A Scary But Healthy Mono-Mono Twin Pregnancy

by Anonymous

I have 4 beautiful children, 2 boys and 2 girls. My sons are 7 and 2, while my girls are identical twins age 5.

My husband and I were overjoyed when we found out that we were expecting again when our son was almost 2 years old. We loved him so much, and we couldn't wait to add to our family. We went in to the doctor at about 7 weeks to confirm the pregnancy and make sure everything was developing normally. Imagine our complete shock when she informed us that not only were we prgnant, but we were having twins! She said everything looked fine and sent us on our way.

At about 11 weeks, I came in for another appointment and an ultrasound. This time when the doctor was looking at the ultrasound screen, she had a funny look on her face. When I asked if something was wrong she told me that it looked like my twins were sharing an amniotic sac and that she wanted me to go see a perinatologist that afternoon to have him confirm the diagnosis.

I called my husband in tears, and he met me at the perinatologist's office, where he confirmed that I did in fact have a Monoamniotic-Monochorionic (mono-mono) pregnancy. He explained that this meant that the embryo had split after the sac had begun forming, and therefore our identical twins were sharing an amniotic sac and placenta. This in itself was not cause to worry, but there was a very high risk of their cords getting entagled endangering the life of one or both twins.

At that time, there was no evidence of entanglement, but I would have to be carefully monitored with ultrasounds and doppler imaging scans, which monitored the blood flow to the babies. Amring ourselves with information from doctors and online sources, my husband and I made it through the next 6 weeks relatively normally. I had bi-monthly scans and things were lokoing good with no entanglements or complications.

In my 17th week, however, that all changed. My ultrasound showed that the twins' cords had become slightly entangled. There was no compresison - which is the real danger - and I was ordered to take it easy and my scans were now to be weekly.

I quit my part-time job to stay home and take it easy per my doctor's orders, and trust me, with a toddler to run after, that in itself was not easy. The weeks flew by, however, with no significant changes. Then, in week 28 of my pregnancy, the doppler imaging scan showed that there was a slight slowing of the blood flow to Twin A meaning that some cord compression was occurring. My husband and I were terrified when we heard this, especially when we were told that I needed to be admitted into the hospital for 24/7 monitoring.

To make a long story short, I was in the hospital for 6 weeks before our girls were born via c-section. In that time, there were no dramatic scares or problems. The blood flow to Twin A varied depending on the positions of the babies, but there was never enough of a drop or danger to warrant delivering them extremely prematurely. The c-section went off without a hitch, and my darling daughters were born without any major complications. They were small - 5 lbs, 1 oz and 5 lbs, 5 oz respectively - but absolutely perfect. It was a scary experience, but completely worth it when I look at my girls.

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Jan 03, 2011
God is in control.
by: Joytotheworld

Just found out today I'm expecting mono mono twins. I'm only just now 4 months in and I have to have another ultrasound in a week. I heard their hearts beat today, incredibly breath taking! Its wonderful to read all the success stories online from woman experiencing this same pregnancy. It really lessens my worries and keeps my faith very strong. No matter what happens, God is in control and I'm just along for the ride. Thank you, to all you wonderful mothers for taking this journey and taking the time to write your stories for all to see.

Feb 26, 2010
Mono Mono girls
by: E Knight

I gave birth by C-section in Nov 2009 to mono-mono twins. It was a scary ride. I am still worried about my babies born @ 2lbs each and if there will be any future problems due to cord compression and entanglement. I will watch them closely and pray.

Nov 25, 2009
other complications...down the road
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have 20 month old mono-mono girls. They are not walking yet and were just diagnosed with spastic diplegia and dystonia ( Cerebral palsey with high muscle tone due to loss of oxygen through the umbilical cords.) Also my girls were born 5 minutes apart...Baby B was sucked up into my ribcage once they broke the sac. Do you know of any other mono-mono twins with CP due to low oxygen through cords?

Dec 02, 2008
Great God is Good when He gives he Cares!!
by: Anonymous

Praise God!!! it was a great experience..... and to see your babies make it through....!!!

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