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36 1/2 Weeks Pregnant With Boy/Girl Twins 
This was taken 2 weeks before I delivered my boy-girl twins. I was able to continue working until 5 days before they were born. I look back at this picture …

34 Weeks 
I am 34 weeks pregnant with Identical Twin Boys! Almost done!!! Yeah

35 Weeks Twin Belly Art 
My other 3 children made me a piece of artwork!! i was one week away from delivering, pushed them both out 8 minutes apart at Hershey med!!

33 1/2 Weeks - Twin Belly 
I am 33 1/2 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins in this picture. Belly circumference: 42 inches :-) And both babies are good size!!

35 Weeks with Fraternal Twin Girls  
this was me a week before giving birth. girls weighed in at 5lbs 6 oz and 5 lbs 13 oz.

34 Weeks Twin Belly! 
Here's my twin belly today at 34 weeks. We're so excited to meet our boys in the next month! I feel so super blessed to have had an awesome, healthy pregnancy. …

Twin Pregnancy Belly at 33 Weeks 
Fraternal twin boys. 48" waist.

33.6 Weeks - Twin Belly 
This is me at 33.6 weeks. I am almost 200lbs and aching everywhere and I am definetly struggling, but as long as my fraternal boys are healthy it's OK …

Twin Pregnancy Week 36 
I'm pregnant with identical twin boys named Daniel Colin, and Andrew Nicholas.

8 Months - Pumpkin Belly 
I thought it would be cute to do. I wanted it to look like I was holding a pumpkin.

34 weeks Pregnant with Twin Girls 
We have been struggling to fall pregnant for over 2 years and now I am pregnant with Twin Girls - the natural way (no IVF!) So far I haven't had any issues …

Twin Pregnancy at 36 Weeks and 1 Day 
We can't wait to meet our boy and girl. Have a c-section scheduled in just 7 days. So happy that we've made it this far!

34 Weeks and 4 Days 
Due Aug. 25th 2010 with Mo/Di twin girls. 34 weeks and 4 days in this picture!

34 Weeks 
Just found out about my twins three weeks ago wonder I been feeling so uncomfortable compared to my first pregnancy.

36 Weeks Preggo With B/G Twins 
The twins were born one week later on 3-13-10. My son was 5.14 and my daughter was 6.9 they were both 18 inchs and very healthy! I gained 43 lbs and have …

33 Weeks - Twin Girls 
This was taken exactly 1 week prior to the birth of my twin girls (fraternal) Sara (4.2 lbs) and Sadie (5.2 lbs) were born by emergency c-section at 34 …

34 Weeks and 4 Days 
I have been admitted to the hospital now for 1 week and 3 days... trying to hold them in until 36 weeks.. (thats 10 days away) have preterm labour 3 …

36 Weeks - Twins Belly 
this picture is me aged 36 last year, it was about 2 hours before delivery by section as could barely stand! steven was born first weighing 7lb 11oz followed …

34 Weeks With Twin Girls 
This was taken at my baby shower on November 7,2009. I delivered 2 healthy baby girls on December 10th. Adriana was born first weighing 7 lbs and Abigail …

36 Weeks Twins Belly 
36 weeks with fraternal twin boys. A week before they arrived

33 Weeks 6 Days - Twin Belly Picture 
Twins Laura and Toby, we can go any day.

Twin Belly Pic - 34 Weeks 5 Days 
The day before i had my boys! 5lbs 8oz and 4lbs 8oz! I was ready to be done!

34 Weeks With Identical Boys 
identical twin boys coming any day now!

35 Weeks + 2 Days - Twins Belly 
This was about 2 weeks before my twins were born. They were 7lb 15oz and 5lb 12oz at birth!!

Twins Belly - 33 Weeks 
Here I am at 33 weeks. I remember my back killing. 3 weeks later my boys were born.

Twins Pregnancy Belly - 34 Weeks 4 Days 
This is me right now, it is about 30 degrees in South Africa so getting quite uncomfy... have had a great pregnancy and am really looking forward to meeting …

Twins Pregnancy - 33 Weeks 
I had Preeclampsia, and found out a few days after this photo was taken. As you can see I'm VERY swollen from the P.E.! I had my twin boys, Alexander …

34 Weeks Twins Pregnancy 
My husband took this photo before we went to the hospital, just in case we were unable to take one before I went to deliver. Sure enough, when I was scheduled …

36 Weeks + 6 Days Pregnant With Twins 
Photo was taken the night before we had to go into hospital to induce the twins. At that time, we didn't know the twins had TTTS until they were born. …

33 Weeks - Boy/Girl Twins 
Here the headless woman photo at just over 33 weeks, my husband thought my head wasn't important, its all about the belly!! Worshipping the bio-oil …

33 Weeks And Counting For The Arrival Of Our Twin Girls! 
This is a picture my husband took of me trying on the top of my bathing suit! I was happy it fit.

33 Weeks - Belly Looks Bigger In Person 
33 weeks with a boy and girl. Going to the doctor every week, stress test every week, and ultrasound every two weeks. Still feel pretty great had a few …

35 Weeks 4 Days - Headed To The Hospital 
Headed into the hospital this day, unexpectedly due to preeclampsia. I'll be staying here until I deliver. Could be in the next couple days or 2 weeks! …

33 Weeks Twin Pregnancy 
A few days before my twins were born. My water broke at 33 weeks and 4 days and I had them naturally, 5 minutes apart!

34 Weeks With 2 Girlies  
Here I am at 1 day short of 34 weeks. I am starting to get really uncomfortable - cannot possibly imagine carrying much longer! Looking forward to meeting …

34 Weeks - Twin Boys 
My first pregnancy with fraternal twin boys! Can't wait to meet the little guys!!

34 Weeks With Twins 
I am 34 weeks with identical twin boys. I just got out of the hospital for preterm labor. I don't think I will make it much longer. The contractions are …

33 Weeks 2 Days 
Twin boys due in July but will more than likely arrive before...

TTTS Pregnancy ~ Making Polyhydramniosis Cute 
Brossettelewis - Our TTTS pregnancies ~ making Polyhydramniosis cute

34 Weeks - Boy/Girl Twins 
34 Weeks with boy/girl twins.

33 Weeks Twin Belly 
Baby girls due 8th July, 2nd pregnancy.

34 Weeks And 1 Day 
Twin Boys due June 16, 2009

33 Weeks and 3 Days :D 
Hi...almost 34 weeks now! I am pregnant with twins...boy and girl! I had a fetal assessment done at 32 weeks and my babies are big! The girl weighed in …

Easter Egg Twin Belly - 33 Weeks 
This is my twin belly pic at Easter. 33 weeks - B/B twins!

33 Weeks - Twin Belly Photo 
33 Weeks with Twin Boys!

34 Weeks With Identical Twin Girls 
34 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls. If I kept the top parts of my arms at my sides, I couldn't touch my fingers together. My girls arrived at …

Tia's Twin Belly At 35 weeks 
Fraternal twin girls. Due April 27, 2009

34 Weeks...Two boys 
I was exactly 34 weeks pregnant with twin boys in this photo. Jackson and Jordan are due any day now!

34 Weeks - Twin Pregnancy Belly 
Due April 10th with my twin boys...they are almost 5 lbs each.

35 Weeks With Fraternal Boys 
I've been told I look small, but I beg to differ! This is my first pregnancy and we natually concieved the boys. Today marks the begining of week 36....hope …

33 Weeks Pregnant With Boy/Girl Twins 
Boy/girl twins, second pregnancy. 37 lb weight gain so far!

35 Weeks With Fraternal Twins 
See past photo at 20 Weeks With Fraternal Twins - boy/girl. Feeling great! Loved the whole pregnancy!! Ready for them to arrive....not sure when? gained …

33 Weeks 6 Days 
Two little girls! Any day now!!!

35 weeks 
My name is Breann Cole and I'm 35 weeks pregnant with twins in this photo. This is a picture of my partner Stacey Cletheroe and myself.

34 WEEKS  
34 weeks with identical girls. They were born naturally at 36 weels, happy and healthy. I am 5'3 which is 63" and I meanured 58" by the end. :)

33 weeks - Twin Girls 
My wonderful daughter at 33 wks with fraternal girls. She has a 4 yr.old and 1 1/2yr. old girls already. Still working full time as a teacher, but getting …

34 weeks 5 days 
I had my twins at 34 weeks and 5 days. They were 5lbs 10oz and 5lbs 6oz. A boy and a girl. I was 55 inches around

36 weeks - Twin Belly Picture 
Hi, I'm Allison and I am 36 weeks along here. Ready to POP!!! We aren't sure of the the genders but we can't wait to find out. We feel very blessed to …

34 Weeks Belly Picture - Fraternal Twins 
Hi, my name is Virginia, I'm 27 and I'm pregnant with fraternal twins. We're expecting our cute little boys very soon. My weight is 17kgs more, and as …

35 Weeks Twin Belly 
This was my wife at 35 weeks with twin boys. She had them 4 days later.

36 weeks - About To Burst! 
This photo was taken 6 days before I delivered healthy twin boys (no NICU time, yay!) Yes, it was as painful as it looks - I still have no idea why I'm …

36 Weeks With Twin Boys 
I am now 36 weeks pregnant with my twin boys and can't wait to see them!

It's my belly at 35 weeks.

33 weeks 
My cusin who is a photographer took this pic of me at 32w 6d, the day before I went into labor. 4 days later Jocelyn and Olivia were born! To see my weekly …

34 weeks 
My waters had broken, took this on my way out the door to hospital :)

34 weeks 
Wow time was flying by! Stretch marks did come not too long after this and I got HUGE in a matter of days! There were definitley a lot of limitations placed …

34 weeks... I was about to burst! 
My belly was bursting. I was in a lot of pain from the expanding stomach. I'm sure you can all relate!

36 weeks. 
I was worried that the extra weight would never be lost, thank god I was wrong.

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