Mono-Mono and Scared

by Krystle sanders
(Ontario, Canada)


I am only 10 weeks pregnant with Mono-Mono twins. I am so scared. We found out at 6 weeks that we were having twins and confirmed they were Mono-Mono at 8 weeks. There are so many risks that my husband and I are both so worried. We have a beautiful 3 year old girl and are so excited that we have the chance for twins. I meet the high risk doctor on March 1st, 2010 and he will let me know when he plans on early delivery between 32-35 weeks. I am being told I might have to move in the hospital anytime after 28 weeks. I am just praying that I can get them there.

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May 14, 2010
My Mo-MO's
by: Anonymous

My Mo-MO's are 9 months old and they are in perfect health. It is a very stressful time and pregnancy but things can come out great. Keep thinking positive! I made the hospital my home for abut 8 weeks and you get used to it...just have to remind yourslef that it is for your amazing babies!! Take care and best of luck

May 03, 2010
Thanks everyone
by: Krystle S

Hello All,

Well we got good news on March 1. Our Babies are Mono-Di, which means that they share a placenta and have separate sacs. So I don't think I have to movein to the hospital at 28 weeks, but we have lots of appointments to watch for TTTS. Oh, we also found out on March 19th that we are expecting identical girls. We are supper excited. I am now 22 week and feeling good. I have gained about 28 pounds and still feel very ,mobile and active.

Can't wait to meet our sweet little girls.

Thanks for everyones thoughts and prayers. We will still need them, but everything is looking good so far.


May 03, 2010
hang in there
by: Eric


Hang in there!! We are 27 weeks along and have been through many of the same thoughts and concerns that are going through.

10 weeks is still a bit early for certain diagnosis as the babys are still quite small. However, if you do proceede and are definately mo mo twins then be ready for a lot of doctor visits and ultrasounds.

I would make sure that you read up on all the challenges that you will face as not only in pregnancy but as well as premature birth. There are a lot of decisions that you may have to make based on each individual circumstance. I would also suggest talking with your partner on every emotion that you are feeling about this condition so you both can come to agreements on your children.

For instance my wife and I have decided no mater what we would bring these kids home regardless if they were to have a dissability or not. *so far they are healthy babies*

As far as your hospital time it is really your decision when you are admitted into the hospital. Viability for children to live outside the womb is 24 weeks so if you doc tells you 28 you may want to challenge that if you want to give your kids every change to survive. We went in at 24 weeks because we didn't want to play the 'what if' game if something happened between 24 and 28 weeks.

We are praying for you and your children and are hoping for the best pregnancy possible. So far ours is going as smooth as can be expected..:) As we are expecting two healthy daughters in mid June.

Apr 30, 2010
mo mo twins
by: Anonymous

Congrats on the twins! I have beautiful mono/mono twin girls that just celebrated their second birday this month. Their pregnancy was very stressful but know that your medical team will take great care of you. I was very worried up until I began daily monitoring then I was able to slightly relax and enjoy the pregnancy. My hospital/state didn't offer inpatient monitoring of mono/mono twins so thats why I did the daily route. We found out at 19 weeks that I was carrying twins and 3 days later that they couldn't find the membrane. We started daily monitoring at 24 weeks and delivered at my planned c section date (34 weeks). I know all of the info out there is scary and overwhelming but get everything they offer you for monitoring and know you are doing everything you can to keep them safe and healthy. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Mar 26, 2010
Mo/Mo twins
by: Kelley

I found out at 15 weeks that I was having twins, and then after seeing a perinatalogist at 16 weeks, we found out that they were Mo/Mo's and Girls! :) Like others have said...stay positive and tell yourself that you WILL bring those babies home! It's a great motto!

It's an exciting and scary journey, but only those who can handle it were chosen by God to carry them :) I wish you the best of luck and's still early...a membrane can still be found! Hope you're one of the lucky ones! :)

Mar 13, 2010
Nanyamka Payne
by: Eric


We understand your apprhention with just learing what Momo twins can mean. It is a frustrating journey as there is really nothing you can do to remedy the situation. We are currently 20 weeks and preparing for our hospitialization. Suggestions that I have for you are 1. Keep open communication with your partner. 2. only speak and focus on the positivity of bringing the kids home 3. release your self in what ever faith you have.

We are all hoping for the best for you

Mar 11, 2010
I'm scared Too
by: Nanyamka Payne

My husband and I have also found out our twins a mono- mono( 14 wks). We saw the perinatal specialist yesterday, and they discussed with use the risk. They also informed us that I will have to move to the hospital when I'm 24 weeks for monitoring, and they will deliever them at 32 weeks. I wanted to be excited about being blessed with twins, but the risk scare me so badly!

Feb 22, 2010
Thanks and might have good news
by: Krystle S

Thanks to everyone for the comments, they are all so helpful. I started spotting on thursday, I went to my OBGYN, where he scanned me and said everything looks great, as we were doing the scan, myself and the OBGYN, thought we say a very thin line between the babies. He doesn't want me to get my hopes up, as his machine is not that good, but I am not going to lye, my hopes are up high that they are in different sacs. I will find out for sure on March 1 when I meet the High Risk doctor and have a high resoultion ultrasound.

Please cross your fingers and pray for me that they are indeed in different sacs.

I will keep you posted.

Feb 22, 2010
praying for you!
by: Eric

We are 17 weeks along with MO-MO twins. We understand the fear you are going thru, get educated on the risks and prepare yourselves for some very difficult personal decisions that may have to be made.

We have a motto at our house "We are bringing those babies home" simple but it helps keep focused on postitive. WE are praying for you.

Feb 22, 2010
we are with you
by: Eric

We are also facing the birth of Mo-Mo twins. We are at 17 weeks and dealing with the horrible statistics that come along with the single sac babies.

As we progress through our pregnancy we find that there is little that we can do to help the babies survive. We have been constantly reading up on the outcomes both good and bad. Having much information as possible has helped us understand the 'what' but you may never understand the 'why'.

We have also sought support through other Mo-Mo mothers / families that help with thier expierience. For example here is some sound advice from a mo-mo mentor about being hospitalized.

"It sounds like the doctors may have been presenting the admission date as something related to how well you're doing or how well the babies are doing. But that's really not what the decision is about. The babies might be looking textbook perfect on your 1 hour ultrasound one day, but that doesn't mean they might not be having increasing distress that's going on when you're not looking. It doesn't mean that you're "safe" for another week, or even for another day. It just doesn't work that way. It's great news, don't get me wrong. But it's no guarantee that something won't happen before the next appointment. That's the whole point of inpatient monitoring. To be watching as often as humanly possible so that nothing can sneak up when you're not watching. And if something does sneak up when you are watching, you can deliver as fast as possible. So you want to start watching as soon as you reach the point that you'd be willing to deliver if you saw that "something" happening.

So it's really got nothing to do with how you're doing, or whether you're having preterm labor issues, or whether the babies look textbook perfect on their ultrasounds or not. It's all about - and only about - being ready to deliver if something goes wrong. The moment you'd be willing to deliver is the moment you should be admitted so that you can starting watching often enough to deliver if there is need.'

We never thought of it in those regards, we just assumed the doctor had a set plan but forgot that we have stake in this birth process as well.

Find some support to help you through the process and we will be praying for you to have a successful birth. Let' bring these kids home.

Feb 14, 2010
I know how you feel...
by: Tara

I was also pregnant with mono/mono twins and it is indeed a high risk and traumatic pregnancy. I was incredibly sick the entire time and my twins were never in a good situation. In the end our doctors offered termination as an option and we made the decision to do so. You can read more about our story here:

Best of luck to you and yours,

Feb 14, 2010
hang in there
by: jessica

hang in there and pray, just to give you a good story my mom delivered with identical twin boys in 1988 at 2 days from 40 weeks and would have went longer if the dr didn't decide to get them out. she even smoked the entire pregnancy so there is so much potential for a healthy delivery. good luck!

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