for 29 weeks gestation. They are comparing them to a 35 week pregnancy. With more prayer and faith these babies will be born at 32 weeks 4 days.

It is a true blessing, by loosing my one child, I gained two. July 30 2012 is the day I meet my girls and hopefully not anytime sooner!

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