Just Diagnosed With Mono Mono Twins

by Josie G
(New York City)

I am 8 weeks pregnant and I was just diagnosed with mono mono twins. The doctors do not see a membrane separating the two. I have been referred to a specialist who said they will perform another ultrasound in 10 days to see if a membrane is visible then. I do not feel I am safe yet. I feel high risk and a need to wait this out and pray. I will read the blogs so that I can educate myself with other's stories. I'm glad there is a place to obtain information and support.

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Nov 25, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi..my name is Danielle and I deleivered mono-mono twin girls at columbia presbyterian on April 1, 2008. You have to use their maternal fetal medicine team. I used Dr. Jack Maidman. However, you meet them all while living in the hospital. The whole team are geniuses and have a higher positive outcome rate than anyone else. We are lucky to live so close to NY Presbyterian. I was put into hospital at 25 weeks and lasted until 33 weeks 5 days. Usually they deliver you at 32 weeks unless the babies are in severe distress. Try to keep positive and get the best DOCTORS! Their NICU is the best on the east coast as well. You can email me with any questions...DSciandra8@aol.com...MOMO twins are truly miracles!

Nov 05, 2009
mono-mono babies
by: Anonymous

Ijust had mono-mono twin granddaughters born at 23 weeks.The cords were tangled, but they are doing very well. They are now 7 weeks old. Make sure you go to a Children's Hospital with a good NICU and neo-natologists.

Nov 04, 2009
mono mono twins
by: Anonymous

hi im 8 weeks pregnant and been diagnosed with mono mono twins at the early pregnancy assesment unit but the only thing i was told at the hospital was that "this is the most complex type of pregnancy and id have consultant led care" so i didnt think much of it i was just happy i was having identical twins, that was until i came home and searched the net regarding mono mono twins and now im pretty much freaked out i didnt realise how high risk it is and im scared now! got a long way to go yet and im just praying it all works out ok...suppose ill find out more at my next hospital visit but i just csnt help worrying....

Jun 29, 2009
Good luck
by: Anonymous

God bless you. Everything will be fine with you and your twins.

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