I am 13 Weeks with Twins!

by Amber Hopkins

13 weeks with twins

13 weeks with twins

I am on my third pregnancy and we found out it was twins. This was a belly picture from today which makes me thirteen weeks one day. I am sure one day I am just going to pop out there and am waiting for that.

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Feb 04, 2009
by: amanda

i woldnt worry,I think it depends on how much your uterus has tipped and where abouts babies are laid,as to how soon you show...so try not to worry..i bet your belly is growing beautifuuly :)

Feb 01, 2009
by: amanda

I must admt I am quite envious of your beautiful belly :)
you will have a beautiful neat bump..best of luck xxx

Jan 24, 2009
you have to be joking
by: jennifer

iam only thirteen weeks with twins, identical at that, and i look like iam 4MONTHS! You look great.

Jan 19, 2009
Okay, I'm not the only one...
by: Heather

This makes me feel better... I'm 13 1/2 weeks, and I have only a tiny bump. I thought that I should be bigger!

Jan 14, 2009
Are you kidding me!
by: Jenn

I am 13 weeks with my fourth pregnancy and I am WAY bigger than that. Granted, my last pregnancy ended only 9 months ago but still!!! LOL
You look great!

Jan 07, 2009
I am 8 weeks....
by: Amy From bama

I am 8 weeks and not showing at all. I am getting married Feb 14. I have been extremly sick so I have lost 5 lbs but I am sure in a few weeks I will begin to show...

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