From Family of 5 to Family of 7

I always thought I would have three girls. My firstborn was a girl. When my second child was born, Parker, I was happy to have a boy. Then came along our third...Another girl!

I found out that we were pregnant again...Baby number 4! I was so sick, so tired, and felt so bad for my family that I was being such a poop about everything. It was a waste to take me out to dinner since most of it went down the drain as soon as I got home. I would read the weekly preggo report emailed to me and go home on Monday after work to talk to my youngest about what size fruit or veggie the baby was that week.

So, our ultrasound was scheduled and we were eager to have them find out the sex and write it in an envelope so that 4 days later we could enjoy the surprise by having a "reveal the gender" party at my friends house!

As I looked at the ultrasound screen all I can remember is ribs...tons of ribs everywhere! Then my husband says, "Ribs yeah, but I see two heads!" The tech said, "Yes, you are having twins." She was cool, calm and collected - Like it was normal and suppose to happen. I said Lonnie Lindstrom (my husband's name)! then just lost it. Cried so hard the tech asked me if I needed a moment. I said no just do your job.

Man I was stunned. Everyone working there just smiled ear to ear. Me contemplating that 4 kids would have been a lot (and I was happy with) but twins would make 5 kids! I never ever thought it would happen.

So we go home get the kids with our envelope of the now twins sex to give to my friend. We told the kids, and my oldest daughter, 12, started crying. I started crying and told her it wasn't my fault. My son asked if he could go play now and my youngest daughter age 6 was so happy to hear she would have two more babies instead of just one (well at least she was happy).

So, we move on to Sunday, the reveal party. Lonnie announced not only will we be finding out the sex of one, but that we were having identical twins and the sex will be for two. My mom looked like she had seen a ghost and my Mother-in-law cried tears of joy of the news that she would be blessed with more grand babies than she thought.

So it was time to find out...We are having twin girls! My Mom and I so relieved and happy because my 9 year old son is enough boy for me! He was not so happy having one older sister and then adding to our brood will have 3 younger sisters instead of brothers that he could teach to fish, use a knife and climb trees. I just told him that he will now and forever always be my most favorite son!

I have now wrapped my head around it 2 weeks later after finding out. But wow, what a ride and wow, no wonder I feel like crap! Twice the everything - throwing up, being tired, swollen feet and groin, and I am just 21 weeks so far. Needless to say, as negative as I may sound, my kids and husband have really been there for me! I love them even more than I thought was possible because they help and love me unconditionally too. Even though I always thought we would have three girls, we are just going to end up with a bonus!

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