34 Weeks

by Ardell
(Detroit, Mi, US )

Just found out about my twins three weeks ago lol...no wonder I been feeling so uncomfortable compared to my first pregnancy.

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Nov 22, 2018
Same feeling
by: Anonymous

Im also feeling thesame and this is my third pregnancy, the doctors say its a boy but i have a feeling im having twins

Nov 02, 2010
Good luck!
by: Anonymous

Insurance stinks. We opted for paying cash and AFLAC. But, then we wound up with twins and I found insurance coverage that would take me and the babies during the pregnancy. Yeah, right. That was a crock. The broker flat out lied to us and is being sued by the insurance company now. But, no re-imbursement to me.
Congrats on your twins! I'm sure you'll have a beautiful journey and good luck to the little guys/girls?
By the way we had sono at 6 weeks due to complications and 1 baby with 2 cysts. Two weeks later there was 1 cyst and twins. Go figure. I'm sorry, you haven't had the time to adjust but, love this site. What to expect when expecting twins is a great book and Mothering twins is a great book also.

Oct 30, 2010
same here
by: Anonymous

i didnt find out about my twins until last week (im about 30 wks now) bcuz my insurance was giving me problems and i couldnt go see a doctor. So when we did the ultrasound the tech got a big suprise too!

Jun 29, 2010
by: karebare

Its true abt the comment that a ultrasound tech doesnt see the other baby right away...Its called shadow baby. Sometimes they come out of hiding and sometimes they don't. But i heard if they don't they require more attention then the other one when it is born. I am 10wks pregnant with twins and when i went to my 8wk check up i had and ultrasound and found out i was having twins! Its a shocker but so glad to be able to have this experiment! COngradulation to you also!

Jun 18, 2010
wow congratulations! =)
by: rivi

Sometimes I heard if one twin is laying in front of the other, ultrasound won't pick up the other twins at all ..not until birth =) It happens alot before. and usually the ultrasound tech doing the ultrasound..not the doctor so it's not the doctor fault =)

Jun 13, 2010
how did they miss that?
by: Anonymous

how in the heck did they miss that? did you not go to the drs for prenatal visits? they should have picked up that around 12 to 16 weeks ultrasound.... ??? wow, if you had all your prenatal visits and ultrasounds, and they still missed it, i would think about a new doctor!

but congrats!!!

Jun 13, 2010
Good Luck
by: Anonymous

You found that you are having twins at 31 weeks?? Did you ever had an ultrasound? Sounds amazing..Good luck!

Jun 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

u found out u were having twins at 31 weeks??? wow how surprised were you? lol

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