Mono Mono Twins Alyssa and Alexis

by Ashley

My first doctor appointment was when I was 11 weeks pregnant. Since I had two miscarriages before (at 12 weeks and 7 weeks) they did an ultrasound and said I think there is two! They looked like little teddy bears hugging. Then they said they couldn't see a membrane. At this point I thought all identical twins didn't have one, and I always wanted twins because my dad is a twin.

After finding out what momo twins were the stress sunk in. It hurt bad not knowing if they were going to live or die. This was my last pregnancy, I already had three children.

I went to Cooper hospital twice a day starting at 28 weeks. I only got admitted at 33 weeks because my belly couldnt fit behind the driver wheel anymore. December 22, 2009 I naturly went into labor the same day I was going to be induced. After many hours of labor I vaginally delivered mono mono twins in the operating room. Alyssa Ronnie 5lbs 6oz and Alexis Nancy 5lbs 9oz.

I first held my girls on Christmas day. On Christmas night I got a phone call Alyssa's heart went to 270 twice and would have to be on medicine. She stopped the meds at 6 months and both girls are happy and healthy!! The girls came home January 5 and it felt so good to complete my family!!

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Aug 03, 2012
Expecting mono-mono twins
by: Raquel Smith

I too have 3 kids and expecting mono mono twins I hope everything goes well Im going to pray that it does :)

Mar 14, 2012
Happy ending to your story
by: Leslie

and your girls are beautiful.
Congrats :)

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