Bathing Twins
Making Bath Time Easier With Two

Bathing twins doesn't need to be too complicated a task. Luckily, infants don't tend to get too sullied, at least not enough to warrant a daily bath. So, when twins are at this stage it's relatively simple to bathe them just two or three times a week. Of course, if you want to do a daily bath for your babies, knock yourself out!

Preparation is a must and will make for a smoother operation. A small, portable bath tub is handy, but don't forget the kitchen sink, or a standard tub filled with shallow water. Get towels, washcloths, soap, lotion, fresh clothes, etc. ready and within arm's reach. A low stool to sit on can be a help, as well as a cushion or folded towel to kneel on if you're going the standard tub route.

With newborns, bath time should be quick and to the point. You don't want them getting too chilled. Some infants won't like being undressed, let alone wet. Some will totally enjoy the soothing warm water. Just remember each baby will be different with their reaction to bath time and generally, most LOVE it at some point...who doesn't?

You'll likely want to stick to bathing one twin at a time during the early weeks unless you have an additional person to help (or crazy ninja bathing skills!). Then, as they get a little older (usually when they can sit up on their own), twins can share the same tub and bath time can be extended.

Think about getting a pair of bathing seats that are made for babies in the tub. The whole experience generally becomes more and more enjoyable through the toddler stage when they can really have fun with bath toys and such.

Twins Enjoying Bath Time

Tandem Bath Time Example

Bathing Twins Tips and Advice
from Actual Parents

"I purchased two of those cheap, yellow, sponge bathing cushions and put both in the tub with a few inches of water. They worked perfectly for bathing my twin boys at the same time when they were still infants and could not yet turn over".

"My twins absolutely hated bath time until around four months of age...It just got better after that. Now I can't even get them out of the tub".

"Just because they are twins doesn't mean they'll get twice a dirty, but you will need to give twice the baths!"


  1. Having a helper is a plus when you're bathing twins, as you can pass one clean twin off to be dressed while you finish bathing the other. But, when this is not an option, try putting one twin in a bouncer chair on the bathroom floor while you bath the other, then rinse and repeat!

  2. It can't be stressed enough how helpful two bath seats are for twins, especially if you don't have an extra person to help. They easily accommodate two babies in the same bathtub and allow mom, dad, or other caregiver to have their hands free.
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