Double Morning Sickness and Nausea

by Tia
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

Prior to me finding out I was pregnant with twins, I was awfully sick and miserable. When it was confirmed that I was pregnant my illness was finally understood. Pregnant with TWINS, double the sicknes, and double the misery. LOL.. But Blessed to have them.

However, I am now 16 weeks and everyday is a challenge. I've had more bad days than good. I feel miserable in the early mornings, then late afternoon. I literally have to convince myself to go to work everyday, which I have a very demanding career.

I've researched and read every remedy you can think of to help me with my constant Nausea, Fatigue and Headaches. Nothing helps. Meds from the doctor don't help either.

I am tired of water, as plain as it is, it is the only think I can tolerate.. Any advice on this?

When will all of this sickness subside?? I was hoping by my second trimester it will get better, not a chance so far. HELP anyone LOL!


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Mar 17, 2014
my saving grace
by: Kristi

try peppermint candies, this is the only thing that helped me with the constant nausea! I am also 16wks pregnant and just started feeling human again, but i urge you if you have not yet tried it try peppermint candy! good luck i feel your pain, i begged God for just 1 whole week of feeling "normal" also Emetrol which is an over the counter anti nausea helped me too...My Dr. said it was fine and it helped on those times where i just couldn't take being sick anymore!

Apr 01, 2011
I feel your pain. IT PASSES :)
by: kelly

Honest to god i do. Your not alone and you will get through it! I should of been locked up LOL!

I was sick as a dog from conception. Seriousley from week 1 I was having rotton morning sickness headaches etc and the acid - yuk. That was the end of july. August, my first whole month being pregnant- yup sick also, i could not keep anything down - normally sick at least 4 times a day. September, went to France for 3 week break - sick as you can be, tired - everything you get with pregnancy we did LOL!especially at night - the sickness was rotton. (I took dry crackers to bed and ate them at night to stop the sickness - it worked)
Then i went mad (im a therapist by trade so feel im qualified enough to self diagnose:P). Hated my hubby, was paranoid beyond belief and a complete nightmare - i dont know how we made it through without him having me commited or worse leaving me!
Then in January - i had 3 weeks of feeling normal - i was so happy i cried my eyes out most of the time - when myself and hubby had a tiff in those 3 weeks i was terrified, crying and shaking and asked him 'do you think im going mad again?'.
Mentally ive been normal since Jan (if one can define normal after what we go through with twin pregnancy), physically its been a killer - now at 36 weeks and want the aliens out! Every now and then though i get this really nice feeling - must be a burst of seratonin or something and i feel really peaceful.
My advice to you is - BE VERY GOOD TO YOURSELF. there are massivre hormornal changes you have to deal with that affect everything about you. So you just make sure you love yourself - i wish i had been easier on myself and accepted what was happening instead of thinking i was just bad at being pregnant. GOOD LUCK:)

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