Hold on to Hope

by Anna
(Virginia Beach, VA)

My name is Anna. I was told at 8 weeks that we were expecting mono mono twins. The doctor's face and lack of excitement said it all.

I went home and researched Momo twins on the internet and felt helpless and distraught. I laid on the couch for 2 days straight crying and sleeping on and off. Knowing that our babies had a 50% chance to live was heart wrenching.

My husband and I decided these stories of loss that we were reading were not our own and we agreed to make a our own new story. Whatever happened would be ours and we could not let fear of the unknown get in the way of us potentially having two beautiful healthy babies.

Through prayer, positivity and support from family and friends we welcomed our twin boys at 33.5 weeks.

I would get up each morning and tell myself that these babies were going to live, without a doubt.

Aside from good medical attention and monitoring there is truly nothing you can do but be positive and nurture these babies in the womb with love. Take care of yourself and get rid of negative thoughts.

At my first high risk specialist appointment the doctors somberly explained all of the facts and statistics about Momo twins and then gave me a choice to abort the pregnancy. It is absolutely mind boggling to me that anyone would want to abort a Momo pregnancy simply because of a statistic and a scary number. These babies are miracles and you are meant to carry them. Please cling tight to the fact that they are your babies no matter if they are born or if they become angels in the womb. They are yours and you were chosen to be their mother for a reason.

My boys are 4 years old now. They are so precious and have a bond that is like no other. Their umbilical cords were tied in a knot on the day they were born. And I will always remind them what miracles they are. All of my love to you all.

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Apr 23, 2018
Re: Mono twins diagnosed today NEW
by: Jill

Thank you for that. Reading that makes me feel better about our chances. I’m trying to stay positive. I lost my Dad almost 2 years ago. The night we last saw him he had asked if I was pregnant because he’d had a dream I was pregnant with twins. My due date is his birthday for the twins. I’m trying to hold to my faith in God and that I have my parents as guardian angels
to help myself and the babies through this to all come out healthy. Thank you for helping calm me down a bit as I wait for the next ultrasound. They didn’t give us one of the two of them together they gave us pics of each of the babies. I feel like there was separation when she kept moving the wand around so I’m hopeful the babies were just wanting to cuddle together.

Apr 23, 2018
Possible Conjoined twins NEW
by: Anna

I left this out of my original post but the same thing happened to us in the beginning. We were told the same thing at our initial appt. they said the babies looked very close together and they needed to rule out that they were conjoined. That made us nervous at first or course. We too had to wait a week to find out that they were in fact not conjoined at all. During the waiting period I kept looking at our first ultrasound and telling my husband that I didn’t think they were conjoined at all because their shoulders looked so uneven on the picture. I remember googling pictures of ultrasounds of conjoined twins so that I could compare them to ours. Remember, these doctors have to give you the worst case scenario all of the time. Just trust that God will take care of it and that these babies will be okay

Apr 23, 2018
Found out today MoMo pregnancy NEW
by: Anonymous

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 4+ years. We only had one embryo from our ivf round that we found out a few weeks ago took. Today was our first ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks and we found out we are having Mono twins. The fertility specialist referred me to a high risk ob and perinatal team because they were concerned the babies are so close together that they may be conjoined. I was left having to wait another week to week and a half to maybe get answers on whether or not the babies are conjoined or just extremely close together right now in the amniotic sac. They told me not to google but they also had said they’d never seen this in all their years in the field. I am doing my best to stay positive that these are my two little miracle babies and they will make it through but I feel so isolated right now.

Mar 21, 2018
With prayer all things are possible
by: GiGi

I was pregnant with mono twins back in 2011. I remember the excitement and wonder of twins inside me and the sadness and the hopelessness that filled me when I went home and googled what that term meant. I was scared with every ultrasound I took. But I had a powerful prayer group and I decided to focus on what my God can do. I stopped looking at statistics and I started praying and keeping positive thoughts in my mind. I left it to God. There really isn’t anything that can be done while you are pregnant with them except monitor them. I was placed on bedrest at 28 weeks and the girls were taken at 32 weeks. The cords looked as if they were braids, but they came out screaming! They had little to no problems. Yes, they were in the NICU, but they survived. Strong and healthy. They are now very active 7 year olds. Mono twins can survive. Trust God and get ready to hold your babies when they are born. Best of luck!

Jan 23, 2018
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you! We were told at 7wk that we were pregnant with mono-mono twins. My OB immediately was stand-offish and referee me to a high-risk OB. It was an odd appointment since this is my 3 pregnancy with her and she has never acted this way. Plus, when I found out it was twins...I was excited. I have fraternal brother and sister and my father/in-law is a father all twins.

Then I went home and googled mono mono...big mistake! We are now 11 weeks and in a wk we have another ultrasound and first appt with the high-risk OB. I'm scared to death.

I feel so guilty because this is not a pregnancy my husband wanted...but gave in for me. Now I feel selfish and that I'm being punished! Why couldn't I just have been happy with the 2 health boys we have?! Now, I'm setting myself up for pain!

Nov 07, 2017
Thank you
by: Anonymous

You have given me some wonderful encouragement. I'm so scared. I'm 8 weeks with mono mono. I'm 38 and I don't want to lose these babies. My other pregnancies I have always delivered early. Thank you for your post.

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