2nd Set of Twins, Mono-Mono

by Ryan Q
(Blaine, MN, USA)

We were shocked to find out that my wife was pregnant with twins for the second time at 12 weeks. We were immediately told they were mono-mono and the risks were very high. We had to prepare ourselves for the worst. My wife went into the hospital for full time monitoring at about 26 weeks. We had a three year old boy and fraternal twin girls who were about 16 months old when my wife went into the hospital. My wife had a C-section at 32 weeks and our newest twin girls are nearly 4 months old and doing great.


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Aug 04, 2012
glad to hear
by: Natasha

Glad to hear we are not the only ones who had conceived both mono-mono twins and another set( not sure if these ones are identical twins or fraternal twins but they are not in the same sac,

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