33 Weeks - Boy/Girl Twins

by Tania
(Norfolk, UK)

Here the headless woman photo at just over 33 weeks, my husband thought my head wasn't important, its all about the belly!!

Worshipping the bio-oil still, no stretch marks yet. Struggeling now everything is a real effort, even trying to do nothing!

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Jan 04, 2010
by: mac

you look lovely, just all baby, a nice designer bump. kind of quess when your husband didn't include your head he was focussing just on his babies. good luck.

Sep 29, 2009
thank you
by: Tania

Thanks for your comments ladies. 35 +5 weeks now, and counting down - I have no patience just want to meet them! Good luck with your pregnancies.

Sep 29, 2009
~You look Awesome!!!!~
by: April. Smith

i just want to say you look soo good!!! you are mostly baby!!! lol you have no body fat, and think u are absolutly doin a great job, Be blessed keep up the work and before you know it all of your labor, will not be in vain those beautiful babies will be here and add so much joy into your life...p.s. i am 22 weeks and measuring 30 weeand still have to months and two weeks to go! lol i am huge.... smile sweetness you look simply BEAUTIFUL.. Be Blessed!April

Sep 20, 2009
Hang in there
by: Nell

Wow, your belly looks great... perfectly round! And I'm sure your face is pretty too!
I think I know what you mean.. late in pregnancy with my girls I was too anxious to sit still - I couldn't do nothing! On the other hand I was so big and slow that any chore was difficult and exhausting.
My husband suggested I relax by writing to friends and family, because it was not strenuous and I could use my giant belly as a desk! He was teasing me, but I did try it and it helped a bit.
I wish you the best with little him and her... they'l be here before you know it!

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