5 Months Pregnant With Mo Mo Twin Boys

by Kelli
(Nova Scotia, Canada )

Mo mo twin boys at about 3 1/2 months prego.

Mo mo twin boys at about 3 1/2 months prego.

We found out when I was 8 weeks pregnant that we were having mo mo twins. There was no membrane and only one yoke sack. This has been a stressful pregnancy and am praying nothing awful happens, we are so close.

There is a slight tangle, but the specialist didn't seem to worried, saying that it actually wasn't that bad. I go back to the iwk children's hospital tomorrow and am always scared that they will tell me something is wrong. I love these babies and I pray everyday. Every cramp or pain and I worry. I'm quite the worrier, lol. We are so close and I hope all goes well. Thanks for listening!

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Dec 17, 2016
5w momo pregnancy
by: Vina

I'm 29 years old. Yesterday i went to my doctor to checked my pregnancy, because 3 days i got spot & bleeding like menstruation. When the doctor did USG, it saw 2 ovum in 1, The doctor did not give any madicine and any recomendation, just pray. Any body like that? I just very worry. Thanks

Sep 09, 2016
Mono Mono Twins Girl
by: Rachel

Hi, I just delivered my beautiful mono-mono twin girls in April. I am from NB, and delivered them at 33 wks and 5 days. Yes it is a very stressful pregnancy, I went through it, I was also hospitalized for 8 weeks prior to the birth of the twins. The staff at the hospital are well equipped and made every day a better day! They turn 5 months on Monday Sept 12th and doing extremely super great! Don't worry as much everything will go great! I am living proof of it!

Apr 08, 2015
Pregnant now with mono mono twins...
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing...

May 04, 2014
MoMo Twins
by: Anonymous

i am a 22 year old mom of momo boy twins who are now turning two May 27th.

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