Don't Stress 'Till You're Absolutely Sure

by Tara
(Gainesville, FL )

At 9 weeks I was told we were having mono-mono twins. We were distraught but ready to face the challenge. At 14 weeks I told my work that I would have to be hospitalized. We made arrangements to have our shower early and get everything in place since I would be in the hospital so long.

At our 18 week sonogram visit we were anxious to find out the gender. During the sonogram the tech found a membrane between the babies. We were absolutely thrilled! It drastically changed everything. It definitely took a lot of the stress off of us.

So please to all the new mothers out there who are just finding out they have twins and they might be mono-mono there is hope. Sometimes it can be too early to tell that the membrane exist between the babies.

We are having twin boys, Luke and Noah, who will be here in late March early April 2012.

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