Martinez Momo Twins

by Ashley Martinez
(Houston, TX)

I recently went to the doctor because I took a pregnancy test that came out positive. I went for my first visit and did the routine check up and did an ultrasound that day. As she began the ultrasound she said there was baby A and baby B. I was surprised! I was 8 weeks and 3 days. After the ultrsound she had the dr. come in to talk to me. She began to explain to me about mono twins and said I needed to see a specialist because at this moment there was no membrane in between the two and it might just not be visible at this time. So, now my husband and I are waiting to go see the specialist on thursday 5-28-09 to find out what they say. Now that I looked it up I am a little worried but I know whatever is to happen is God's plan for me. But, I just cant help to be scared. I am also excited but scared too at the same time!!

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Dec 27, 2009
latest update on MoMo twins
by: Kate

Just thought I would share the latest update on my 17 year old daughters Momo twins..
They are beautiful girls and she is now 29 weeks pregnant. There has been no complications and Becka has kept extremely well... C-section is planned for end of January... She had a 3d scan and it was totally awesome to see them in detail and even smiling, swallowing, opening their eyes and looking like they were winking!!
Technology is amazing and given us peace of mind..

When we first found out they were Momo twins we were very upset and concerned... But I believe God is keeping them safe and can't wait to be a *granny* for the first...

Becka said that God has double blessed her!!
I hope this encourages all expecting mums of momo twins.

God bless,

Kate x

Dec 26, 2009
WhatHappen Martinez Momo Twins
by: Anonymous

How did things end up?

Oct 24, 2009
Hi from Scotland
by: Anonymous

Hi there, How is your pregnancy going? my daughter is 17 and expecting MoMo twins in March..C-section planned for January though.

Kate x

Jul 12, 2009
mono mono
by: josie g

no membrane seen but that last sonogram was awesome, i was overjoyed to see them moving and kicking. i go back in 2 weeks.

Jul 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

Did you find the membrane? I just found out the same news and I am going nuts until I get in to see the specialist. I just want to know that someone did get to see something.

Jun 27, 2009
the lord's plan
by: josie g

thanks for sharing. i wish there was an update so that i can know how it turned out after that last appt. i hope all went well. i am 9 weeks, recently diagnosed with mono mono.i see the specialist again july 9, 2009. hopefully there will be a membrane. i have been praying to divine child and st rita de caccia. like you, i feel the lord has a plan for me too. i have to hang in there and trust faith. i am 38 years old and this is like my first pregnancy (ectopic at age 22)i am so hopeful and desire these babies so much.

May 26, 2009
be encouraged!
by: cheri

I have a colleague whose wife had mo/mo twins. Although it is a very high risk twin pregnancy, both of the girls came out just fine. They were very early, like at 30 wks, but you would not know it now looking at them at one year.

The perinatologist (suggest Tx Childrens) will see you and monitor your progress very often if the diagnoses is confirmed at your next appointment.

Sometimes, however, a membrane does "appear" in later ultrasounds. This would be a good thing, but trust in the Lord and be encouraged, as He has trained up the best folks to take care of you and your new little ones during this pregnancy.

I wish you well, and good luck to you. Let us know....

I have fraternal b/g twins coming in a couple of months and will be delivering in the Woodlands, so I am hoping my prayers reach you!!!

May 26, 2009
by: Amanda

I cant help but feel so very happy for you(((hugs))congrats xxx

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