Mono-Mono Twins Are Now 11. God's Mercy Kept Us

by Elaine

After many years of trying to get pregnant, I was ecstatic to find out that I was pregnant with twins.

Shortly after this awesome news, we were told that they were Mono-Mono Twins. Initially, the doctor explained the risks of such pregnancy and I understood everything that she said. But, that little voice kept telling me that the girls would be fine.

I remember the doctor even giving us options to abort one of the twins so that the other one would have a better chance to live. She went on to explain that such high risk surgery was only done in California so I would have to fly from Philadelphia to California.

In addition, the surgery was still very risky as I could loose both girls as well. None of these choices seemed practical.

At 26 weeks, I went in for my normal checkup only to be told that I could not go home; hence, University of Pennsylvania Hospital became my home for 6 weeks before having a C-Section.

We finally got to meet our princesses, beautiful as porcelain dolls. They had a few illnesses such as RSV, Respiratory issues and difficulties with feeding which is quite typical of any premature babies.

Today, they are 11 years old and doing fantastic. GOD's mercy kept me and the twins and he continues to keep us. Thank you Lord!

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