Mono Mono Twins at 16 Years Old

by Pam Dewar
(Pleasant Prairie, WI)

I was blessed to have had mono mono identical twins at the young age of 16.... I was often told to be prepared to lose one at just about every doctor's visit I had. I am a person of Faith and believed whole heartedly that God would take care of them and was NEVER at all worried.

I am so very proud and blessed to say that 31 years ago that month of May 1986 I proudly gave birth to my twins NATURALLY at 35 weeks, yes I was able to carry them to 35 weeks. They were 5.8 and 5.14 pounds and both completely healthy. As they still are today.

I have so much to be grateful for. I have learned since then how truly rare and amazing they are. I have also become an RN in the NICCU which I love with all my heart.

God is amazing and sometimes we don't know the reasons why we go through what we do. I didn't for many many years, yet here I am helping those that were in similar situations as I was so many years ago.

I thank all the wonderful nurses at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, California NICCU for helping pave the way for my destiny in not only becoming mom to amazing twin boys but my life and role as a NICCU RN. 😍😊❤️

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Jul 05, 2018
Full-term, home birth, SURPRISE twins!
by: Emily

My MoMo twin boys were born in the water at my home at 40 weeks 1day, with two midwives and a doula attending. It wasn't until after baby A was born that we realized there was another! Baby B was frank breech and popped right out. No complications for either, healthy weights and I was fine. Baby B did have a true knot in his cord, and he was a bit smallwe, but healthy.
They're five months old now and thriving. We've all recovered from the biggest shock of a lifetime!
Another crazy thing is that at 37 weeks my chorion broke (outer bag of waters), and instead of going into labor, the bag resealed and stayed strong until it broke 8 hours before giving birth.
The whole thing just blows my mind.

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