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Feeding twins from birth until 4 to 6 months, will mainly consist of bottle fed formula, breastfeeding , or both. With two babies needing to be fed several times a day, most parents find that a solid schedule is important. Getting twins on the same routine will allow some down time for mom or other caretakers to have a break or get other tasks completed (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.). It's generally pretty easy to establish a good feeding routine if you start very early on. But do not get discouraged if it just doesn't work out. Your twins may not always be hungry at the same time or eat as much as the other at every feeding. A more flexible feeding schedule may have to be implemented. Go with your instincts, but don't be afraid to be firm either.

Many parents recommend using a feeding log during the early weeks to keep things straight. With a log book you can track more than just meal times...think diaper changes, nap times, etc. In addition, a Twin Nursing Pillow will be a great help even for bottle feeding twins together, so be sure to check some out, as well as some of the "hands free" bottle holders available.

feeding twins solids

At around 4 to 6 months your twins may be ready to start solid foods . The first to be introduced is commonly a single grain, rice cereal followed by other cereals like oatmeal or barley. After that, it's on to vegetables, fruits, and finally meats. Many cereals are fortified with iron and other nutrients, so be sure to read labels. You will have to decide between organic vs regular baby foods as well.
You may even want to look into making your own baby food. This is actually simpler than you think and very cost effective when you're constantly buying for two. There are quite a few Baby Food Recipe Books available.

Don't forget to talk to the pediatrician about foods to avoid. If your twins were preemie , they may take a bit longer before transitioning to solid foods. Also, keep in mind that one twin may be really eager to try solid foods while the other may refuse. If both are rearing to go, then get ready to feed two at a time! Having two bowls of food ready along with two spoons for feedings is an organized approach. But, doing two completely separate feedings provides an opportunity for some real one-on-one time. You'll soon find what works best for you and your babies. Don't forget to check out our Twin Highchair Guide.

Feeding Twins Tips & Quotes
from Actual Parents

"You know they're always swapping germs anyway, so I always fed my twin girls out of the same bowl with the same spoon!

"I can't believe one of my twin boys is actually eating finger foods, while the other will gag if you give him anything solid!

If you plan on bottle feeding your twins, consider buying at least 10 - 12 bottles and nipples, as well as a gallon sized jug or pitcher to pre-mix formula in. You can easily pre-mix a large batch of formula daily to store in the fridge. Having plenty of clean bottles and formula on hand makes life much easier and will usually get you through a full day of feeding twins. Just think of all the time you will save!

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