Double Bassinet Or Two Single Bassinets?

by Brian
(Nanaimo, Canada)

My wife and are trying to figure out what would be the best thing to do. Either buy the twin bassinet where they are side by side with a devider or by two single bassinets? From what I have read, the twins can keep each other awake at times, but at the same time, my wife wants them to bond and she feels by having them in the double bassinet they would be able to bond. Any help on this subject would be GREAT!

Thank you

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Comments for Double Bassinet Or Two Single Bassinets?

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Sep 11, 2011
need a good twin bassinet
by: Anonymous

who makes a good twin bassinet? it seems they are all for one baby, except the Graco Twin Pack 'n Play, which got horrible reviews.

Jul 13, 2009
same bed
by: Carrie

I kept my twin girls together in a Pak'n Play right next to my bed for the first 4 months. Then I moved them into the same crib together. They rarely kept each other up, in fact, they slept more soundly when they were snuggled up close together. I really liked the fact that they had that closeness as infants. I separated them into their own cribs when they started to roll around in bed. As soon as they started rolling on top of each other and kicking each other in the eye - thats when I knew they needed to be separated. They handled the switch to separate cribs with no anxiety or trouble at all. I think you should definitely see what works best for you, but that's what worked for us.

Jun 29, 2009
re: double bassinet or two single bassinets?
by: cheri

Hi! Congratulations! I contemplated myself when I was deciding which way to go. I decided on a twin bassinet because they have been together in the womb so long, I feel that by the time they would possibly need the separation, they can go into their cribs, but that is also coming from previous experience with my older children.

They all started out in bassinet until they were just a month or 2 old and then they were in the crib. Sometimes folks get overwhelmed by the size of the crib in comparison to the size of the baby, and there are many products out there now, that they did not have back in the eighties when I had my singleton children, that help to make the baby (or the parents, for that matter) more secure in what appears to be the huge space of the crib.

Of course, this is my opinion, and the choice is ultimately yours. I think it is more what you prefer...the babies will do just fine whichever you decide. Hope this helps.

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