Mono Mono Twin Girls Born At 32 Weeks With Tangled Umbilical Cords

by Vickie
(Boston, MA)

Entangled ambilical cords from our Mono/Mono Twins born alive & well at 32 wks

Entangled ambilical cords from our Mono/Mono Twins born alive & well at 32 wks

Our son was six months old and we discovered we were unexpectedly pregnant. We had wanted to try to get pregnant two months from then yet it was still quite the shock.

I went for my 9 week check up (by myself)and my doctor could not hear the heartbeat. She sent me for an ultrasound immediately. The technician was able to find not, one but TWO heartbeats!!

Its forever etched in my mind sitting on the ultrasound table being able to only speak the word "twins!?" I had wished I hadn't gone to my appointment alone!

I returned to my doctors office with the great news and she read the results. She said I was having mono / mono twins and that is considered a high risk pregnancy. The dangers involved were explained to me briefly (cord entanglement in their own cords or each others, knots in the cords obstructing flow to the babies).

Of course I went directly to the internet to read up about mono / mono twins. I read that they were more likely to have Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (when one baby takes most the nutrients). We found out from our appointment with our new high risk pregnancy ob that this is NOT true.

We were told Mono / mono twins are actually LESS likely to have Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome "because they share so much".

I was monitored closely and we continually updated their progress and discussed their chances of surviving outside the womb compared to their risk of cord entanglement, etc. inside the womb.

We had weekly non stress tests and bi-weekly ultrasounds. The non stress tests became more frequent around my 29-30th week mark. I'd also go in unexpectedly because I couldn't feel the babies move. I would sometimes pass and sometimes "fail" the tests.

After a few days in and out with mixed test results I was admitted to the antinatal unit of Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston at 29 or 30 weeks. They did non stress tests on me every hour or every other hour and ultrasounds daily.

We were able to get a steroid shot for the lungs in before the delivery which helps their lungs develop before birth.

Our beautiful mono mono (therefore identical) twins were delivered the day before 32 weeks of gestational age. Baby A was 17" long, 4lbs 1oz and Baby B 16" long at 4lbs 0oz.

We are TRULY blessed! Our girls were in the NICU from Feb 25th until March 29th & 31st..they came home two days apart.

To be honest, this was a very difficult time for us ..especially for me. Recovering from a C-section, I was unable to be home alone with my almost 1 year old son because I could not lift him. I was unable to drive for the first few weeks, therefore unable to visit the girls on my own. I needed someone to be with my son & me, someone to drive me to the hospital, some one to watch my son when I was at the hospital. Thankfully I did not realize how depressed I was at the time..too busy I suppose.

I had also torn or separated my abdominal muscles probably due to the size of my stomach and lifting another child while pregnant. This went undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for about two months. The pain was excrutiating and put me in the emergency room and eventually physical therapy.

But most importantly the girls were born in great health. Breathing on their own, holding their own body tempurature almost immediately, but on feeding tubes for feeding. That was difficult to see especially as the tape wore on the skin of their little faces. But we had faith in the nurses and doctors that they knew what was best and took good care of them. We asked questions about the machines they were hooked up to and the processes along the way.

When the girls were delivered (C-section like all mono/mono twins) the doctor showed us the umbilical cords and how entangled they were. She told us "this is why we're here today". I've attached a photo of the knot in the two umbilical cords to show the stress they can put on the flow of the blood to the babies. I'll also attach a picture or two of MY BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY ALMOST 4 YEAR OLD MONO/MONO TWIN GIRLS.

There were a lot of prayers said for these girls especially to St. Gerard the Saint of expectant mothers.

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Mar 15, 2021
mono mono boys born at 32 weeks also. Perfect.
by: Lisa Walker

This is so weird. I have mono mono twin boys also born at 32 weeks. They survived their lives even tho my 2nd twins cord was wrapped around the first twins neck. All I could hear was choking and it pulled my 2nd twins umbilical cord off while in utero. There was 2 minutes between their births and are a miracle and perfect young men now. Congrats.

Jul 07, 2015
I am as aa nervous as I could be
by: Anonymous

Pregnant with Mono Mono twin for 13 weeks, everyday is like a year. Beside morning sickness is the constant worry. I had my last checkup and I was told one of the baby has much thicker NT (3.3mm) than the other (.7mm). I checked the literature which said for monk twins that suggest a likelyhood of developing ttts-like symptomater. I feel my world is so dark and hope gets even slimmer! The only thing I can do is praying!

Jan 21, 2015
Mono mono twins
by: Anonymous

I had identical twins in the same sack and they also were tangled with the cord around one of their necks. Neither one was connected to my placenta, their umbilical cords were connected to the sack then the veins ran up the sack wall to the placenta. The doctor told me it was one in a million as they had never seen that happen with twins before. They both lived and are thriving.

Sep 05, 2013
mono/mono twins not attached to my placenta
by: Lisa

II was having twins at 27 weeks and was immediately confined to bed as I was totally
effaced and dialated to 1. The nurse did not
mention that I only had placenta and sac So
the doctor did no further monitoring except
to tell me stay in bed. The twins were laying
traverse across my stomach and was told they
would not be able to turn head down so I planned
on a C section and never had any pregnancy classes
as I had to be in bed. About 31 weeks I got up
from bed and my stomach was sideways and it felt
like a war going on. They had turned head down
somehow. 5 days later my water broke and I was
taken to the where they could only find one heart
beat. After an hour they called in a helicopter to take me to the university Utah where the best neonatal unit was. They found a second heartbeat and I was told no C section but instead it would
be vaginally. I could hear the first baby choking
as the 2nd twins cord was wrapped around his neck.
He survived but suddenly the doctor is became frantic as blood was spurting out of me. He yelled get ready for a c section and screaming
push push. I heard a voice in my head that said
Bear down on your left. I twisted my body and
only on my left. I saw an umbilical cord fly up
in the air and it was torn. He was lifeless, that is when my life was in danger as it turned out that neither twin was attached to my placenta
but attached to the side of the sac and hung from a vein that was attached to the placenta. I was
still pumping into an empty hole and hemmoraging
to death. The doctor said this is gonna hurt.
He reached inside me and tore my placenta out.
It was somewhere between 2 to 4 minutes it took to deliver the 2nd twin as the nurses weren't sure. We all survived and the high risk dr. said
no one had seen this happened before, one in a
million he said. They were meant to be and are
perfect boys now.

Sep 19, 2012
knot in cords
by: Ash

Sep 19, 2012
Alyssa and Alexis
by: Ash

My mono mono twine was my last pregnancy and I couldn't enjoy it bc of not knowing if them making it and what makes it harder is everyone who congratulates us doesn't know. My story is on this website and I'm still proud of and the only that I've seen deliver my twins vaginally at 34 weeks and 5 1/2 lbs

Sep 19, 2012
21 week
by: Fraternal twin caring mono twins

Hi all,

I am a Fraternal twin caring mono mono twins. I just found out that they are mono mono and it’s a scary thing with all the risk involved I am hoping and praying to God that they will make it at least until 32nd week. All I can do is pray because there is really nothing any of us can do except to have faith, stress and worry will not benefit your nor the little once. Keep in good spirits and positive thought and prayers for all the little mono fighters <3 !!!

Aug 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

I found out at 13 weeks pregnant I was having mono-mono twins. I was very shocked and excited all at the same time, and on the other hand I think my Fiance almost passed out. The doctors always tell you the worse but we are wishing, praying and hoping for the best. I am almost 20 weeks pregnant, going to be admitted in the hospital in 6 weeks and Im just praying they stay in there until 32 weeks(healthy). After reading all of your success stories, it gives alot of hope. I can now stop worrying all the time and start thinking more positive thoughts.

May 28, 2012
good luck
by: TStead

There is no way to untangle the cords, in fact, they will just keep getting more tangled as the pregnancy goes on. But there is something you can do...

I found out at 19 weeks that I was carrying twins. Then the bad news started coming in... They were mono mono baby girls but one was showing very severe birth defects that were not compatible with survival. She ended up passing away one week later. The doctors then went in and cut the cord of the deceased baby to make sure the surviving twin didn't have the risk of tangling her cord. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and baby and I are doing great!

Check out the perinatologists at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland Washington.(They have a website) They specialize in these kinds of pregnancies and people fly from all over the country to get procedures done from them... Hope this helps...

May 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am 12 wks pregnant with triplets. One is in its own sac n health n the other two are in the same sack n it has been confirmed that they r mono-mono. They just showed us in the ultrasound that the cords r completely tangled up n baby b has suffered a severe trama to the head which could b a birth defect but more likely from the entanglement. They r recommending we get rid of the mono-mono twin n try to save the single baby c. Is there any hope of them becoming untangled??

Apr 20, 2012
15 months mono mono twins
by: Abby

Hi to all Mom!

I'm happy to see that moms are keep posting their mono pregnancy experiences on this web. It is really helpful for all moms who are worrying about their pregnancy. I was 22 weeks pregnant of mono-mono girls when I red all the positive stories and from then I started to be positive as well. I delivered my two beautiful girls on week 31st, Sophia and Eliza. They are healthy wonderful babies but they stayed 1 1/2 month in hospital because they weight less than 2 kilo. My twins are 15th month old now and doing very great. Active, happy and healthy babies.

This the best decision that I and my husband ever made. Despite of all risks that we've been told, we decided to fight and continue through the journey of pregnancy.
For all mono-mono Moms who are pregnant at this moment . Pls.enjoy the pregnancy and think positive all the time, thats good for your little ones. I know it is difficult at this state but try to relax and let it go all the worries. There is nothing you can do but to keep faith in God. God bless to you all !

Mar 12, 2012
Our girls arrived
by: Karen

My daughter had her girls 8 weeks early on 2/27/12. Miss Lyla Marie and Miss Bailey Rea. They are doing wonderful. 3/14 and 4/2 at birth. The cords were tangled, one had a true knot and was wrapped around baby Bailey's neck three times. They are starting to nurse like champs and are back to birth weight. The long hospital stay and steriods were really worth it. We are hoping to have them home by the end of March, then the real fun will begin. Ilove reading all the success stories

Mar 12, 2012
My mono mono twins were 34 weeks
by: Anonymous

i just wanted to say that i delivered my momo twins naturally

Feb 22, 2012
Our story so far
by: Karen

Thanks for the wonderful encouraging stories. My daughter was admitted on 2/6/12 at 29 weeks with her Mono Mono girls. she has a 22 month old daughter who is currently living with me. It has been a scary journey, but we are so close to having two beautiful girls. she will be 32 weeks on 2/25 and they are planning delivery any day. It is encouraging to read how well all of your outcomes have been delivering early. she is getting her second booster of steriods today and tomorrow. The doctors have been amazing and have shown us on the ultrasounds just how knotted the cords are. We have also been blessed with so many prayers and support. I will just be glad when this part is over and we know they are safely delivered.

Jan 12, 2012
Momo twins just born at 31 weeks
by: Anonymous

My niece just delivered twin girls 9 weeks early on Jan. 6 2012. She was put in the hospital because heart rates kept dropping and her amniotic fluid was low. She woke up to nurses rushing in to prep her for emergency c-section cause they lost 1 heartbeat. Baby A was born weighing just over 2lbs and baby b just 3lbs. They r doing wonderful, breathing on their own just progressing everyday! Their cords were so tangled the dr told us they were very luckily! They r little fighters and truly God's miracles! Best wishes to everyone going through this and I hope this is encouraging to hear!

Jan 08, 2012
28 Weeks with mono mono girls
by: Anonymous

It is a comfort to know so many others are willing to share in support of this delicate situation. My husband and I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks which revealed we were having twins. By 10 weeks our doctors began to talk to us about mono mono twins because they saw no splitting membrane. So we have known for most of the pregnancy what we are dealing with. Our Dr gave us so much information. Knowing so early is a double edged sword. We had lots of time to prepare but also time to wait for viability 24 weeks. I chose to be admitted for fetal monitoring at 24 weeks because we wanted to give the babies the best options. I will be 28 weeks tomorrow and honestly the last 4 weeks have flown by for us. Keeping a positive attitude and continuing to progress in your faith will help. I have remained focused on my girls and we are praying for between 32 and 36 weeks. Our babies are growing fantastically and cords are still untangled which is a blessing. Our doctors are awesome and we are at a hospital with a level IV NICU. Please keep us in your prayers but we already know everything will be fine with 2 healthy girls at the end. God Bless you all in your journeys.

Nov 22, 2011
13 weeks pregnant with mono mono twins!
by: Anonymous

WOW, your story and all of the others attached make me feel great! Congrat's on your baby girls! I found out that I was having mono mono twins early @ 6 weeks. I felt like congrat's your pregnant, now here are all the risks. It was a lot to handle. I'm very scared.
We have a four year old daughter @ home. I found out that I will be admitted to the hospital @ 26 weeks for fetal monitoring and if all goes well the twins will be delivered @ 32 weeks. It breaks my heart to leave my little one @ home, but I know its the best thing. So far the cords don't look entangled, but as they start to move more, I'm sure this may change. I have drs appts twice a month, with sono's. I pray everyday that all goes well. Congrat's and god bless.
~NY expectant mom~

Oct 23, 2011
MONO MONO babies
by: Cataleya

Greetings from the isles of Hawaii! I couldn't help myself after reading your story. I am a mother of mono-mono twins and can totally relate to your story. My twin girls, Elly and Mona are now 3 and half years old and are my babies. In 2008, I delivered my mono-mono twins at 30 weeks and were lucky they were fine. They were kept in the hospital until their due date came which was about 2 months later. I was able to take them home on the same day and be with them everyday after that. I didn't realize how stressful this pregnancy was until the DR bed rested me at 28 weeks and told me I had to prepare for my twins to be delivered 2 weeks later. I admire all mothers who have endured the journey with bringing mono-mono twins into this world because it is not easy. We only have one option and it's through c-section they are able to be delivered. My pain after birth was not so bad and was able to walk within 2 days. I know we're all different and hope nothing for the best and happiness for the rest of the mothers out there who are expecting their set of mono-mono twins. Aloha!

Sep 23, 2011
Very Hopeful!
by: Anonymous

Thank you everyone for your positive comments, and even this story alone. I found out 2 days ago that my twins are mono-mono. Only finding out I was having twins 2 weeks ago, I thought was enough of a shock. I am anxious by nature, so I am really trying to stay positive and hope for the best. I see the best specialists I possibly can, and really put my trust in them. I have a 2 year old that I am very upset to leave when I go to the hospital at 24 weeks. I stay at home with and think it will be such a change for him, just seeing my at the hospital at night. I actually think the change will really be hard for me. I do not mind the bed rest or even being in the hospital, just being away from him will be the hard part.
I wish everyone the best of luck!

Sep 18, 2011
Mono Mono Twin Boys---No Knots!
by: Anonymous

I found out I was pregnant with mono-mono twins at 13 weeks. The ultra sound was only to confirm the due date and I was shocked and overjoyed to hear the news of twins. At 19 weeks the mono-mono diagnosis was confirmed. In the hospital at 25 wks gestation due to baby b's heart rate dropping. I had four other boys at home (8,6 1/2, 4 1/2 and 20 mo)!
With many prayers, my twins were born at 32 wks, 4lbs 3 oz and 3lbs 30z. There were no knots between the two babies! The pathology report confirmed mono mono twins.
Advice: Life is given by God; accept His will. Pray for healthy babies. Try to enjoy the pregnancy despite your worries and fears. Ask others to pray for you.

Aug 19, 2011
just born mono mono twin boys
by: Anonymous

my sister just delivered her mono mono twin boys tuesday at 30 wks. they wanted to wait till 32 but baby B's heart rate kept dropping. She finally made the decision to go ahead with the c_section early. luckily she made the right choice, cause like the picture u posted , theres was just as bad if not worse. we were told if she had tried to wait 2 more weeks one or both of the boys probably wouldnt have made it. so they were both born weighing 3lbs 3oz..their lungs are pretty strong but they still have to have the oxygen, and of course feeding tubes..they continue to show progress everyday. its amazing how such a small being can be such a big fighter :)

May 19, 2011
Need some help and referral please
by: Rich


Hope things are well with all. We are just past 12 weeks pregnant with Mono Mono twins. My wife went for an Ultrasound last week and her OB/GYN confessed she does not have a lot of experience with Mono/Mono but that it should not be a big deal. Doing web searches has caused us some stress and concern over her relaxed approach.

We are scheduled to see the OB/GYN again next week and I have requested a referral to a high risk OB/GYN which we are still waiting to receive.

Reading the stories on this site gives us hope but we want to be prepared. Can you suggest anyone in the Boston area that we should contact whom has experience with these type births?

We need to meet with someone ASAP mainly to alleviate our general worries and provide us with a plan and things we can do to maximize our chances for a great result.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I thank you for reading this message.

May 16, 2011
by: Hayley

The start of this story almost echos my own. I am currently 19 weeks in with Mono mono twin girls and would have concieved when my son was 6 months old.
Ive still got a long way to go, although already MASSIVE in comparison to my 1st pregnancy.I am hoping and preying that everything will work out and my little girls will arrive as healthly and strong as possible!
I am really worried about what im going to do regarding my son (who will be approx 13 months when the momo's will be delievered), and not being able to lift and play with him after a C section - Do you have any advise to get me through this? I dont want the little man to feel like i dont have time for him anymore!! :(

Mar 06, 2011
Healthy 8 month old mono/mono twins =)
by: Anonymous

Wow!!! I share the same exact story as you. My babies where born at 33 weeks. Baby A was 4lbs 1oz 16 in. Baby B was 4lbs 2 oz, 17in. They are healthy and they were breathing on their own, But they were on feeding tubes as well. My twin specialist told me to have an abortion at 5 months bc they were not going to make it due to all the risk there is. But my faith was strong and here they are now my beautiful 8 month girls.

Feb 26, 2011
I'm Preg. w/ mo-mo twins
by: Jeanne

I am currently in my 24th week pregant with mono-mono twins they just booked me into the hospital on wedensday due to there cords being entangled. We having girls, there both developing beautifully. I can say that this is the hardest thing that I have ever gone through. They have me on monitoring 24/7. It started with 3 times a day an hour at a time but in that time they noticed that one of the babies heart rates were decresing every once in a while, and decided to go through with the steroid shots. I wish there was more that they could do to comfort and support. Kinda wish that I was still at home, I feel eveything would still be okay and I wouldn't be so stressed. There thinking there going to deliver sometime this week or see how far I can make it. I hope we can make it further, the longer there in there the better they are to come out.

Feb 21, 2011
Mono Mono Twin Boys
by: Anonymous

My daugher is 23 and pregnant for he first time with mono mono twin boys. She is now 25 weeks and I am a nervous wreck. We have to trqavel to the University of Iowa Hospital for her visits and she has great Doctors, some of the best
in the country but I still worry all the time. She is due to be admitted the middle of March.

Feb 17, 2011
31 weeks and 3 days
by: Anonymous

For all the Mono moms, pls. keep hanging there and trust God. I delivered 31 weeks and 3 days a beautiful two girls. I was told that my babies has a cord entanglement but when i delivered thru C-section it was not entangled. I was confined in the hospital on the week 30th so doctor can monitor the condition of my babies by CTG ( measuring heartbeat of babies). On the week 31 they decided to have the delivery immediately because they saw something unusuall in the heartbeats of my babies. I delivered them both fine although they are too small and need to be taking care of by Neonatal Intensive care. Last week they were moved into high care and yesterday they were moved in Mideum care. The twins are doing great and gaining weights everyday. I can't wait to bring them home. I and my husband still needs to be patient because they still need to be stronger to feed themselves thru bottle or breastfeeding en gain more weights so they can go home. We know that God is always with us and we can bring our twins home on the right time. So for all Moms there pls. keep thinking positive and pray to God. I know it is easy to advise but you are not alone.

Jan 03, 2011
Mono/Mono Boys
by: TwinBoys2011

Thank you for sharing your story on the successful delivery and good health of your mono/mono twins. I have been in a panic since learning my boys are mono/mono twins at 17 weeks. There was a membrane present at 12 weeks, and it is believe to have somehow ruptured. I'm now 19 weeks and counting the days until I am admitted into the hospital at 24 weeks. Their cords are already intertwined, but each day I feel them kicking is one day closer. I never thought I'd be so excited to be admitted into a hospital before. Blessings to all expectant moms and their little ones.

Nov 20, 2010
30 weeks today with mono-mono girls
by: JackieBC

Hi all! It's so nice to have sites like these, for mom's and dad's of mono-mono pregnancies, to read about.

I just turned 30 weeks today and my girls are doing well so far. I found about having mono-mono twins at 22 weeks. Was quite worried and shocked but kept a positive attitude, which I think makes a difference. I've been in the hospital for four weeks with daily NSTs and weekly ultrasounds! Very strange, but I am sharing a room with one other mom-to-be of mono-mono girls as well. She is just under 28 weeks. She was very stressed when she came in but has found comfort in sharing a room with me as I can obviously relate. Her girls are doing well also. We keep eachother in good spirits!

I wish everyone the best of luck and hope you all stay in good spirits. Just know that being monitored frequently increases the chances of a successful outcome!!!

The doctors are taking my girls out in two weeks!!! Nervous, but excited!!

Remember to keep positive and embrace every moment you have with your little ones in your tummy!

Nov 18, 2010
22 weeks
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing this story. I am 22 weeks pregnant of mono. I had really a hard time before because the results of the echo is up side down. Now, we are in the week 22 and being monitored every 2 weeks and Thanks God they are both doing okey. They are also planning to have the delivery on week 32 or 34 due to the umblical entangelement. So your story really help us and I know God will be with us in the whole pregnancy journey. For all the MOMS pls.dont loose hope but keep trusting GOD.

Nov 06, 2010
Thank you for sharing
by: dkking

Thank you so much for sharing this story as well as the positive comments that have been left. We are 18 weeks in with mono mono twin girls. We only got confirmation a couple of days ago and everyday since has been a roller coaster. It is so encouraging to read positive stories and helps us get through the day. Again, thank you for sharing.

Nov 04, 2010
8 weeks??
by: Anonymous

I think its too soon at 8wks to say for sure the twins are mono mono. More often than not the disgnosis is mistaken at that age as the U/S technician would miss the seperating membrane... I suggest that you confirm the situation first (around 16wks I would say) before starting panicing! I would also suggest to have a Maternal-Fetal secialist involved from now, who will actually help diagnose the mono mono case if it exists at all. Best of luck and congrads on your upcoming twins!

Nov 01, 2010
Please HELP...
by: Crystal Knight

I'm writing in regards to my little sister. She is about to be 22 has a year old daughter and today found out her baby(s) are mono mono twins, she is 8 weeks and we have NO CLUE what is going on. Her doctor just talked about risks. I read alot of the stuff that most of you read online. But that just scare her MORE...If anyone has any advice could you please let me know anything at this point will help!...Loved reading the SUCCESS stories, and im sorry for the ones who lost their battles God Bless

Oct 19, 2010
Mono-Mono Twin Girls
by: Anonymous

I am 28 weeks 6 days pregnant with mono-mono twin girls. I am sick to death with worry. I was admitted to the hospital at 26 weeks to have daily NST's three times a day. I just recently left against medical advice, because I was so depressed being away from my family. The closest hospital where I live that can deliver my twins is 4hrs away so I only seen my husband and children(ages 3 and 5) 1 day a week. My kids would beg me to come home when they left the hospital. It has been tough, but now home I keep questioning myself if I made a bad decision. I go in daily to my local Dr. and have a NST and I have a sono at the other Dr. tomorrow. All I can do is pray that God leads me to make the right choice. All the success stories give me hope, but I keep wondering where am I suppose to be, because neither place feels right. I have two boys that need me and two girls that need me. Depending on how my sono looks tomorrow will be a big part in whether I come home or go back into the hospital. They plan to do a c-section at 34 weeks which will be the week of Thanksgiving.

Oct 03, 2010
the fight is over
by: Anonymous

on october 1st i losted my girls i was 20 weeks. the umbilical cords tangled up cutting off blood to the babies. thanks to everyone that prayed for my family and i will continue to pray for yours. RIP to De'Kenja & De'Rosiana

Sep 21, 2010
what a blessing
by: Anonymous

today im 19 weeks and 2 days i have 5 weeks til i go in the hospital. The dr. putting me in at 24 weeks to begin giving me meds. to make the girls lungs develop faster,and to montor there progress. im tring my best to stay posotive and as of today everything looks great. to weeks ago they a little smaller than were they need to be baby a at 6oz and baby b at 5oz so i was put on a very high protin diet to help up there growth. in two weeks i go back to get the girls measurements so i cant wait to see big theyve got. so countinue to pray for us and we'll do the same for you God bless

Sep 13, 2010
Stay positive, there is hope!
by: Anonymous

I am 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant with mono/mono twin boys. The doctors had me check into the hospital at 32 weeks. They have been doing non stress tests on me three times/day (at the change of each shift) and weekly ultrasounds. At 24 weeks we had a consultation with the maternal fetal medicine doctors and they recommended I get daily non stress tests. I also received a series of steroid shots at this time for the babies lung development. After I checked in at 32 weeks, I received another set of steroid shots. We will delivery at 34 weeks, in less then 3 days! The doctors will not let me go beyond 34 weeks due to the risks of cord entanglement or cord compression as the babies continue to grow larger in the last few weeks. We consider ourselves very fortunate and blessed to have carried the babies this long.

Aug 26, 2010
mo mo twins at 16wks
by: Anonymous

i went back to the dr and they took another look at the babies and still couldnt find a membrain. they also told us that they are girls so im pretty sure that they are momo if they can see all that as of now they both weigh 3oz so thats good that they are the same size baby a heart rate was 147 and baby b was 145 so i take that as good i dont know what levles they should be on i just want them to make it here heathy again coutinue to pray for us and i will do the same for you thanks

Aug 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

hi there... well first of all, I would recommend that you check that the twins are actually mono mono, as sometimes u/s technicians miss the seperating membrane... My wife gave birth to our mono mono boys 2months ago at 33w1d, we've been through all the horrible feelings you are going through now, and we've read all the horrible things that you did read too, we've done a lot of search online too (thats how we found this website!)... one peice of advice... DO NOT BELIEVE ALL WHAT YOU READ!!!!!!!! I've read things like the chance of fetal death is around 40% and some others wrote 50%, 60% and even 70%!!!! Thats not true... I've contacted lots and lots of specialised doctors all over the world, in the States and in Europe... Its not true at this time and age!! All doctors recommended early elective C-section at 32wks, so I advice you to just aim for that (along with the approval of your doctor ofcourse). Bottom line, keep the faith and cheer up :)

Aug 11, 2010
mono mono twins at 14 weeks
by: Anonymous

to hear all the stories of how your babies made it makes me feel alot stronger. i was told yesterday that i was having mono mono twins and that i would have to see the high risk dr. bi-weekly until the put me in inpataint at 26 weeks from there they will watch them to make sure they dont get tangled and they are growing properly keep me and my babies in your prays and ill do thesave for you and yours

Jul 26, 2010
32 week girls
by: Ange

I had a five month old baby when I found out I was pregnant with my girls. They were 4.2 and 4.6 and perfect. GOOD LUCK!

May 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

You went to hospital at 24wks?? is that the normal procedure or were the cords entageled since then? I am 28week pregnant with twin girls and so far the doc says there is no entangelement, do you think I should go in to the hospital? Any advice please!!!!

May 15, 2010
Mono Mono girls
by: 32wks today

Hello everyone, and I want to start off by saying good luck to all pregnant women out there :O)
I just turned 32 wks today, we are so excited to have made it this far. I have been in the hospital since I was 24 and 1/2 wks gestation. The time in the hospital has been hard due to being away from my husband and 2 yr old little girl. I thank God that I haven't had any complications during this pregnancy. especially because you hear stories about complications in mono mono pregnancies. We are set to deliver the girls on Thursday! Think good thought and have faith, everything will be fine.I hope the best to all moms and moms to be.

Apr 27, 2010
Mono Twins
by: jskd

i wanna wish everyone the best of luck that are having mono-mono twins, you are in my prayers.. my husband and i lost mono-mono girls in 2007 (21 weeks gest)...

Apr 11, 2010
Advice please!
by: Anonymous

Hi all...
I'm so glad to hear such sucess stories! Thanks for the hope... My wife is 22wks with mono-mono boys! I cant bear the thought of losing them! We see the OBGY every week at the moment... Do you think we should discuss the option of inpatient? Did everyone go though that? any advice will help.

Feb 25, 2010
mono mono boys
by: 29 weeks 2 days

I've been here for inpatient monitoring at Duke since the day we turned 24 weeks. Was such a relief when I got here and have been greatful that we were given the option to come in that early. Ive actually had a piece of mind and can finally enjoy this pregnancy. Cant wait til the boys get here! March 16th is D-day, lord willing.

Jan 31, 2010
We made it to 34 weeks
by: Anonymous

if you were told your twins were mono mono there is hope. The best advice i received is to leave it in God's hands. And I got the best Christmas present, December 22 2009 5lbs 6oz and 5lbs 9oz with umbilical cords tangled. Looking at cords like these you cant argue that these children were meant to be here and are miracles. Our girls' cords have been tangled since 14 weeks and I was told i should have an abortion, but look at the outcome, my twins spent 2 and a half weeks in the NICU and now home where they belong.

Jan 29, 2010
wow ... yes that's the word
by: Anonymous

found out today at our 7th week ultrasound that we're having twins. they're concerned they may be mono/mono but we have another ultrasound in 2-3 weeks to see if they can find a membrain by then. But for now they both have strong heartbeats! wow...we're having twins!

Jan 19, 2010
30 week 4 days
by: jennifer

Hi everyone I just delivered my beautiful mono-mono twin girls at 30 weeks and 4 days. I was in the hospital on full monitoring at 25 weeks. They weighted 3.05 and 3.04 and were in the hospital for 8 weeks! Just wanted to share my story!

Jan 15, 2010
There's hope.
by: Beth

I am ten weeks pregnant with twins and just found out they are mono-mono. They are going to keep doing ultrasounds and try to find the membrane. They said they should have seen it by now. This was an unexpected pregnancy. I have 5 boys age 10, 7, and 2-year-old triplets. We are hoping these twins are girls! I'm nervous because I know about the risks, but I love hearing stories of success right now because I need to know that this is possible. I'm also worried about how long I will be in the hospital because we have no family here and my husband works. We do not put our kids in daycare because we can't afford it. We really can't afford to lose my income and I know my husband can handle the kids but it will be difficult. I just keep telling myself that I need to do everything to give these babies the best chance.

Jan 06, 2010
5 month old girls
by: Anonymous

My cords looked VERY similar to your , my girls were in the hospital for 1 month exactly and I was there for 8 weeks before having them! There is hope for mono mono twins and we are proof!

Dec 15, 2009
mono mono Girls! woot woot
by: 1st set of twins in my iowa fam!

I REMEBER THE FEeling i had when i saw the 2 little cacoon looking things on the ultrasouns screen at 8 weeks. then the mono mono came about and now i am 28 weeks today praying we make it to 34 weeks b4 delivery! i have 2 boys at home with my sister and brother in law.

Oct 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

How much are stories are alike. I had mono mono twin girls at 32 weeks with tangled umbilical cords. I thought for a minute that your picture was the one taken of my girls cords.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your story, it took me back to those days four years ago. The scare and worry I went through, but the joy and excitement once they were born healthy.

Jul 04, 2009
xmas mono mono's
by: Anonymous

i am carrying surrogate mono mono twins we found out at are 7 week scan and every scan we have had up till now has said the same thing, we are now 15 weeks pregnant. babys are growing well.we are being scaned every 2 weeks, so being looked after very well.

Jun 27, 2009
by: josie g

thanks for sharing your story and the pic. i am 9 weeks. initially i had 3 heartbeats. just last week the doctor said i have 2 heartbeats and they may be mono mono twins as there was no visible membrane at my last ultrasound. i saw a specialist who will wait and perform another ultrasound in two weeks. i am scared but very hopeful. we have been praying to the divine child and st rita de caccia - for all children. your story gave me lots of hope because i felt like a time bomb when i walked into my ob/gyn office last week with the triplet news and now this.

Apr 30, 2009
by: Anonymous

thats amazing i found out that i am having mono mono tiwins i am 17 weeks and scared out of my mind i only pray mine will be as lucky as yours

Feb 05, 2009
by: Anonymous

What a story!!!! I am 24 wks pregnant with Mono/ Di boys. I am so happy to be having identical twins but worry because of the TTTS ( Twin- to- Twin syndrome) So far everything looks good and they are growing good so I thank God for that. God bless you and your family :)

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