Me And My Twin Brother's Connection

by Hannah
(North Carolina)

Well, I have a twin brother (Josiah) and I'm a girl. What's weird to me is that there is only one set of twins that run in my family and that is my cousin's sons. Anyway, what's really weird is that we both have tricuspide (tri-kus-pide) atresia (a-tree-she-a)(I don't think that is the correct spelling, sorry) My mom says that it's a miracle that we are alive too.

Now, one day when we were little (about 11) we were playing at the park with my friend and her two brothers, Jack and Joseph. We played tag when I was getting out of breath (that is what happens when you have tricuspide atresia). I kept running and running to play when suddenly I sensed that Josiah was getting out of breath too. I saw that he was! I ran over to him, but because I was it he ran away from me. Finally I yelled, "ARE YOU TIRED!?" "YEAH, HOW DID YOU KNOW!?" He yelled back. "I SENSED IT!!" I shouted. Josiah stopped running and said, "I sensed that you were tired too, are you?" "yes" I said. Later I researched that some twins can have connections. I was amazed that I was one of those blessed twins.

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