MoMo Twins Died Due To Doctor

by Marie

When I was 20 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with MONO MONO twin girls. I was told they had a 50% survival rate and I needed to go to a specialist. That there was nothing I could do until the 26th week. The specialist finally made me appointment at 26 weeks. With me calling everyday trying to get an appointment. At week 25 I had an ultrasound that showed both babies had died. It was exactley 3 days before my appoinment with the specialist. Please if you are diagnosed with MOMO twins get to a specialist ASAP I don't want anyone to lose 2 precious babies like I did due to not seeing a specialist until they were available. I know things happen for a reason but I think I will always live with what would of happen if the specialist would of seen me sooner.

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May 08, 2019
Mono di twins / at birth they was mono twins
by: Anonymous

At my 8 week appointment I seen twins they was separate sac same placenta. At 14 weeks there was no longer a separate sac there the twins was in the same sac but was told not to worry at this time that the sac could be super thin that's why wasnt showing but I took pictures the girls was running on top of each other kicking each other in the head. Well at 16 weeks two weeks later was told baby b passed they didn't know they never expected. So then I asked my doctor did ultra sound see something at 14 weeks no every thing was fine. So I was offered an abortion up to 23 weeks with baby a witch I declined I was told by ultrasound sound she had 25/50% chance of maken it. But 2 days later went to my obgyn and was told she had 90% chance of maken it. Was seen back the following Friday witch was April 12-2019 told my doctor I was cramping asked if I could have ultrasound done was told no because they picked her heart beat up and it was strong and that was enough because I had already had an ultrasound set up for the 18 the pain I was feeling was normal and that it was ligament pain witch meant she was growing. So I go 6 days later on April 18-2019 to find out that baby A had passed too. So I had to go have both girls that Friday April 19- 2019. So May 7- 2019 the Methodist Hospital care coach Kim called and I asked her if they determined the cause of death was told i delivered mono-mono twins and that there umbilical cords was nodded and Tangled was cause of death so I start questioning her like how did I go from mono-di twins to mono-mono and she stopped talking to me and no doctors will give me any information. Is there anyone who has had similar situations or can help me understand this better. Because if that's the cause of death and they weren't getting blood or food dont you think ultrasound would have seen this ? Or still where the other sac go. Or how could you not see they was dien slowly and suffering how did u not see them in distress?

Jul 30, 2017
One lost, One barely hanging on
by: Angie Smith

I was diagnosed with momo twins very early in my pregnancy. I was getting ultrasounds about once a week by a specialist. We had a clear plan in place. The plan was to admit me to the hospital at 28 weeks. While at the hospital I would be closely monitored. Then at 32 weeks I would deliver my twin girls. We discovered at my 20 week appointment that baby A has a serious heart condition and would need surgery once she's big enough. On July 14 I had a routine 24 week appointment. During the ultrasound Baby A's heart rate was dropping so they rushed me to the hospital for constant monitoring. The baby's heart rate wouldn't come up so they doctors performed an emergency C-section. Both babies were born alive but their cords were extremely tangled. The neonatologists with over 20 years experience had never seen cords this tangled. Within 48 hours Baby B, my healthy baby had internal bleeding and she passed away. Needless to say my heart was broken. It has now been over 2 weeks since these babies were born and my sweet baby girl is still hanging on, however she is very sick due to her heart condition. The doctors aren't giving her much longer to live. My heart is shattered. I pray I will get a miracle and she'll get to live a long and happy life but the reality is that I don't think I have that much more time with her. I guess the reason I'm writing is because it's somewhat therapeutic and to also let everyone know that even with an early diagnosis and very close monitoring there can still be a bad outcome. Unfortunately right now there is really nothing that can be done when these cords get tangled. I hope that one day there will be some type of treatment for cord entanglement/compression. Good luck to anyone pregnant with mono mono twins. I have heard of many success stories.

Jun 23, 2017
Mono mono twins misdiagnosed
by: Vicki

I was pregnant with twins. Doctor sent me to perinatologist who monitored me whole pregnancy. They thought that I have mono/ di twins. Apparently I had mono/ mono twins and was misdiagnosed. My ob gyn realised it during c- section when he saw tingled umbilical cords. Thank God girls were born healthy!! But i delivered them at 37 weeks, since was treated as usial twin pregnancy.

May 12, 2016
Mono Mono Twin Boy's
by: Gina

I was Diagnose with mono mono twin's at 12week's.I didn't realize how serious it was till the doctor came in and explain that they have a 50% survival rate. They ordered routine genetic testing by blood,because they couldn't complete it by ultrasound, that when I found out they were boy's and also healthy. They gave me ultrasounds every two week's and a 2hour one at 18week's,that reveled they were developing well but hunter had a knot in his cord but it didn't restrict blood flow at the time. I came back at 21week's for another ultrasound and my boy's didn't have a heartbeat. Eric got tangled with hunter and they got there cords compressed, hunter died first about a week previous then eric day's before. I miss my angel's so much. I read on the internet that there survival rate increased to 80% with monitoring but I didn't realize that's after 24week's.

Sep 02, 2015
So heartbreaking
by: Marie

This is so weird writing this. I don't know if you will even get this notification or whatever. My name is Marie too, this exact thing happened to me too. I lost my momo girls and I totally live in guilt of what would have happened if I would have followed my gut that they were momo.
My first sono the tech told me she didn't see a membrane seperating them. Then the doctor didn't apparently think much of it. I asked a million times about the initial comment by the tech.. each time the doctor told me there was a faint line which indicated a membrane... what I would do to go back in time and demand a specialist.

Anyways I would love to talk, I kind of feel a connection sharing our name.. our experiences my email is if you get this I would love to chat. Or anyone else working through this grief.

Jun 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi there.

I was misdiagnosed with my twin pregnancy. I was told my girls were mono/di and that there was a membrane.

Fast forward to the week of Thanksgiving 2010. Monday afternoon an u/s showed my healthy baby girls. Wednesday morning my u/s showed we had lost one. Thursday morning i delivered lucie who had passed and ellie who was rushed off to the NICU.

Come to find out I was pregnant with mono/mono the entire time. My doctors called me in at a later time and flat out said "we misdiagnosed you, I'm so sorry".

The emotions I feel are incredible. I'm happy Ellie is doing well, sad I lost my little Lucie, so so mad and angry my doctors and even a "SPECIALIST" didn't get it right. I cry every day over this.

Mar 31, 2011
my little angels went to
by: ella blake

hi i was 14 weeks when i found out i was having momo twins we were only told there could be a problem with the cord, and i would have to be monitored ever two weeks, they was never able to sex them went for a 4 d scan, told the sex straight away and also one had a bleed on there head, next day my hospital told me and sent me to a specialist unit in which my babies had already died, i knew in the morning that one had gone, when i was at my hospital they spoke about strong heart beats, and there where not going anywhere which gives you hope, then they would lazer the plantca off letting the poorly baby go, which would of been impossible i gave birth to them 5 days ago,the umbilca cord was like a tangled football, my babies came out holding each other, they weighed the same, my angels have gone and i feel empty inside, i have two boys , my angels where girls, please dont go through the pain i have make sure you get all the help you can god bless and look after my girls,ella

Mar 07, 2010
Hey im so sorry
by: Anonymous

I pregnant but not with twins. I writting a report on twins, because they amaze me!! And I'm going to add you in the report!! I hope everything is ok with you and your family!! Much love and kisses!! take care :)

Dec 13, 2009
I'm so sorry
by: Tara

Hi Marie,

I'm so sorry to hear that. I was pregnant with mono/mono twins last year and the doctors here in Pittsburgh gave them a 40% chance of survival.

The prognosis was extraordinarily bleak so my husband and I chose to terminate the pregnancy. It agonizes me everyday...

Mono/mono twin pregnancies are certainly traumatic and tumultuous - I would also recommend that those who find themselves in this situation see a perintologist immediately and seek emotional support when necessary.

Stay well,

Dec 10, 2009
so sorry
by: Anonymous

so very sorry (((((((((hugs)))))))))))

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