First Time Mommy - 5.5 Months With Mono Mono Twin Boys

by Kaitlyn

After 6 miscarriages and 2 doctors telling me that I would probably never be able to carry or have children I was all but defeated.

I was going through a rough patch in life and suddenly something felt different. I took a test and it showed up positive. After a visit to the Dr. I was told I was most certainly pregnant and I began to worry.

I was thrown more the shock of a lifetime when they discovered at 6 weeks that I had not one but TWO babies! I found myself thinking how is this even possible?! But sure enough, I had two on my ultrasounds :).

Soon after, it was discovered that I had Mo Mo twins, and I absolutely panicked. Given my history The doctors and myself were quite concerned but here I am 5.5 months in with not a single complication.

I have two very active boys Lukas Jaxon, and ELijah Kayne, due in November of this year.

Doctorss have told me that at 26 weeks they will be having me come in 3 times a week for monitoring and possible hospitalization if it becomes necessary, but so far so good!

I can honestly say these are my two miracle babies and I cannot wait to meet them! They have already told me that I will be having a C-section done.

This is my first time as a mom and I am overwhelmed and emotional, but this is the chance of a lifetime. I get to finally be a mom to not one but to TWO precious little boys.

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