8 Weeks 5 Days With Twins

by heather elsa
(seattle, wa)

8 weeks 5 days - identical mono/di twins

8 weeks 5 days - identical mono/di twins

I'm carrying identical twins. I am a fraternal twin and my husband's father is a twin who had twins and his twin had twins. (New research shows there is an enzyme in some mens sperm that causes an egg to split, so the male side can be involved:) Plus, I'm 40. I'm just shocked that they are identical! I am already popping after an insatiable hunger that requires me to eat 4 times what I am used to. What an incredible experience for my first child(ren)... I am due in March 2011.

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Jan 24, 2018
Mumto2 soon
by: Anonymous

Hey my name's Alex I'm also having twins myself and was wondering how early did you start showing??

Mar 23, 2011
twin who had twin boys
by: wendy

Hi, I am a twin with my brother, than naturaly i had twin frateral boys 9 years ago.
Good luck, all the best to you.

Sep 13, 2010
excited for all of us!
by: heatherelsa

I have a baby book that shows a pregnant belly at 32 weeks, and I am already larger than she is at 13 weeks! It's hard to explain to people what a twin pregnancy is like. I have no control over the most basic things: food, sleep, and emotions!! Congrats on your second set of twins, that is amazing... My due date at 40 weeks is March 15th, but my doctor says with mono/di twins we will need to have them by 36 weeks. The placenta can degrade after that time, so it is more dangerous. I can't wait to meet my babies, it's becoming more real every day...

Sep 13, 2010
Twins in March
by: Natalie

Im PG with Twin boys due March 2nd 2011
I eat ALL the time!

Sep 06, 2010
Nausea x 2!
by: Anonymous

Oh the nausea...! There are days where I seriously question this endeavor;) I've been taking unison and vitamin B1, which helps but also knocks me out. I'll post another pic to show my belly progression. Yikes!

Sep 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

Wow congrats! I had a set of twins, and am now pregnant with twins again!

Sep 03, 2010
me too!!!
by: sandra

Great belly!
I'm due in march 2011 as well.
This nausea is driving me crazy.
Good luck to you and the bubs!!!

Aug 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

conragts i had my twins in jan and yeah all i wanted to do was eat but i had a whole lot of engery

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